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  • I can feel a longing hiding behind closed eyes.

  • Ready to wake up the time for sleeping bids goodbye.

  • More than any lucky charm that sparkles far away.

  • I'd rather have one thing all mine than fortune day.

  • Riding deep through the city of cold, grey glass; I miss you so much I ache.

  • It's a bad dream I having. I feel your hands yet I'm wide awake.

  • Though the winds may blow and though the floods may flow and my heart may be tossed around forever.

  • If it's just a dream with open eyes, it's okay to float in stormy seas.

  • I can be as gentle as the sky is wild. I will just have a dream with my eyes open.

  • And' it won't be sad, if the star don't shine or if my heart is breaking endlessly.

I can feel a longing hiding behind closed eyes.


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