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  • so we hear Pelican Point as you can see the situation.


  • Asshole DIA More than 7000 dead seals have been found washed ashore on the coast of Namibia, nonprofit group Ocean Conservation Namibia said Friday.

    Asshole DIA 7000頭以上のアザラシの死骸がナミビアの海岸に漂着しているのが発見されたと、非営利団体Ocean Conservation Namibiaが金曜日に発表した。

  • They were founded.


  • Pelican Point Peninsula, AH popular tourist destination in Walvis Bay Marine biologist now to drier, said investigations in the past week had revealed a spike in the number of dead female adults.

    ペリカンポイント半島、ウォルビス湾のAH人気観光地 海洋生物学者は今、乾燥機に、先週の調査で死んだ女性の大人の数のスパイクを明らかにしたと述べた。

  • He said investigations had mainly centered on the Pelican Point Beach so the overall number of dead seals could be higher.


  • The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource is said last week it would send samples to South Africa to determine the cause of death.


  • But Dreyer said this had not yet been done because of the need to observe a strict guidelines on shipping dangerous animal products.


  • Researchers had noticed higher than normal numbers of seal abortions at Pelican Point but could not establish a reason or give numbers, Oh CN said last week.

    研究者はペリカンポイントでのアザラシの流産の数が通常よりも多いことに気づいていたが、理由を立証したり、数を与えたりすることはできなかったと、Oh CNは先週言った。

so we hear Pelican Point as you can see the situation.



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ナミビアのビーチで7,000頭以上のアザラシの死骸が発見された:保護団体 (More than 7,000 dead seals found along Namibian beach: conservation group)

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