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  • now as we look at their roster, Richard, how would these pieces fit with what we have seen Daryl Morey do in Houston and sort of the approach he has become famous for.

    今、我々 は彼らの名簿を見て、リチャード、どのようにこれらの作品に合うだろうかダリル モーリーを見てきたものとヒューストンで行うと彼のために有名になっているアプローチのようなもの。

  • I don't see a lot of three point shooting on this roster.


  • Well, look, you have to be able to adjust.


  • At the end of the day, he was very, very close, but he didn't really achieve what they were trying to accomplish.


  • I look at this roster and, you know, look, it's very weird right now.


  • He didn't necessarily hire Doc Rivers on you don't Obviously they have a relationship, But then you have him now stepping over top of of Elton Brand.

    彼は必ずしもドク・リバーズを 雇ったわけではない

  • So anything that Elton Brand told toe Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid is like, No, we're gonna keep him.


  • We're gonna build around you like everything is just kind of up in the air.


  • So this is a very like very much so a wait and see situation.


  • Right?


  • At this point, if you're the Sixers, you have got to let Daryl Morey work.

    この時点でシクサーズなら ダリル・モリーに仕事をさせるべきだ

  • The first thing I'm doing if I'm him, is I'm looking at these spreadsheets and I'm going, Elton, you really spend that much on Tobias Harris and Al Horford.

    僕が彼の立場だったら まず最初にこのスプレッドシートを見てこう言うんだ エルトン 本当にトビアス・ハリスとアル・ホーフォードに そんなにお金を使ってるのか?

  • What the hell are we gonna do with those contracts?


  • We got to get those off, and you've got to find some way to create more flexibility than you've got.


  • Right now you have to decide if m b in Simmons of the guys that you wanna build around and if not, Maurice reputation through the years has been finding a way tow land stars and bring in pieces out of seemingly nothing.

    今、あなたは周りに構築したい人のシモンズのm bを決定する必要がありますし、そうでない場合は、モーリスの評判は、長年にわたって方法を見つけているトウ土地の星と一見何もないから作品を持ってくる。

  • This is the guy other G m's turned to and they say, Well, he made it happen.

    他のG. M. の仲間はこの男を頼りにしていたが、彼のおかげで実現したと言われている。

  • So why can't you guys make it happen?


  • So you would think that he will be creative like he has the whole time in Houston and he'll find a way to reshape the roster, the one we're looking at right now.


  • I think creativity is such an important word there because there's this idea that Darryl is so rigid, right that he has toe have a team that plays a certain way.


  • He certainly has a philosophy on the smartest way to play basketball, the whole math equation, the whole thing.


  • But he has shown over and over again and ability to look at what he has and try to figure out a new and different way to make things work, especially when it comes to deal making.


  • And Nick, you're right.


  • The Sixers have gotten themselves in quite a pickle here in the idea of what draft picks, they aware what kind of salary they have on the roster.


  • They need someone who is able to be a really good deal maker, someone who can leverage different ideas.


  • And, frankly, the Sixers, as we've been saying Richard all season, could use more three point shooting, Um, or shooting around them.

    率直に言って シクサーズは リチャードがシーズン中に言っていたように もっと3点シュートを使うことができたんだよ

  • We've seen the roster slowly lose shooting over the last two seasons.


  • Do you think that if Darryl injects a little bit more of a shooter's mentality into roster construction, it will help and beat in Simmons play together?


  • Well, I think I think it will, but ultimately what you're you're right.


  • One thing that I know about the Houston Rockets, just from people that have been in the organization, is that he's thinking things 3 to 5 years in advance.


  • He's looking at where teams are, where they might be vulnerable.


  • That's why so many people look at what he's able to do and how he's able to accumulate draft picks.


  • I would also look at Danny Ainge and what he's able to do.


  • So when you start to look at, you know what he's going to do in Philly?


  • Yes, I would say to buy his hair is to the Knicks.


  • They wanna take on bad contract.


  • And so I think there's so many opportunities now that he's like, Okay, look, we might have to stake take one or two steps back toe, ultimately build towards what we what we see and what we want to do in the next 3 to 5 years.


  • No question.


  • And Nick, we know that he had almost record number right of deals over his tenure and Houston.


  • So I expect a lot of deal making to ensue this offseason right away, don't you?


  • Absolutely.


  • I mean, this is why he's there, Rich.


  • They brought him in to make this roster work.

    この名簿を作るために 彼を連れてきたんだ

  • And if it's not gonna work now, he's gonna find a way in the next couple of years to do it.


  • The thing that would scare me for the rest of the league you put Daryl Morey, Doc Rivers and potentially Elton Brand in a room when guys air coming in as free agents and their hearing that pitch in Philly with those guys and their track record.


  • That is something I think is really gonna work in Philly's favor in the years to come.


  • Don't forget that when you combine all of them, there is a total of one championship.


  • So that's going to speak so so loudly.


  • Your trolling Richard is really e Richard E.


  • There's a lot of E games.


  • Look, look, Daryl, Morey.

    見ろよ ダリル モーリー

  • I love Donna.


  • Come on.


  • I'm just saying It's like, Hey, everybody way could make it to a conference finals.


  • Hopefully, man, we don't blow a 31 lead.


  • They're lucky you're not in the room.


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now as we look at their roster, Richard, how would these pieces fit with what we have seen Daryl Morey do in Houston and sort of the approach he has become famous for.

今、我々 は彼らの名簿を見て、リチャード、どのようにこれらの作品に合うだろうかダリル モーリーを見てきたものとヒューストンで行うと彼のために有名になっているアプローチのようなもの。


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