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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question we have

    こんにちはみんなジェニファーあなたの発音の質問とタールスピーチから我々 は持っています。

  • two words today data and total so data is information that you do have and


  • total means complete okay so let's take a look at our words what these words

    合計は完全なものです それでは私たちの言葉を見てみましょう

  • have in common and the mistake that I hear the most is that when people want


  • to sound a little more native is they say a T for both of these T's we're

    もう少しネイティブに聞こえるようにするには... 2つのTを合わせてTと言うんだ

  • going to use the flap T for this which I teach as a very quick D sound all right


  • so what do we do at the beginning at the beginning we are going to start data


  • with the word day we're gonna have a nice long vowel there so to say that


  • start with the D d tip of the tongue behind the back of the top front teeth


  • and then move to the a by opening wide and then smiling day and then we're


  • gonna end with da yes that's super short uh sound day da I do hear people say


  • day ta and that is fine and I also hear people say Dada da and that is fine the

    日 ta とそれは良いですし、私はまた、人々がダダダと言うのを聞くと、それは良いです...

  • mistake that I think you want to avoid is saying da da which sounds like a


  • little child saying daddy or Dad so again super long syllable one and


  • super short syllable two day da data data data again you have options key is always


  • making sure people understand you if that's what's most important and then


  • for total we're gonna say the word toe and to do that touch the tip of your

    "つま先 "という言葉を使って、つま先の先端を触ってみましょう。

  • tongue to the back of your top front teeth and then move to that o sound by


  • opening your mouth and then puckering your lips toe and then we're gonna end

    口を開けて 唇をつんざくようにして 終わりにしましょう

  • move to that D d and then let the tongue go down and then come back up for

    そのD dに移動して、舌を下に下げてから上に戻ってきて

  • that l so dl dl dl


  • yeah you do hear a little bit of a vowel there I just caution you not to try to


  • add too much of a vowel because then it'll make that second syllable sound


  • incorrect so let's put that together toe dl toe dl total total data data data


  • total total total and now for a sentence data entry requires total concentration


  • give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference you found this

    それを試してみてください 私は人々があなたがこれを見つけた違いに気づくだろうと知っています。

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  • on google play itunes and our classes at tarle speech thanks so much everyone

    google play itunesとtarle speechの授業をご覧ください。

  • take care


hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question we have

こんにちはみんなジェニファーあなたの発音の質問とタールスピーチから我々 は持っています。

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