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  • We're big fans of natural disasters.


  • We've talked about volcanoes, tornadoes, dropping nukes into hurricanes, asteroids hitting the earth, exploding lakes, lakes shrinking ice melting and cities going underwater.


  • Nuclear reactor meltdowns.


  • Zombie Apocalypse is blowing up the moon, exploding whales and a bunch already about tsunamis.


  • We've also talked a lot about nuclear bombs.


  • So what if I combined two of my greatest passions in tow?

    私の最大の情熱の2つを 組み合わせたら?

  • One video.


  • What would happen if you detonated a nuclear bomb underwater?


  • Some channels have infamously claimed that a nuclear bomb detonation at the bottom of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific, the deepest part of the world's oceans, would catastrophically destroyed the entire planet.


  • And other channels have famously debunked that because it's nonsense.


  • But that's not to say that a nuclear blast underwater wouldn't be dangerous at all.


  • Nuclear explosions have strange effects when they're detonated in other unconventional places.


  • For example, like space where nuclear blast can create an electromagnetic pulse or e m P effect that can fry or disable electron ICS.

    例えば、核爆発で電磁パルスを発生させたり、電子ICSをフライにしたり、無効にしたりすることができるe-m P効果を発生させることができる空間のようなものです。

  • And apparently a nuclear blast underwater can create something potentially, even worse, a tsunami.

    どうやら水中での核爆発は 津波を引き起こす可能性があるようだ

  • And not just any tsunami.


  • Ah, half kilometer tall radioactive apocalypse scale tsunami.


  • The only country in the world that's apparently been crazy enough to develop a weapon like this so far is, unsurprisingly, Russia.


  • The weapons official name is status six Oceanic multipurpose system and its co name is beside in.


  • The first public report of the weapons system dates back to September 2015 and the details are genuinely insane.


  • It's a weapon so powerful it seems like it should belong in a bad science fiction movie, and yet it's apparently quite riel.


  • Poseidon is an unmanned drone in the shape of a torpedo that could be loaded onto and launched by a submarine.


  • A Poseidon drone could also remain dormant in a box on the ocean floor, just waiting for a signal to come back to life before carrying out its apocalyptic attack like a reaper from mass effect.


  • Either way, once a Poseidon is armed and activated, it can have a range of 10,000 kilometers, and it's slowly travels across the ocean ominously towards its target over a period of weeks or even months.


  • The drone travels so slowly in order to avoid detection, but when it's near by an enemy coastline, it rushes a headed over 100 MPH to get close enough to detonate its nuclear bomb before it's detected.

    ドローンは発見されるのを避けるために非常にゆっくりと移動するが、敵の海岸線に近づくと、それが発見される前に核爆弾を爆発させるのに十分に近づくために、100 MPH以上の速度で急ぐ。

  • The bomb that the Poseidon drone carries is allegedly the most powerful nuclear device ever created, capable of unleashing a completely insane 200 megatons of explosive power and all of it under water for reference as to why that's insane.


  • The biggest bomb ever tested by humanity so far was the Tzar Bomba by the Soviet Union.


  • That bomb destroyed every building in a 55 kilometer radius, caused third degree burns 100 kilometers away and shattered windows.


  • There were 900 kilometers away.


  • It was detonated here in Nova Azamiyah and shattered windows all the way over here in northern Norway and Finland.


  • The shock wave from the explosion circled the entire Earth three times, and despite all of that awesome power, it was only 50 megatons.


  • The Poseidon bomb has four times that amount of power, unleashing that amount of raw power underwater is allegedly enough to generate a 500 m high tsunami wave in the direction of enemies coastline.


  • That wave would be so high that it's almost impossible to fully appreciate.


  • So here is what the Empire State Building would look like right next to it.


  • The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that devastated Indonesia Onley reached a maximum height of only 30 m and is over 16 times shorter than the Poseidon tsunami.


  • What's even worse, though, is the Poseidon nuclear bomb is apparently a cobalt bomb specifically designed to unleash mawr radioactive fallout than a normal nuclear bomb.


  • This not only makes the way freakishly huge, but also intensely radioactively contaminated.


  • So now imagine you're just chillin hanging out on the coast and you notice a 500 m high radioactive death tsunami bearing down on you.


  • What would you do in that situation?


  • The weapon is apparently specifically designed to circumvent the capable US and European missile defense systems.


  • If nuclear missiles air heading towards your country, you can at least try and shoot some of them down before they make an impact and you have a chance.


  • But what chance do you have at stopping a 500 m high mega tsunami.


  • Once the bomb has gone off underwater, it's already pretty much too late.


  • The tsunami is going to happen.


  • This is a simulated flood projection that was developed by the University of Washington.


  • If only a 100 megaton bomb was detonated underwater off the coast of Long Island.

    100メガトンの爆弾が ロングアイランド沖で水中で爆発しただけでも

  • But even a 100 megaton bomb would apparently flood the entirety of Long Island, all of New York City and significant portions of Connecticut, New Jersey and other areas, as mentioned previously, the Poseidon bomb has doubled.


  • That amount of power, Ah, 500 m high tsunami would be taller than every single building in New York, except for the one World Trade Center, and it would still be very close.


  • Everything in the city would be destroyed, and the highly radioactive water would lean your around and poison the ground and the drinking supply.


  • It would be absolutely catastrophic, and the Russian Navy has allegedly already ordered 32 side an armed drones to enter into service, with half of them going to the Northern Fleet in the Arctic Ocean and the other half going to the Pacific Fleet based in Vladivostok.


  • The Poseidon drones are a weapon on Lee of last resort, with enough power to give their operators the equivalent power of an angry god from 1000 years ago there to be used only as a last ditch effort.


  • When all other hope for Russia during a war seems loss, they will probably and hopefully never be used because, once initiated, there's never any going back.


  • I challenge anybody watching this video to come up with a good defense for solution against the Poseidon drone.


  • Attack down in the comments because I genuinely can't think of a good one.


  • Every attack is eventually met with the defense that's capable of beating it, and every defense is eventually overcome by a new attack idea.


  • It's always a constant arms race, and it's happening right now around you on your computer or phone.


  • Whether you realize it or not.


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  • Thank you for watching and I'll see you again next week.


this video was made possible by Dash Lane.



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