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  • Happy National Taiwan Day ~~~

  • I'm so happy you could join me to celebrate this beautiful day together.

  • I really wanted to celebrate this with you because Taiwan's national day is a very special day for me as well

  • Because it has been exactly one year since I came to Taiwan for my working holiday!

  • I can remember that experiencing the National Day of Taiwan was my very first memory of Taiwan during my working holiday.

  • It's a very special day and I thought it would be awesome to celebrate it together with you all

  • Because you also made this year very special to me. This channel means a lot to me.

  • I've been so happy to keep experiencing Taiwan, even though I had to come back early because of the virus.

  • Through this channel, through your comments, through everything we follow together, I feel like I haven't left Taiwan completely yet.

  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me all this time.

  • Today, I want to share two things with you:

  • First of all, the Taipei Representative Office contacted me to celebrate this very special day together.

  • Usually, every year they have a reception. They invite people, friends of Taiwan, to all celebrate this day together.

  • Because of the virus, they couldn't plan an event like that, so they celebrated it by making a video.

  • They asked me to send in a little video where I would explain my personal connection to Taiwan and to this national day.

  • That's what I did, I sent them a video. Of course, they received so many videos of so many people,

  • In the end, only 2 seconds were used of my 30 seconds video XD

  • I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share the video here, on my channel, with you instead.

  • I will also put a link down below if you want to see the video of the Taipei Representative Office in Belgium to celebrate this special day.

  • Hello, my name is Charlotte. You might know me asCharmless Charmanderbecause I make YouTube videos about Taiwan.

  • I want to wish you all a super happy National Taiwan Day!

  • It is actually a very emotional day for me because it has been exactly one year since I went to Taiwan for a Working Holiday.

  • I remember my very first experience in Taiwan was this national day.

  • I am so honoured that I can celebrate it with you all this year, once more, even though it's from a distance.

  • Can't wait to be back in Taiwan soon, stay safe and once more, happy national Taiwan Day! Bye~

  • The second thing that I would like to share with you is a little package that I received last week in my mailbox from the Taipei Representative Office.

  • They asked me to give my address so they could send me a little gift to celebrate this day.

  • And it was so, so, so hard not to open the envelope immediately when I got it, because I really was so curious,

  • but I promised myself that I wouldn't open it before I could film it, because I really wanted to discover it at the same time as you all.

  • I filmed myself and I'm also going to share that with you today.

  • Grab yourself a cup of delicious tea, maybe milk tea, if you canThat would be the best.

  • I'm already to go, let's watch.

  • This is the letter. It's a little bit heavy. You can feel that it's not just a letter.

  • I'm super curious to see what's inside. The name on there is… I don't know if you can seeMrs. Charlotte De Win, Vlogger.

  • It has some pretty stamps with the King of Belgium. This letter comes from Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium.

  • Let's go ahead and open it.

  • I'm so curious!

  • There is a letter from September 25th. It's quite a long letter. Maybe I shouldn't read everything to you

  • but let's watch and see what there is in the envelope!

  • Oh, sorry. I should show you. It's writtenhundred and ninth national day of the Republic of China, Taiwan”.

  • Wow. I think it's some kind of little box. It looks very pretty. The art on it. Can you see?

  • That's really nice! That's something I can easily put in my bag. Maybe I can put my business card in there.

  • It looks like it has the right size, or should I use it for something else? I really like it. It's quite heavy actually. The feel

  • Let's open it. It's not coming out. XD

  • So pretty! Let's open it.

  • Oh, there's a little text inside. I can't understand it though

  • There's English on the other side.

  • About the painting A Floral Wish”.

  • I guess that's what it's called “A Floral Wish”.

  • Ms. Sophie Chang uses colorful lotus leaves to cultivate a sense of distance and concentration

  • and boldly uses a straight stroke of the lotus stem to create a brand-new visual effect within the piece.

  • With the presentation as a western oil painting, the artwork demonstrates the artist's ingenious mastery of different painting styles

  • and understanding of the oriental world.

  • The painting conveys artist's deepest wishes and blessings to the world through its beautiful floral scenery “A Floral Wish”.

  • That's beautiful. There's some more text explaining about artist and there's even like a link to her art.

  • That's really cool. I like it. It's so pretty!

  • I think it's the perfect size to put my business card. Wait, let me try, do I have a business card here?

  • Yes. I found it!

  • Wait, I shouldn't show my personal details, but let me tell you, it looks perfect.

  • I'm really touched that they send me a gift. It's such an honor to receive a personal little gift from the Representative Office of Taiwan.

  • Who would have thaught that I would ever be contacted by them.

  • It's a really nice letter. I'm going to keep this forever. I'm so happy with my gift!

  • Thank you so much for joining me on this super special day.

  • I hope you all have an amazing time wherever you are in the world. Don't forget to celebrate Taiwan national day!

  • Thank you so much for joining me. It really means a lot to me that you came to my video to celebrate together.

  • Let's have tea-time on the same day next year.

  • Thank you for joining me and see you very soon in the next video. Bye bye ~ Cheers ~

  • Special thanks to Shawn Shih, Honda Wei and my other Patreons. Thank you so much for believing in me and cheering me on to make more videos. Thank you!

Happy National Taiwan Day ~~~


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