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  • This is a day in the life of a Japanese, butcher


  • This is Teru 44 years old in a suburb of Tokyo and he's just waking up for work

    彼の名は TERU

  • He's not a morning person and as much as he wants to get the day started like his Japanese counterparts


  • he often finds himself back asleep on the couch with his cute dog, you make


  • Oh, his wife is up. He also has two boys, but just like their dad. They enjoy their sleep, too


  • His wife is making a koroke sandwich for breakfast, which is fairly uncommon for japanese, but it sure looks scrumptious


  • Do you often need a karaoke sandwich for breakfast?

    その時は可愛いワンコ YUMEと一緒だ

  • So it only takes him a few minutes in the bathroom to get ready in the morning and that sink shower surely helps


  • Teddy drives about 10 to 15 minutes every day to get to work since public transportation in tokyo is so ubiquitous and reasonable


  • Driving a car to work is quite rare. In fact only five percent of the people who live in Tokyo own a car


  • So it's quite a nice luxury to own one


  • His shop is located in Jutakugai


  • Which means an area where people live once you step outside of the center city area


  • You can find chill areas like this with a friendly vibe


  • So i'm back with another day in the life teru should be coming just around the corner. He drove to work today


  • Let's see what time he went to sleep last night


  • Good morning. So what time did you sleep last night? And what are you going to do now?


  • Teru runs a local butcher shop

    東京の公共交通機関は すげー発達してるし安いから

  • Which has been in his family for 73 years. It's named after his family


  • Yanagi and ya is a japanese word that is commonly used at the end of store names

    事実、東京都民で車を持ってるのは たったの5%なんだぞ

  • So he's a third generation butcher as his grandfather passed this shop down to his father and his father passed it down to him


  • The first thing he does is to prepare the showcase. He turns on the refrigerator and cleans the shelves


  • So, how long does it take you to clean in the morning


  • Now he has to take out the garbage from the previous day


  • In Tokyo businesses are required to pay for their trash in this case with coupon stickers in his ward 120 liter bag


  • This size costs about 1.50 cents each time


  • Now it's time to prepare the meat


  • First he brings up the meat from the refrigerator room and stores it back in the showcase

    車で来るはずなんだ 昨日何時に起きたか聞いてみようぜ

  • while also taking a mental inventory the showcase has about 60 different kinds of meat which requires a lot of


  • Preparation so from here on out it's his responsibility to continually fill the empty spaces in the showcase


  • So, what's your favorite meat


  • Although he started officially working with his dad when he was 18


  • He actually got his first start when he was still in elementary school at his uncle's butcher shop


  • Closer to home than his dad's shop

    「屋」は日本のお店の名前の 最後によくついてるんだ

  • He would stand on a crate behind the showcase and greet customers as well as wash dishes in the back


  • He also learned a great deal on how to cut meat from his uncle a skill. He would continue to hone later down the road


  • Okay, so what's the difference between that last meet and this one


  • Right here


  • In Japan thinly sliced meat is commonly used in everyday home cooking more often than thick steak meat


  • It's part of a butcher's job to know how to slice the meats in various thicknesses so we can be served in japanese dishes


  • Such as Shabu-Shabu


  • Shogayaki and Yakiniku


  • So, how is your meat different than say the neighborhood supermarkets?


  • Which is famous for having a strict grading criteria for its meat as only thirty percent of the cows in Miyagi

    ここの区では、この20リットルの袋のサイズで 約$1.50なんだって

  • Prefecture are good enough to be certified with that premium A5 medal and all Japanese beef is considered Wagyu


  • but not all Wagyu is considered A5 and the specific sendai farm that produces Teru's A5 wagyu feeds its cows with an original blend of


  • Three kinds of wheat in addition to steamed rice just as we humans eat


  • One of his morning tasks is to prepare shipments from an online supermarket in Japan called cook pad mart


  • It sells higher-end groceries from farms and local shops like teresa


  • Now Teru goes out and makes personal meat deliveries to local businesses such as restaurants and even child daycare facilities


  • In fact this cafe uses tattoos meat to make their in-house signature curry, where are you going now?

    1日を通して、ショーケースの空いたスペースを 埋めていくのはTERUの仕事だ

  • Being the local butcher he works closely with the community and naturally develops many worthwhile relationships with its members


  • That's the final stop a vietnamese restaurant


  • The butcher shop is now open for business

    18歳から正式にとーちゃんの元で 肉屋として働き始めたわけだけど

  • So the stores finally opened and when tedu was making deliveries his two staff already arrived

    叔父さんの肉屋が家から近かったこともあって 小学生の頃から手伝いをしてたんだ

  • Even though the store is already open. They still have a lot of prep to do

    踏み台に立って接客したり 洗い物をしたり

  • Let's go check out what else they have to do to correct the story

    子供の頃に伯父さんから 肉の切り方とかたくさん学ぶことができたんだって

  • What's that


  • So Yanagiya doesn't only sell meat but also fried dishes like Kuroke cheese


  • And Hamkatsu damn I'm getting hungry


  • Generally Japanese housewives pick them up when they don't have time to cook or want to add one more dish to the table


  • Oh and looks like the shop uses a water fryer

    様々な厚さで肉をスライスするのも 肉屋の仕事だ

  • Which keeps the oil fresh by separating the frying waste and preventing the oil from oxidizing


  • While one staff prepares the fried goods, the other staff takes care of the customers and of course Teru continues to cut meat


  • so in a Japanese butcher shop


  • You'll notice there's a lot more raw meat products when compared to sausages hams marinated meats and skewers as this is what customers prefer


  • Oh, that's a cook pad mart shipping service he was preparing for earlier this morning

    仙台牛は、厳しい基準が 設けられてることで知られていて

  • Teru what's that for?

