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  • Hey, guys.


  • So I was recently in a restaurant, staring uncomfortably at a questionable menu, a menu with such delicious items as raw guts on raw uterus.

    最近レストランに行ったとき、 不思議なメニューを見つけたんだ。

  • Although truth be told, I was more uncomfortable by the overly enthusiastic dog asking me to put green onions and issues over the source, which isn't something I normally do when I eat out, mainly because I don't know what the hell it means.


  • But I realized I never really talk much about Japanese food.

    ニコニコ笑った犬が 「ネギと問題をソースにかけてね」 っ言ってることのほうが

  • When you think of Japanese food, usually think of the same old things sushi tempura, ramen, which is my favorite.


  • But obviously there's so much more food in Japan, and in today's video, I want to talk about four popular foods that might seem a bit strange or odd to most people living outside Japan.


  • I suspect one in particular might seem a bit of a surprise, considering in the UK it would be a health hazard in most countries.


  • When I told friends and family back home that I tried it, they didn't believe me, as I didn't believe it when it was served to May.

    でも気づいたんだ。 僕ってチャンネルでそんなに食べ物について話したことないよね。

  • So keep an eye out for that.

    日本の食べ物って言えばみんな お決まりのものを思い浮かべる

  • No, it's not raw uterus.


  • God forbid.

    でも日本にはそれだけじゃなくて 他にもたくさんの種類の食べ物がある

  • I once went out for dinner with the Japanese friend.


  • They asked me if I wanted to try grilled eel, which in Japanese is you noggin or Kabul?

    日本では人気だけれども海外の人からしたら 少し変に思う食べ物だ

  • Hockey?

    その中のひとつの食べ物はイギリスでは身体に危険を 及ぼすと言われているから、みんなすごく驚くと思う

  • Naturally, I said no.

    僕の友達や家族にそのことを伝えたら、 全く信じてくれなかった

  • I went with the fried chicken instead.

    僕が実際にそれがレストランで運ばれてきたときに 信じられなかったのと、同様。

  • The reason being that in the UK, the mere mention of eels sends a shudder down most people spine as it conjures up images of one of the U.


  • K's national dishes, which is jelly deals, a dish which looks and sounds bad except for the seven or eight people in the UK who still enjoy eating it.

    あ~違うよ、 生の子宮じゃないよ。

  • So imagine my surprise when they brought out my friends meal on it not only looked edible but actually amazingly good.


  • The presentation of ill in Japan makes it look like a gourmet meal traditionally served on rice and in a sweetened soy sauce called for me.

    日本人の友達と外食に行ったときに、 鰻の蒲焼を食べないかと聞かれたんだ

  • It was a strong reminder that the Japanese are very good at making things look delicious and appealing where other countries fail miserably.

    僕は自然と「NO」と言ったよ それだったらフライドチキンが食べたかった

  • But far from being a gourmet meal, ill is the sort of thing people eat every day in Japan as it's very convenient, easy to prepare and taste bloody delicious.


  • This is what my dinner often looks like.

    イギリス人にとっての鰻のイメージは 「ウナギのゼリー寄せ」なんだよ

  • If you're wondering how eels go from this, what Thio this?


  • Oh, it looks wonderful.

    おそらくイギリスでは 7~8名くらいの人しか食べてないだろう

  • There's a really awesome fishery called Yamada Swiss sand, and they've put up those videos showing you a how to prepare.

    だから友人の鰻の料理が運ばれてきたときは 本当にびっくりしたんだ

  • He'll be how they go about making a popular national cuisine.


  • They're actually really interesting.


  • Check out the videos in the description box below, but you can bet your horses you'll love the taste of hell.


  • Mhm.

    日本人は食べ物を魅力的に 調理するのが非常に上手い

  • Oh yeah.


  • On speaking of horses, I first tried raw horse on a trip to Nora in Kansai on I didn't enjoy it the first time, as it had quite a tough texture on a surprisingly mild, spicy aftertaste.

    鰻は本当に日本の代表的な食べ物でランチ、 ディナー問わず多く食べられている

  • But I thought it was an exclusive thing you could only buy in certain places in Japan.


  • I told some Japanese friends that, yeah, I did some horse.


  • It was crazy.


  • It was wicked.

    この鰻がなぜこんなに美味しそうに 完成するか気になるだろ

  • It was awesome.


  • And they were like, Yeah, you could just buy that everywhere in every Japanese pub.


  • Really brilliant.


  • I wish somebody had told me.

    この鰻を買った山田水産という会社は その興味深い工程をチャンネルで展開している

  • But raw horses, common lead and in Japanese is a Caires is a Kyra's, a Japanese style pub.

    本当に興味深いよ。 動画を見たい人は概要から確認してくれ。

  • It's referred to either Izbasa, she or the more exotic name of suckered Onica.

    鰻の味の虜になるのは間違いない! 馬を賭けれるくらい保証できる

  • Sokolow means cherry blossom blossom.


  • Sakura means cherry blossom.


  • Nicu means meat, and he got the name on account of its pink appearance.

    奈良に旅行にいったときに、 馬刺を初めて食べたんだ。

  • Obviously, it's taboo to eat it in the U.

    はじめは美味しいとは思わなかった。 硬いし、後味が悪かった。

  • K and the U.

    そのとき、馬刺というのはある一定の地域 食べれないものだと思っていた。

  • S.


