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  • This is a type of goat cheese called mortal, using a 5000 year old Method Motel takes about three months to make.


  • It's made throughout the caucus region, particularly in the mountainous regions of eastern Armenia.


  • This traditional cheese is in danger of disappearing, but one local is working to keep it alive.


  • Meet Roussanne Torossian.


  • He produces motel cheese in the small town of Chamba Rock, Armenia, about two hours northeast from the capital.


  • We took the 71 mile drive to meet roussanne and learn a little bit about motel cheese.


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  • Bonnie Level Ultrabooks off the Shot Train Anonymous In 2004 Roseanne was traveling around Armenia when he came across shepherds and farmers in mountainous regions of the country, making motel inside their homes but not selling it commercially.

    ショットトレイン匿名オフボニーレベルUltrabooks 2004年にロザンヌは、彼が彼らの家の中にモーテルを作るが、商業的にそれを販売していない、国の山間部の羊飼いや農家に出くわしたときにアルメニアの周りを旅行していました。

  • He and his family worked to bring the cheese to production by collaborating with Slow Food International, an organization that aims to preserve ancient food traditions all over the world to make the cheese roussanne starts by sourcing goats Milk from local farmers.


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  • Even though Roussillon has perfected the traditional cheesemaking method selling motel comes with obstacles.


  • He cannot sell his cheese and most European countries because the European Union does not authorize the import of all dairy products.


  • Motel is sold primarily in Armenian supermarkets as well as in some restaurants.


  • But selling within the country is also difficult, since the cheese is handmade at a limited quantity, it's cost ranges from 2300 to 4500 Armenian drums, which is about 4 to $10.


  • That's higher than the Armenian market cost of cheese, which is about 1000 Armenian drums or $2.


  • Despite international regulations and being far from the capital, Roussanne and his family spread the word by organizing master classes for tourists.


  • They condensed the three month cheesemaking process into an hour and a half to share the ancient technique.


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This is a type of goat cheese called mortal, using a 5000 year old Method Motel takes about three months to make.


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アルメニアの5,000年前のチーズ作りの伝統 (A 5,000-Year-Old Cheesemaking Tradition In Armenia)

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