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This happened when I was about nine or ten years old and I've never really told anyone this story before. I was at this rugby
competition which happens where I live at the beginning of December every single year.
And it's a competition that goes all around the world
And I always go with my mum and dad I have done for as long as I can remember, but
as I got older, I stopped spending the entire time with them and odd sometimes go off by myself be with my friends and
I would just walk back to their stand. And we always had a VIP ticket
So I never walked back with my friend
but it was fine because I knew the area - we'd gone over a year - and my parents trusted me.
So I left my friends, and I'm
heading back to my mum and dad. And to get up to the stands you have to go down this corridor.
And it's quite dark and
it's rarely busy when there's a match on because everyone's watching the match and you often don't leave and it was an England game.
So, everyone was watching it.
So there was no one in this corridor but there's the security guard there because in VIP they have to make sure you are a VI person
before you can go up to the stand.
So I showed my VIP badge and he let me go.
But then he stopped me.
He asked me a few questions. I mean he didn't seem intimidating at all, and I'm not on a mean person,
so I'd answered. He'dl be like where're you from? How old are you?
How long have you been here, stuff like that, just generic questions. I didn't think much about it.
and then I tried to walk away and he grabbed my arm and he said where are you going and I said to look for
my parents, and he pulled me closer saying don't go yet, and I didn't really know what's happening. I mean I
was ten, I hadn't even kissed a boy yet. And then I just felt something come up between my legs and
I had no clue what was happening.
Because I didn't even know what it was
he just pushed me against the wall. I was stuck there. He was a grown man, and I was a ten year old girl.
What could I have done? And I just stood there,
thinking what the hell have I gotten myself into?
And he just pulled my trousers down. I
was standing there paralyzed and
then he violated me.
I didn't know what it meant. I didn't know what had just happened.
So I ran the moment I could but I didn't tell anyone.
I've never told anyone because how can you tell someone you were violated when you were ten?


I've Never Told Anyone This Story

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