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In this extra learning lesson, you will learn in detail about the words and phrases you may use when you are at the airport.
When you are at an airport you have to be prepared to answer certain questions and go through various checks.
You may be asked for example: ‘Through which airline are you traveling?’, ‘How much baggage are you carrying?’.
There are also several new words you might hear, such as: check-in, security check, boarding pass, baggage, tickets and so on.
Yes John, that’s right. Let’s learn some words and phrases that you may listen to, or have to say, while you are at the airport.
English words and phrases during check-in.
The words that you might come across during check-in are:
Identity proof - This is your identification. It could be your passport, your social security card, your driver’s license etc.
Ticket - This is the ticket issued to you by the airline.
Passport - If you are traveling abroad, you may need a passport which has information about you.
Boarding pass - This is the pass that allows you to board the aircraft.
You usually get it from the check-in counter, but sometimes you might also get it online by checking in online.
Security check - It’s the process when you and your baggage are checked to make sure you are not carrying any prohibited items onto the airplane.
Frisking - When a security officer searches a person by passing his/her hands quickly over clothes or through pockets.
Now we will go to the words related to the check-in procedure.
At the check-in counter.
Check-in - During check-in, you register at the airline counter, submit your luggage and get your boarding pass which allows you to board or get onto the aircraft.
Check-in counter - The counters or tables where the airline staff are available to process your check-in request.
Check-in baggage - This is the baggage you give to the airline staff. This baggage is carried into the cargo hold.
Cargo hold - This is the place where all the check-in baggage is stored.
Security tag - To identify that the baggage has been checked at the security check, a tag is added to the hand-baggage. This is the security tag.
The cabin - The cabin is the name for the interior of the aircraft where the passengers sit.
Cabin baggage or Carry-on baggage - This is the baggage you are allowed to carry onto the aircraft.
From the check-in counter, let’s go straight inside the aircraft. Here are some more words for you.
Inside the aircraft.
Window seat - This is the seat next to the window and you can look outside the aircraft from it.
Aisle seat - This is the seat next to the gallery inside the aircraft. It makes it easier to move around.
Overhead bin - This is an area above the seats where you can store your cabin baggage.
Seat belt - It’s a belt that’s used to fasten you to the seat and keep you secure during the flight.
Flotation cushion - Sometimes when you fly over the sea, a flotation cushion or device is provided as a safety measure in case of a sea-landing.
Purser - The purser is in charge of the flight attendants to make sure things are running well inside the aircraft.
Flight attendants - Also called air attendants or sometimes air hostesses.
They are airline employees whose job is to take care of the passengers during the flight.
Wow! That was a lot of learning. Don’t hesitate to play the lesson again if you are still not sure about something. Before we go, one final word.
Remember that big belt that brings your luggage when you are at the airport? It’s called a luggage belt, or baggage belt in English.
Don’t forget to watch the original lesson. Just click at the link given in the description. See you soon!


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