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  • a year ago, I released movies the movie Return Off Borat.


  • The bumbling fictional journalists from Kazakhstan is being embraced by the vast Central Asian country after it adopted one of the characters.


  • Most famous catchphrase is to attract tourists really nice.


  • It's a change from the response to the first film in 2006 which caused anger in Kazakhstan over what it saw as an insult to their national character.


  • It is a wonderful place titled Bar at subsequent movie film delivery off prestigious Bribe American Regime for Make Benefit once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is a follow up which features the same sexist and racist character created by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was released last week on streaming service Amazon Prime.


  • Now a slick video has been released by the Kazakh Tourism Board, featuring the best of what the country has to offer.


  • On includes a Siris of foreign tourists using bar at signature phrase, very nice to signal their appreciation for what they're saying.


  • Very nice.


  • Like many countries this year, Kazakhstan has been hit hard by travel and tourism restrictions.


  • The feeling amongst Kazakh officials on this occasion is that if you can't beat them join them on that.


  • Protesting against the film would only serve to generate more publicity and profits for the film's makers of school.


a year ago, I released movies the movie Return Off Borat.


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カザフスタンは観光客を呼び込むためにボラを使用しています (Kazakhstan uses Borat to woo tourists)

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