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  • sharing files is a really important feature in Google Drive.

    ファイルの共有は、Google ドライブの本当に重要な機能です。

  • When you share a file with someone else, it makes it easier to cooperate on the document.


  • Rather than sending different versions of the document back and forth through email, everyone can work on the document at once to share a file from your Google drive.

    異なるバージョンのドキュメントをメールでやり取りするのではなく、誰もが一度にドキュメントに取り組むことができ、Google ドライブからファイルを共有することができます。

  • Just select it, then click the share button near the upper right.


  • A dialog box will appear, and from here you can start entering the email addresses of the people you want to share it with.


  • If you're sharing with multiple people, just press enter after each one.


  • You can also decide how much control these people will have over the document.


  • For example, you could give them full permission to edit and change the document Onley, leave comments or just view the document.


  • In this example, I want everyone to be able to edit the document, so I'm going to leave this setting alone.


  • It's also important to note that anyone you share it with this way will require their own Google account to view or edit the file.


  • Next, we'll include a short message to let everyone know what the file is about, Then click.


  • Send another way to share files is with a link.


  • You'll start the same way by selecting the file and then clicking the share button.


  • When the dialogue box appears, click where it says change to anyone with the link.


  • Just like with the other method, you will be able to decide how much control these people will have.


  • You can then copy and paste the link to share it with anyone, even if they don't have a Google account.


  • In this example, I'm pasting it into an email message to quickly share the file.


  • I'll just right click and select paste.


  • So what happens after you share a file on Google Drive?

    では、Google Driveでファイルを共有した後はどうなるのでしょうか?

  • Well, Google Drive has some really powerful co authoring features.

    さて、Google Driveには本当に強力な共同オーサリング機能があります。

  • For example, if we open our document, we can see that some of the other people we've shared the file with our viewing it as well.


  • The real time co authoring feature allows everyone toe work on the document.


  • At the same time, everyone's changes will be indicated with the cursor by their names, so you can tell who's doing what in the document.


  • It's also easy to leave comments to talk back and forth with one another to insert a comment in Google docks.


  • Just select something, then click the button that appears on the right side of the document.


  • This opens a comment box where you can add a short note about this part of the document.


  • Your co authors will then be able to respond directly to you.


  • These features make it much easier to collaborate on a document and work out details with your co authors in real time.


  • Okay, now that you know the basics, you're ready to jump in and start collaborating and sharing on Google Drive G C F global, creating opportunities for a better life.

    さて、基本的なことがわかったところで、Google Drive G C F グローバルでの共同作業や共有を開始し、より良い生活を送るための機会を創出していきましょう。

sharing files is a really important feature in Google Drive.

ファイルの共有は、Google ドライブの本当に重要な機能です。

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