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  • all right, I want to go from the West to the east.


  • New Sixers president Basketball ups Daryl Morey.

    シクサーズ新会長 バスケットボールはダリル・モーリーをアップさせる。

  • We discussed in the news yesterday of him signing with the Sixers, the difficult roster construction he is now in charge of.


  • Take a look at what Maury Ball looked like when he was G m of the Rockets.

    モーリーボールは、彼がロケッツのG mだったときにどのように見えたかを見てみましょう。

  • The three is Ri reining in Houston.


  • Rockets led the league in three point attempts, for it felt like forever.


  • But it was the last four seasons.


  • We aren't saying the Sixers will necessarily play the same way those Rockets did.


  • However, there's clearly work to be done to a roster that finished last season, last in field goal percentage during the playoffs.


  • So I mean, what should more is top priority be?


  • What do you think for the Sixers?


  • You know Rachel.


  • Ah, lot of people going to think about is a trade.


  • This guy that signed this guy.


  • His first priority is to sit down with Elton Brand and get on the same page because Elton Brand's a guy who you know, didn't have full control of that situation in Philly.


  • He was doing a lot of executing of ownership vision, and this off season was the first time they were letting him do his thing.


  • That's why he had a couple of big hires like my guy Prosper Karangwa from from the Orlando Magic.


  • He was starting to formulate his plan, moving forward and then this down more.


  • Anything drops.


  • So Darrell has to walk in and reassure Elton that his opinion matters, that it is not just kind of, Hey, your old news, especially in an organization where this has already happened several times where someone's in control.

    だからダレルが入ってきて エルトンを安心させなければならない 彼の意見は重要だとね それはただの古いニュースじゃないんだよ 特に組織の中では こんなことが何度も起きてるんだよ 誰かが管理してるんだよ

  • And I said, You know what?


  • We're bringing this guy in.


  • He's gonna be in control now.


  • And so I think that's really important, because what you want is you want, uh, cohesive front office.

    それは本当に重要なことだと思います なぜなら、あなたが望むのは... 結束力のあるフロントオフィスだからです

  • If you don't do anything about if you avoid this elephant in the room, you get a situation at best, where maybe someone's not really that bought in and at worst, acting against you.


  • You don't want that.


  • You want to get Elton in the fold and remind him, Hey, man, we care about what you think we care about your opinion.

    エルトンを仲間に入れて 思い出させたいんだろ お前の意見を気にしてるんだよ

  • You are a vital part of this organization.


  • Well, one thing they do have in common, I mean, and Rachel is that they're both aggressive, so that's already a good thing.

    レイチェルとの共通点は 2人とも攻撃的だということだ それはもういいことだよ

  • That's a good starting point from the jump.


  • I expect their arm or to be aggressive this offseason.


  • Will the trade Ben Simmons?


  • Probably not.


  • But I do see him trying to get off for maybe Al Horford contract.


  • I think they will keep Tobias Harris because Doc Rivers love Tobias Harris.


  • We have to remember when, when the Bible, when Tobias was playing for Doc Rivers with the Clippers, he was playing some of his best basketball all star level.


  • Doc didn't really want to trade him.


  • And so when I'm looking at Darrell Moore, he's gonna be aggressive.


  • He's gonna, uh, you know, make sure that their bitch gets better, make sure roll guys get better and we all know he's gonna add shooting to this ball club.

    彼は、ええと、あなたが知っているように、彼らの雌犬が良くなることを確認してください、ロールの人が良くなることを確認してください、我々はすべての知っている 彼はこのボールクラブにシュートを追加するつもりです。

  • He's gonna add shooting.


  • He's gonna go out there and find some shooters.

    彼はそこに行って 狙撃手を見つけるつもりだ

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Al Horford and Josh Richardson be involved in trades this upcoming off season.


  • Yeah, and I think a new important thing to say is that a lot of people like Dallas gonna do what he did in Houston.


  • Del.


  • Did what he did in Houston because that's what was available to him, and that was the easiest way for him to build with what was available to him.


  • He's gonna find what works with these two Hall of Fame caliber players, these two all n b a caliber players.

    殿堂入りした2人の選手との相性を 見つけるだろう この2人の選手は、全てがNBAの選手だ

  • It's not a one size fits all approach.


  • And so how they played in Houston isn't necessarily how they're gonna play in Philadelphia.

    ヒューストンでのプレーは フィラデルフィアでのプレーとは限らない

  • To me, if you look at the consistency and the through line with their all, it's his creativity right, the creativity in terms of dealmaking, where he really made some some unique strides and all of that, and change the way some of those deals are done around the league and the creativity and how to stack role players around your best players.


  • That is where I sort of think we will see a repeat of what he did in Houston, not how he did it, but the approach that he did it with.

    ヒューストンで彼がやったことの 繰り返しを見ることになると思う どうやってやったかではなく 彼がやった方法ではなく 彼がやったアプローチだ

  • I do expect him to go look for more shooting, not just because O G.

    私は彼がより多くのシュートを探しに行くことを期待していますが、O Gだからというだけではありません。

  • Daryl Morey likes three pointers and shooting because anybody who has watched the Sixers for the past 2.5 seasons, would say that team needs more shooting.

    ダリル モリーは、3 ポインターとシューティングが好きなので、過去 2.5 シーズンのシクサーズを見てきた人は誰でも、そのチームはより多くのシューティングを必要とすると言うでしょう。

  • And by the way, when you look at Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in the question, everyone keeps asking a boy, can they play together?


  • Just look at a few seasons ago, when they were surrounded by shooting when they were on the court together, they were plus 15 instead of like, minus one.


  • I think they were this past season.


  • That is all about the roster around them.


  • It is not about those two guys and can they play basketball together?


  • They're not the best fit ever in the world.


  • But I don't think there's any question that, given another crack at this roster.


  • Daryl Morey, Elton Brand.

    ダリル・モリー エルトン・ブランド

  • If they confined the financial flexibility to bring some other guys in, if they do, we will see an improvement with Ben Simmons and Joe L.


  • And B being cohesive as well.


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all right, I want to go from the West to the east.



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