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  • Tall, tall tree has Bin-lang (betel nuts).

  • Who climbs number one who can taste.

  • Who is number one I help to pick.

  • Handsome men, yeah pick Bin-lang.

  • Little girl carry bag look up and down.

  • Thinking about it, he is so cute, he is so strong.

  • No body better than he.

  • Let me (lai) call you, oh my baby.

  • Mountain high and water long.

  • The sunshine has gone.

  • The little bird singing.

  • And call us go home quickly. (good bye~)

  • (go to motel.)

Tall, tall tree has Bin-lang (betel nuts).


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という歌を聞いたことがあります。 (【聽歌學英文-東洋風】許志豪 採檳榔 英文字幕版)

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