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You owe it to yourself, you owe it to yourself that when you get up in the morning
that you can look yourself in the face and say: hey I'm living my life on my terms.
And the problem with some of y'all, is you want somebody else to support your dream.
It's yours! I don't owe you a dime.
It's your dream. If you want to have it get your butt off and make it happen.
If you want to have it, rise and grind! If you want to have it
you're gonna have to do what I do and that's get up three o'clock in the morning.
Sure they're going to be times you're going to wanna give up.
Sure there'll be times when life will knock you down and catch you on the blind side.
But the challenge is, is to hold on!
Everybody's got a dream. Everbody's got a goal. But when you write
your why down what your why does for you is say: You can't quit!
You can't give up! You can't stop!
If there is no money you make up something, go print it!
If nobody's giving you an opportunity, you create it!
But what I can't do is that I can't let my son down.
I can't let my wife down.
I can't let my parents down. I can't let my city down.
And for you, your problem is, you're just focusing on your dreams and your goals, and you're not focusing
on why.
Why? Why do you want this?
Why do you get up in the morning? Somebody said: ET why do you wake up at three o'clock? Why not?!
If all I have to do is get
up three o'clock in the morning and my family can live like they wanna live
and I can change the world... three o'clock? Have you lost your mind?
I get up at three every day. Why? Because my why is
greater than my sleep! What makes a person average?
It's their focus! Like an average person is focused more on getting paid!
That's why they're average! A person who's good...
he's focusing on: I wanna make my boss happy. A person who's great, his focus is: what need can I meet?
His focus is different! Same human being, but his focus is entirely different!
Your concentration is supposed to change.
And so what you're focusing on throughout the course of the day, it has to change!
What you're looking at, what you're reading, what you're watching. The conversations you have!
You must now be focused on your why.
And you must be focused on your dream.
You must be focused on your goals. When you are great you don't focus on the week!
When you are great you don't focus on the month! When you are great you don't focus on the year!
I'm not saying this thing for the whole planet
but what I'm talking about is: you concentrate on the 24 hours that's in front of you...
and you're there!


Best Running Motivational Video - Motivation To Run

2623 タグ追加 保存
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