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  • history of the Movement for Gender Equality.


  • Gender equality, also known as sexual equality, is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities, regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision making, and the state of valuing different behaviors, aspirations and needs equally regardless of gender.


  • Throughout history, women have faced intense discrimination from the lack of legal rights and very little independence from their husbands to being thought to have inferior brains.


  • For example, in 16 91 following criticism for studying secular texts, nun Sor Juana Nesta La Cruz of Mexico memorably defended women's rights to education in 1691 by proclaiming one can perfectly well philosophizes while cooking supper a national icon.

    例えば、世俗的なテキストを勉強するための批判に続く16 91年に、メキシコの修道女ソル・フアナ・ネスタ・ラ・クルスは、記念すべきことに、夕食を調理しながら、1つは完全によく哲学することができます宣言することによって、1691年に教育を受ける女性の権利を擁護した国家のアイコン。

  • Today she appears on Mexican currency, also in 18 60 a Phyllis off over co founded a society to provide support to the poor, including not only affordable housing but also decent work for women.

    今日、彼女はメキシコの通貨に表示され、また、18 60でフィリスオフco上のフィリスは、手頃な価格の住宅だけでなく、女性のためのまともな仕事だけでなく、貧しい人々にサポートを提供するために社会を設立しました。

  • And another example is Doria Shafiq.


  • She catalyzed the women's rights movement and Egypt when, in 1951 she, alongside 1500 women, stormed parliament, demanding full political rights, pay, equality and reforms to personal status laws.


  • Thes efforts along with countless others to come, helped pave the way to women's right to vote in 1956.


  • From its early origins and cataloging, great women in history in the 19 seventies have turned to recording ordinary women's expectations, aspirations and status.


  • Mhm.


  • Then, with the rise of the feminist movement, the emphasis shifted in the 19 eighties towards exposing the oppression of women and examining how they responded to discrimination and subordination.


  • In more recent times, women's history has moved to charting female agency, recognizing women's strategies, accommodations and negotiations with in a male dominated world.


  • Although it developed out of a feminist agenda, gender history has somewhat different objectives.


  • No, no, no.


history of the Movement for Gender Equality.


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