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  • pegi 7

  • Voice over: these cosmic

  • bricks - the world will be mine to move

  • I've hired ever villan bad guy and dark

  • minion I could find to help assemble doctor dooms doomray

  • of doom

  • Good guys: we are facing a planetary catastrophe that may soon be unleashed by Doctor Doom

  • he must be stopped

  • Flash: okay people let's go to work

  • Villian: let go of me bud Lego man: he is one of the good guys even if he doesn't smell like one

  • Voice over: super villans everywhere

  • It's clobber it time

  • Voice over: our victory is nigh

  • you can't escape the long reach of justice

  • now I have some power to play with

  • i am going to spangle you until you see stars

  • release

  • [LEGO marvel Superheroes]

pegi 7


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レゴ マーベル スーパーヒーローズ GamesCom 2013 公式HDゲームトレーラー - PC X360 PS3 WiiU DS 3DS PSV (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes GamesCom 2013 official HD game trailer - PC X360 PS3 WiiU DS 3DS PSV)

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