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then the best NBA players in 2013 2014
that upcoming season you could say I was release
that come out before the season there so relevant why
this place in 20 30 40 well would determine that the end is
but good by can we preview it though we can preview
okay thank goodness so Sports Illustrated came out with this list
at let me give you the top 20 and you could tell me together
Sports Illustrated I don't know exactly who itself
a section new section sports illustrated called the point forward
that I really like they put up a lot to Qatar so %uh number twenty what I
completely disagree with you should be higher up on the list
Kyrie Irving his number twenty Blake Griffin number nineteen LaMarcus
Aldridge of course the Bulls traded for
your member who no Tyrus Thomas as a matter a fact in that draft
good move great although LaMarcus Aldridge like I've been to two blazer
like LaMarcus Aldridge has the least affective 22 points and 12 rebounds a
%uh any player housing how when they never seem important
he gets eight free throws in the fourth quarter a game that they're down nine
like it just doesn't you never feel like well like League you can look at it two
ways you can look at it
well I can't believe logs all G just solid every night produces the 22 in 12
if you don't watch the games and look in the box score that's certainly what it
seems on the other hand
he never seems to make an impact on the game i disagree. imagine that 22 in 12
his is impact on the game is not
consistent with a guy who puts up those now Chris Bosh number seventeen
Dirk Nowitzki number sixteen Steph Curry it'll be curious to see the end this
year with a dork still warm
I agree iraq I agree Steph Curry number fifteen Marcus all number fourteen Kevin
Love 13
Derrick Rose 12 aren't da James Harden 11
Carmelo Anthony's number ten Kobe Bryant when Wade of course Kevin Durant said
should not be on this list for James Harden number seven dole white Howard
number six Tim Duncan
number five Russell Westbrook number for Tony Parker Chris Paul Kevin Durant
LeBron James I completely agree with the
without 133 and I know chaired a swell it was a it was Libre on
Durant and who Chris Paul and Chris Paul yeah I think Chris Paul at their best
and the India I completely agree with that they're very good and it's tough to
you know it mean depict your love our case aldrich point who'd you put in for
the markets aldrich that wasn't in the top 20 I don't know I have to think
about it for a sec but I just mean he won a sec
well what I the point is not so much who had put in
what I'm you say is that everybody on that list
impact a game like you feel their presence
and you know there's hardly be on that list whose
who is a like arrow I feel like you watchin next game
and if he doesn't out that Tyson Chandler as a much bigger impact on a
game that a guy like LaMarcus Aldridge
at the first player to come to my mind about saying that he necessarily belongs
on that list is that aldrich
understood but you know again and there's a lot of good players on bad
teams that are on that list that although he's probably
the Blazers maybe the worst team all the Lakers may be the worst
I you know and then it's hard to say about Kobe either you know yet you to
Chris Paul 6 but they had a Kobe
I love hate Niko it's a great fun
but you said but you said that you are going to root for cold
yeah he's got a friggin injuries gonna come back and now he's all that he's got
this order elegant Stella
I hate but yeah all reform I don't want anybody's career and
elegance yep mmm there's a certified a dog ate elegance
a gritty elegance to go because you know he's gonna work incredibly hard
Aria a you know but thats eta is is Chris Paul 6 spots better than Kobe
if Kobe doesn't get hurt I mean I feel like that list is taking into account
that the Kobe coming back from a kill these injury will be a slightly
diminished Kobe
here's the other one number six is Tim Duncan I i mean that's that's that's the
it seems like a little high now yet it seems like saluting a guy for his past
yeah yeah I but I mean I like Tim Duncan I respect the hell outta Tim Duncan but
going to your LaMarcus Aldridge point I would like to Doug today my daughter but
I don't think he's there
I don't think is a top 10 NBA player anymore although just make it
yeah although a player who is how old she six months old but I can tell she's
already looking
yeah I think she likes black ass and you and she throws
she does like throws like a girl that's right


Best NBA Players 2013

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