  • But it's still worth trying, mainly because when you come back in, your friends and family ask, How was Japan?

    友達は「うん、日本の居酒屋では 全国どこでも食べれるよ」って教えてくれたんだ

  • You can reply.

    素晴らしい! 誰か教えてくれればよかったのに

  • It was amazing.


  • I ate horses and they'll be like, Oh, gosh, you really do live life on the edge, don't you?


  • Then again, the first time I ate horse in Japan was the same time that the horsemeat scandal was going on in Europe, where it turned out every piece of edible matter in Europe secretly contained horsemeat.


  • So, to be fair, if you're living in Europe, you'll probably already living life on the edge anyway.


  • Yeah, every Thursday I meet with my good Japanese Fred, not ski on.

    肉が桜のようにピンクであることから そのように呼ばれるんだ

  • We go to an is a key for dinner on a few drinks, usually more than a few drinks.

    イギリスやアメリカで食べるのは もちろんタブーだが試してみる価値はある。

  • If not, ski, has his way on one of his favorite things.

    日本から帰ってきたときに、 家族や友達に「日本どうだった?」って聞かれて

  • The order is this stuff that looks like fried chicken, which, as you and I know one of the most delicious and nutritionally balanced foods in the world.

    「最高だったよ!だって馬食ったんだぜ」 って言えるからね

  • But it isn't fried chicken.

    「あなたは死と隣り合わせに生きてるわね!」 って言われるよ、きっと

  • It's called non could soon.

    僕が初めて馬肉を食べたときにちょうど 馬肉混入事件がヨーロッパで起こってたからね。

  • The first time I tried it, I nearly broke my bloody teeth in half.

    君たちがヨーロッパに住んでたら、どちらにしても 「死と隣り合わせに生きてる」ことになるね

  • I thought someone had battered some fucking rocks and stuck them on a plate or something.


  • But it turns out none cards is chicken cartilage.

    毎週火曜日僕は仲良しのなつきと 居酒屋に2,3杯呑みに行ってたんだ。

  • The best way to describe it is like a soft, chewy, bone like texture, which doesn't sound appealing.


  • But if you can get over the weird, crunchy like texture on the concept of eating chicken cartilage, the rewards of great as it's a very popular dish in his acquires, and you'll probably find it in front of you quite a lot While you're in Japan, I converted from actively avoiding it, to loving it within the period of about six months due to going out with Nazi every week.

    彼のお気に入りの食べ物は フライドチキンに似た食べ物だったんだ。

  • So if you do struggle to come to enjoy it, as I did when I first arrived in Japan, you best get signed up to not ski six month cartilage enjoyment programas Well, what program it would be Wow, I have a money.

    前にも言ったけど、フライドチキンは最も美味しく、 栄養バランスがとれた食べ物だ。

  • Like most people growing up, I had it hammered into me that raw chicken equals bad or, to be precise, raw chicken, equal salmonella.


  • So when I had Tory Sashi served to me, which is raw chicken.

    それは「なんこつ」という食べ物だった。 初めて食べたときは歯が折れるかと思ったよ。

  • I was a little bit a little bit worried, but despite my concerns, I went ahead.

    誰かが岩を粉々に砕いて、 皿にのっけたのかと思ったくらいだ。

  • Ate it.


  • Andi lived to tell the tale.


  • Admittedly, I didn't actually enjoy eating it due to the texture being a bit on the flavor.


  • Well, there was no flavor, but if they were cool to eat something that I felt like I should have.

    ガリガリという食感と鳥の軟骨を食べる という事実を乗り越えることが出来るのなら

  • The raw chicken in Japan comes from chickens that especially raised no battery farmed.

    居酒屋での定番メニューだから 日本にいれば多くみることがあるだろう

  • So apparently the risk of salmonella is really low.

    なつきと呑みに行くことによって、 6ヶ月後にはもう軟骨の虜になっていた。

  • So if you get the chance to try it, don't be put off by the health risks.

    もし初期の僕のように 軟骨を食べるのを楽しめなくて苦しんでいるならば、

  • It's perfectly safe, and you can find it.

    なつきの6ヶ月軟骨克服プログラムに 僕と同じように登録すればいいよ

  • It is a kai's throughout Japan, although I won't be eating it in a hurry.


  • Let's face it, it's got nothing on fried chicken.


  • But what I will say about Japanese food is it's always excellently prepared on the Japanese, really, our culinary masters.


  • They treat every aspect of cooking and making food with such great craftsmanship and skill.

    ほとんどの人にとって 生の鶏肉は悪いイメージだ

  • Even food that initially looks or sounds questionable is always delicious.

    もっと的確にいうと、 生の鶏肉=サルモネラ菌って感じだ

  • Well, everything, that is, except Roy Uterus, which I 100% refused to try.

    だから鳥刺しを出されたとき、 少しだけ心配したんだ。

  • You certainly won't catch me pouring in the issues over the source anytime soon.


  • But have you tried any interesting or bizarre foods whilst in Japan?

    正直に言うと、そんなに美味しいと思わなかった。 食感と味もあんまりだ。

  • Let us know in the comments section below, please don't forget to hit the like button.


  • If you want more videos and I apologize for the overuse of the phrase raw uterus, it won't happen again probably.

    でも禁じられてるものを食べるのは なんとなくかっこいい気がした。

Hey, guys.



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