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  • passenger joins us Now in light of the Dodgers winning the World Series, we get the news that Justin Turner test positive for co vid.

    Passenger joins us Now in light of the Dodgers win the World Series, we get news that Justin Turner test positive for co vid.

  • Can you run us through the timeline there?


  • Because it is strange?


  • Yeah, Carl.

    ああ カール

  • For 59 days, Major League Baseball had not had a positive test by a player.


  • And in the second inning of Game six of what ultimately ended up being the final baseball game in 2020 Major League Baseball got a call from the lab that runs the test for it, saying that Justin Turner had inconclusive results from yesterday's tests and the tests from today had just arrived.


  • Once those tests were run, Turner's test came back positive.

    それらのテストが実行された後 ターナーのテストは 陽性に戻ってきた

  • Major league baseball called the Los Angeles Dodgers.


  • Word came down to the dugout to get Justin Turner out of the game now, and by the eighth inning he was pulled from the game.


  • Uh, this evening, they're going to, as they get back to the hotel, run 30 minute rapid PCR tests in hopes of getting a better sense of whether this was spread at, although, as we know, it may not come back for another few days as to whether it was just Justin Turner.

    今晩 ホテルに戻って 30分間の迅速PCRテストを行う予定です これが広がっていたかどうか もっとよくわかるようにと思っていますが ジャスティン・ターナーだけのものかどうかは

  • Are more people on the world champion Los Angeles stop?


  • Given the rapid spread through sports teams, how concerned would you say that the officials and the Dodgers are that this is going to end up being bigger than just one?


  • Well, they're certainly concerned, Carl.

    確かに彼らは心配しているよ カール

  • And listen.


  • The Dodgers players have been together inside of this bubble in Arlington for a few weeks now.


  • And you know, there's a There's a sense of security among the players because they're supposed to be isolated from the outside world because they're not supposed to have contact with anybody who has been exposed to the coronavirus.

    そして、そこには コロナウイルスに感染した人とは接触しないことになっているので、外界から隔離されていることになっているので、選手の間には安心感があります。

  • They don't know it this point now.


  • Toward the end of the year, there were a few positive tests in baseball that ended up with no spread.


  • But we saw what happened with the Miami Marlins in the ST Louis Cardinals.


  • And so the concern certainly is there for the Dodgers.


  • Thank you very much.


  • We appreciate it.


  • Justin Turner couldn't be with his teammates to celebrate.


  • He went to Twitter to say this.


  • Thanks to everyone for reaching out.


  • I feel great.


  • No symptoms, just experienced every emotion you could possibly imagine.


  • I can't believe I couldn't be out there to celebrate with my guys so proud of this team and unbelievably happy for the city of Los Angeles.


  • Here's his teammate in the M v P Corey Seager.

    M v P コーリー・シーガーのチームメイトです。

  • You don't even really know what to ask way.


  • Don't even know what to ask.


  • You know, toe, Have that happened to Ah, guy like that?


  • I do.


  • That's reinvented himself when he came here, what he's meant to this organization, what he's meant to this franchise, what he's meant to this community and toe to take that away from him.

    彼はここに来た時に 自分自身を再発明した この組織にとって 彼はこのフランチャイズにとって 彼はこのコミュニティにとって 彼からそれを奪うことを意味する

  • You know, it's gut wrenching, you know, it hurts me.


  • I can't imagine how he feels.


  • You know, if I could switch places with him right now, I would that that man more than anybody deserves toe.


  • Take a picture with that trophy, celebrate with us, you know, have his family around and and enjoy this moment.


  • And you know that that got taken away from him.


  • And that's that's just not right.


  • You know that That doesn't sit well with May.


  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


passenger joins us Now in light of the Dodgers winning the World Series, we get the news that Justin Turner test positive for co vid.

Passenger joins us Now in light of the Dodgers win the World Series, we get news that Justin Turner test positive for co vid.

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