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  • It's the biggest government action against Silicon Valley in a generation.


  • The Department of Justice and 11 states filed a lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, accusing the search giant and its $1 trillion parent company alphabet off, abusing its dominance to muscle out rivals.

    司法省と11州は、検索の巨人とその1兆ドルの親会社アルファベットを非難し、火曜日にGoogleに対して訴訟を起こした, ライバルを筋肉に支配を乱用する.

  • In terms of remedies, the DOJ said nothing is off the table, including a break up of the Internet search and advertising company Google, which has become so ubiquitous and synonymous with search.


  • That has become a verb, said the lawsuit.


  • Is quote deeply flawed, adding that people use Google because they want to, not because they are forced to.


  • Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives sees this as a watershed moment not just for Google but for Silicon Valley as a whole.


  • It's a major shot across the bow from the D.


  • O.


  • J and I think this is a serious step up in the move on the antitrust front as we've seen the belt waivers, big tech and the DOJ throwing their hat in the ring.


  • Definitely no, I think steps this up from a risk profile, but this is sort of, I think, the first step of what we're gonna see a broader pressures against big tack with Google Front and Center.


  • Tuesday's lawsuit brings to mind the battle between the government and Microsoft in the 19 nineties, which some say ushered in the Internet age by limiting Microsoft's reach on personal computers.

    火曜日の訴訟は、19 90年代の政府とマイクロソフトの間の戦いを思い起こさせる, いくつかの人が言うには、パソコン上でマイクロソフトのリーチを制限することによって、インターネット時代の先駆けとなった.

  • It is also reminiscent of the 1974 case against a TNT, which led to its break up into regional operators.


  • This lawsuit, which has been long in the making, marks a rarity in Washington.


  • It brings together the Trump administration and Progressive Democrats, but for different reasons.


  • Liberal firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren has called him big tech companies to be broken up for becoming so large they squash competition and limit consumer choice.


  • Republicans, on the other hand, claimed big tech companies, including Google's parent alphabet, are biased against them and stifled the spread of conservative voices on their platforms.


  • Tech companies have repeatedly denied those claims.


  • The lawsuit comes more than a year after the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission began antitrust investigations into four big tech companies Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.


It's the biggest government action against Silicon Valley in a generation.


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