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  • if you're thinking of getting an iPad right now, because maybe you're staring down a long, locked down winter where you can't even go outside.


  • And so you need to binge even mawr Netflix than you have been then.

    だから、あなたはその時よりもさらにmawr Netflixをbingeする必要があります。

  • This is the iPad that I recommend for almost everybody who could afford it.


  • It's the new $599 iPad hair.


  • See.


  • One of the biggest trends in tech right now is a bunch of companies are trying to figure out which part should go into their mid range devices.


  • Should they just be extra nice versions of the basic model, which is actually really what Google's done with pixel five here?


  • Or should they be toned down versions of the best model, which is really what Apple has done here with the iPad air?

    それとも、彼らは最高のモデルのトーンダウンされたバージョンにする必要があります, それは本当にアップルがiPadの空気でここに何をしてきたのですか?

  • Either way, the result is usually a device that might be missing some high end features that air luxuries instead of necessities.


  • But even without them, this iPad air feels like a luxury.

    しかし、それがなくても、このiPad airは贅沢な感じがします。

  • It is the nicest computing experience you can have for $600 or less.


  • The main thing that's new the iPad air this year is this design it is almost identical to the iPad Pro models, and that is a very good thing.

    今年の新しいiPadの空気の主なものは、それがiPad Proのモデルとほぼ同じであり、それは非常に良いことですが、このデザインです。

  • It has these rounded corners and thinner bezels, and that's features shared by the new iPhone twelves, actually.

    それは、これらの丸みを帯びた角と薄いベゼルを持っており、それは実際には、新しいiPhone twelvesによって共有されている機能です。

  • But unlike the new iPhones, this iPad air switches over from lightning to USB C.

    しかし、新しいiPhoneとは違い、このiPad airはLightningからUSB Cに切り替わります。

  • Yes, good, right?


  • We're not gonna go down to us.


  • BC rabbit hole Here.


  • Just know that your lightning cables won't charge.


  • This device is that design switch over also means that this uses the new iPad pro accessory.


  • So there's the apple pencil that attaches and charges here via a magnet, and it's better than the old lightning pencil in pretty much every way.


  • But don't forget that it costs $129.


  • You also have your choice of these standards Smart keyboard for 179 bucks or this very nice magic keyboard with a track pad for $299.


  • The iPad air has a usual colors.

    iPad airにはいつもの色があります。

  • There's gray, silver and rose gold, but there's also new colors, a light green or this sky blue color right here.


  • Now I am going to get into the specs, which includes an incredible new processor, but in a minute they aren't the most important thing about the iPad air.


  • The most important thing is that this is just a incredibly nice computer Thio use.


  • I have a lot of computers, I'm a weirdo.


  • And when I just want to computing experience, that's chill and relaxing.


  • I always reach for an iPad.


  • Now I know the base model iPad, for $329 can do pretty much everything this iPad Air could do.

    今、私はベースモデルのiPadを知っている, 329ドルのために、このiPad Airができるかなり多くのことを行うことができます。

  • But it's just not as nice to use.


  • There are these really big puzzles, and the least expensive model on Lee has 32 gigs of storage.


  • On the air.


  • You get a bigger 10 9 inch liquid retina display in 64 gigs of storage.

    あなたは64ギガのストレージで10 9インチの大きな液体網膜ディスプレイを取得します。

  • See for me, one of the biggest reasons to use an iPad is to just get something that's more enjoyable to use than a boring old laptop.


  • And so this iPad Compared to the base iPad, it's just nicer.


  • Its speed design accessories.


  • Everything is just mawr enjoyable.


  • There is one part that is enjoyable but takes a little bit of getting used to.


  • It's the Touch I D Sensor right here on the power button.

    電源ボタンのここにあるTouch I Dセンサーです。

  • It works, and it's accurate.


  • It's fast, but you have to operate it a little bit differently that I'm used to.


  • You can't just tap it to turn on the iPad.


  • You have to press it down and then let the button lift up and then leave your finger resting on the power button to unlock it.


  • It's a little weird.


  • If you press too long, you get Siri, and if you don't press long enough, it won't be able to register your fingerprint and unlock the iPad.


  • It just takes some getting used to.


  • The other thing to point out here is that iPad OS is enjoyable to use, but it still has the same old limitations.

    ここでもう一つ指摘しておきたいのは、iPad OSは使っていて楽しいのですが、昔ながらの制限が残っているということです。

  • There's no support for multiple users, and most video conferencing app still turn the camera off when you multitask.


  • Okay, it is finally time to talk specs.


  • The big deal with this iPad is that it has Apple's newest fastest processor, the A 14 biotic.

    このiPadの大きな特徴は、Appleの最新最速プロセッサーであるA 14バイオティックを搭載していることです。

  • It is very fast.


  • It's faster even than the most recent iPad pros processor in certain benchmark tests, like single core speeds, It's a beast, and it signals good things for the upcoming arm based Max.

    それは、シングルコアの速度のような特定のベンチマークテストで最も最近のiPadのプロプロセッサよりも高速です, それは獣だ, そしてそれは今後のアームベースのマックスのための良いものに信号を送ります.

  • But that comparison to the iPad Pro isn't that simple, though.

    しかし、iPad Proとの比較はそう単純ではありません。

  • See, the iPad Pro has more GPU oomph.

    ほら、iPad Proの方がGPUの勢いがある。

  • And the way that iPad OS works means that a lot of the most intensive APS really do take advantage of the GPU.


  • So if you care about things like processor speed on an iPad, I think the thing to do is wait for the iPad Pro to get updated with a five nanometer, a 14 x 3 14 year Whatever they're gonna call it now, compared to the iPad Pro, you lose out on a promotion.

    だからiPadのプロセッサ速度のようなものを気にしているのであれば、やるべきことはiPad Proが5ナノメートル、14×3 14年でアップデートされるのを待つことだと思います、彼らは今、iPad Proと比較して、それを呼び出すことになるだろうか、あなたはプロモーションで損をしています。

  • Higher frustrate display light, our Face I D and ultra wide camera and quad speakers.

    より高いフラストレーションディスプレイライト、私たちの顔I Dと超ワイドカメラとクアッドスピーカー。

  • I do miss the promotion display a little because I like Hye Ri, frustrate screens, but everything else I really don't.


  • The stereo speakers sound great in landscape mode.


  • And by the way, battery life, of course, is excellent as always.


  • So that's the iPad air.

    それがiPad airなんですね。

  • I do wish there was a model in between the 5 99 64 gig version and the step up to the 7 49 to 56 gig version.

    私は、5 99 64ギガ版と7 49から56ギガ版へのステップアップの間にモデルがあればと思います。

  • But otherwise there's not a whole lot to knock here it's an iPad.


  • If the 5 99 price is in your budget, this is the one to get.

    5 99の価格が予算内ならば、これを手に入れることができます。

  • Especially since you're probably hanging out of this thing for very many years, something that you have that long.


  • I think it is worth spending the extra money for a more enjoyable experience.


  • Everybody, thanks so much for watching.


  • If, instead of the iPad air, you want to know about the new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro, we have, of course, reviewed those devices, and you can click the link on your screen right now to watch them.

    iPad airの代わりに、新しいiPhone 12またはiPhone 12 proについて知りたい場合は、我々は、もちろん、それらのデバイスをレビューしており、あなたはそれらを見るために今すぐあなたの画面上のリンクをクリックすることができます。

if you're thinking of getting an iPad right now, because maybe you're staring down a long, locked down winter where you can't even go outside.


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