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  • I Read a Special Book Last Week

  • (It's lunch time.)

  • (Jeff and Nina are in the classroom.)

  • Jeff: Hey Nina.

  • Jeff: Did you study for the math test?

  • Nina: No, I didn't. But guess what?

  • Nina: I read a special book.

  • Jeff: Oh? What is special about it?

  • Nina: Well, it's about a girl from Nigeria.

  • Nina: She was only 12 years old, but she got married to a 65-year-old man.

  • Jeff: What!

  • Jeff: Why did she do that?

  • Jeff: She was so young!

  • Nina: She had no choice.

  • Nina: Her father sold her to the old man because her family was very poor.

  • Nina: She could not go to school anymore.

  • Jeff: That's so sad. What happened next?

  • Nina: Her husband often hit her.

  • Nina: She couldn't stand it, so she ran away.

  • Jeff: That's terrible!

  • Jeff: Did her husband ever find her?

  • Nina: I don't know. I'm still reading it.

  • Jeff: I'm really curious about the ending of this story.

  • Jeff: Please finish it and tell me.

  • Nina: Sure!

I Read a Special Book Last Week


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