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  • would Dez Bryant signing a deal with the Ravens mean anything for him?

    デズ ブライアントはレイブンズとの契約に署名すると、彼のために何か意味がありますか?

  • Listen, whether it will mean anything for them remains to be seen because we haven't seen him in a in a few years.


  • Uh, the last time he played was 2017.


  • That means 2018 2019.


  • And now, uh, six games in the 2020 has been 2.5 years, so we understand that we don't know.


  • What I would tell you is that I would love for him to be on an NFL roster.


  • I would love him to make it, because here's the deal.


  • He was once a star in this league.


  • Hey, obviously fell off a little bit, Um, and then he got let go by the Dallas Cowboys And what what really rakes my nerves about it is that he got a bad rap.

    明らかに少し落ちぶれて ダラス・カウボーイズに 放免されたんだが 私をイライラさせたのは 彼の評判が悪かったからだ

  • Now we know he tried to come back with New Orleans, and then he got hurt, and we get all of that.

    彼がニューオリンズに戻ろうとしたのは 知っていますが 怪我をしています そしてその全てを手に入れました

  • But my big issue was that it wasn't just about football with him.


  • He was perceived as problematic.


  • Um, and the Dallas Cowboys contributed obviously toe letting that kind of stuff leak out about him, and that's what rubbed me the wrong way.

    ダラス・カウボーイズは 明らかに彼のことを漏らすことに貢献したそれが私を怒らせたんです

  • So if if you're somebody that you're spectating the Dallas Cowboys, it's two extremes.


  • Okay, so we got a guy in that Prescott.


  • That's the model citizen can Ball took you to the playoffs a couple of times, won a playoff game for you had numbers comparable to Tony Romo.

    それは、モデルの市民は、ボールはプレーオフのカップルにあなたを取ったことができます、あなたのためのプレーオフのゲームを獲得したトニー ・ ロモに匹敵する数字を持っていた。

  • But somehow, some way you couldn't reach an accord with them.


  • And granted, you offered them a boatload of money.


  • But he wanted less years.


  • You wanted to lock him up form or years.


  • Bottom line is you couldn't reach an accord with him.


  • So that was the reason for that.


  • Not tow, not toe work out in his favor on a long term basis.


  • And in the case off Dez Bryant, he got some money as a wide receiver.


  • But in the same breath, um, he wasn't, you know, he was He was perceived as being a malcontent.


  • Somebody that wasn't ideal for the locker room and things of this nature show.


  • You decide not to bring him back.


  • It's just seems to me that his reputation was hurt by the Dallas Cowboys.

    ダラス・カウボーイズのせいで 彼の評判が傷ついたように思えますが

  • And so, for me, I love the idea of him getting back into the NFL.

    彼がNFLに復帰するのは 素晴らしいことだと思います

  • I hope he's good enough.


  • I hope he shows what he could.


  • Dio.


  • I hope it's good enough for him to be on an NFL roster in an NFL lineup and contributing to an NFL winning team.


  • That's my wish for him, because I would hate that.


  • His career ended the way that it did.


  • The last thing we see was him being let go by the Cowboys.


  • Um, it'll be a It'll be a feel good story if he could make it back to the NFL.


  • I agree.


  • I think he's good enough to play.


  • I would assume I haven't seen him recently.


  • Obviously, Um, play.


  • But he's if he does make it back.


  • It's as just a guy.


  • You know, I hear what you're saying, Stephen, about unfair treatment.

    あなたが言ってる事は聞いてるわ スティーブン 不公平な扱いについて

  • My mind goes to like T O T O could have still played in the league, and he's one of the greatest Whoever did it.

    私の心は、T O T Oがまだリーグでプレーしていた可能性があるように、彼は誰がそれをした偉大な一人です。

  • He was five time all team, uh, All pro first team like, you know, five times He was a great receiver, the best player on the field in a Super Bowl that his team lost for which he was criticized for playing on one leg and looked like he could still play into his forties and couldn't get a job in the league.

    彼は5回オールチーム、あー、オールプロのファーストチームのようなものでした 彼は偉大なレシーバーで、彼のチームが負けたスーパーボウルでは フィールドで最高の選手でした 彼は片足でプレーしていると批判されていましたが、彼は40代になってもプレーできるように見えて、リーグでの仕事に就くことができませんでした。

  • Right?


  • I feel like he was really treated unfairly.


  • Dez Bryant was a top five receiver for about three years before he started falling off, and so he was excellent at his best and he was not.


  • He didn't have a job when he probably should have, so it'll feel good if he comes back.


  • But he's been.


  • It's been a long time since he was an impact player, and it's not like we're talking about one of the all time greats.


  • I'd feel great for him if he could get back to the league.


  • But I can't pretend that I'm overly interested in the story.


  • Brian.


  • What about you?


  • Yeah.


  • Yeah, This is one of those I'm with Steven and Max.


  • This is more about us warning.


  • Something good to happen for Dez Bryant knowing, uh, that he was kind of let go by the Dallas Cowboys when he was on the decline and also couldn't get a job after that.

    デズ・ブライアントには良いことが起こるだろう 彼が衰退していた時に ダラス・カウボーイズに手放されたことを知っていて その後も仕事を得ることができませんでした

  • And then once signing with saints, he has the Achilles injury and he's going.


  • I think those things make you want him to have another opportunity, maybe get an opportunity to close the last chapter on this part of his career or this part of his life.


  • But when you look at what it does full of Mark Jackson in the Baltimore Ravens, I don't really believe it does a lot.


  • I believe it gives them another possession receiver, maybe a guy who can catch some 50 50 balls in traffic.

    私はそれが彼らに別の所持レシーバーを与えると信じています、多分トラフィックでいくつかの50 50 50のボールをキャッチすることができる男。

  • But they need a true number one.


  • They need a guy who could run the entire route tree, someone who can put fear into defenders on outside of the numbers and also somebody that they could get easy throws and catches for full of Mark Jackson.

    彼らは、全体のルートツリーを実行することができた人を必要としています、数字の外側にディフェンダーに恐怖を置くことができ、また、彼らは簡単なスローとマーク ジャクソンの完全なためのキャッチを得ることができる誰かが誰か。

  • Ugly.


  • There was something like that inside as a tight end.


  • Well, we know we know who the someone like that out there is.


  • And, you know, along with the Seattle Seahawks, I don't know if the Baltimore Ravens will be in play for Antonio Brown, but, like Max said, like Stephen A says said, we both all three of us would love for Dez Bryant to get this opportunity for Dez Bryant to play, but I don't think this changes the circumstances of the Baltimore Ravens offense or Baltimore Ravens as a team as it pertains to them being contenders in the A F C.

    そして、シアトル・シーホークスと並んで、ボルチモア・レイブンズがアントニオ・ブラウンのためにプレーするかどうかはわかりませんが、マックスが言ったように、スティーブン・Aが言ったように、私たち3人ともデズ・ブライアントがプレーする機会を得たいと思っていますが、これでボルチモア・レイブンズのオフェンスやボルチモア・レイブンズがA F Cのコンテンダーであることに関するチームとしての状況が変わることはないと思います。

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would Dez Bryant signing a deal with the Ravens mean anything for him?

デズ ブライアントはレイブンズとの契約に署名すると、彼のために何か意味がありますか?

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