    宮城県で出荷される食肉のおよそ3割しか 「仙台牛」の称号を得られねぇんだ

  • As a butcher and owner it's part of his job to find and develop partnerships in order to create new products to attract customers


  • Wow, that looks delicious


  • So he was looking into making an original bacon for his shop and through his meat producer


  • He was introduced to this sausage shop and although his family already has established fenders

    麦を中心としたオリジナル配合の餌で 3種類の麦や炊いた米も与えてるんだって

  • He says it's still his responsibility to develop evolve and adapt his business


  • So you've probably already noticed that all of us are wearing masks I actually wanted to ask Teru how it's affected his business

    オンラインスーパー「CookPadマート」の 出荷を準備するのも朝の業務だ

  • Let's go ask him now

    TERUの店みたいなローカルショップから質の高い 食材を買うことができるアプリなんだ

  • Teru, so how is the business doing this pandemic?

    次は近所のメシ屋や保育園へ 自ら配達に出向くぞ

  • How about now?

    因みにこのカフェとはコラボしてて TERUの店の肉を使ったカレーを作ってもらってんだ

  • For everyone's safety, he limits the number of customers up to three at a time in order to maintain social distancing


  • Ask customers to wear masks and they clean the store throughout the day


  • So it's just after one. It's quiet down a little bit. Let's go ask them some questions. So why did you decide to work here?

    地元コミュニティのメンバーと 価値のある良い関係を築いてるんだ

  • And how about you?

    これが最後のストップ ベトナム料理屋

  • Nice I feel like everyone loves him in this area


  • Time for deliveries and look at the size of that pig


  • Incredible never thought I'd see a guy carrying a pig on his shoulder on the streets of Tokyo

    TERUが配達をしている間に スタッフが2名出勤したみてぇだな

  • Oh and there's a poultry and the beef delivery, too

    店は開いてるけど まだ準備することがあるみてぇだぞ

  • Where are you going now?


  • Finally lunch time. He usually takes a short lunch at a nearby cafe or simply goes for takeout today


  • He's quickly eating at one of the shops. He delivered to earlier


  • What's that?


  • So before it gets busy around 4 pm when all the housewives come to shop for dinner


  • He usually ships the bones from the pork meat

    日本の主婦は、時間がねぇ時や 食卓に一品足したい時にこういう惣菜を買うんだ

  • What part is that?


  • Apparently, refrigerating the meat with the bone in and no vacuum pack helps evaporate moisture which then condenses the meat and creates a deeper


  • Umami flavor at his shop

    揚げカスが油層から落下することで 油の酸化を防ぐんだ

  • The pork is stored bone in but the beef is too big to store that way


  • So the vendor delivers the beef with bone stripped Umami rich and vacuum sealed


  • These little details make a huge difference in taste. So Teru works diligently to provide his customers with the best meat possible

    見ての通り、日本の精肉店は 欧米と比べると生肉の割合がかなり多いんだ

  • Oh, that's curry from the cafe, it smells amazing


  • As part of his job. He also trains the staff how to prepare and package products for sale as well as how to cut the meat


  • So it's three in the afternoon and he's still cutting me like I thought that maybe by the afternoon and towards the end of the day


  • All of the stuff he cut he can just use but he's still cutting me. It's amazing


  • So as mentioned earlier the shop only serves A5 meat, which is the highest quality of meat you can get in


  • Japan, based on their own grating system factory in qualities, like yield firmness texture and marbling nothing beats A5 Wagyu beef

    客を引きつける新商品の開発のために パートナーシップを組むのも肉屋の店主の役目だ

  • So as I'm looking around I'm actually pretty curious as what's the most expensive meat in the shop. Let's go ask Teru


  • It seems like the store is getting busy

    元々、TERUは店で販売するオリジナルのベーコンを 作りたいと思ってたんだ

  • And it's pretty clear that Teru loves everything about being a butcher including communicating with his customers

    肉の問屋からこのソーセージ屋を 紹介してもらったんだって

  • Oh a customer is buying the premium A5 beefsteak and included in the wrapping is a white square block in


  • Japan butchers commonly provide three blocks of b-fat to cook the steak with the Wagyu fat provided has a sweet flavor called "Wagyukou"

    ビジネスの拡大のために事業開拓をするのも TERUの仕事なんだ

  • And it adds a distinct scent and flavor to the dish

    すでに気づいてると思うけど みんなマスクを着用してるよな

  • So two hours before the store closes Teru and his staff start cleaning the store

    コロナ渦がどうビジネスに 影響したか聞いてみようぜ

  • They wash every single knife chopping board sanitize a whole store also to thoroughly clean each machine


  • He takes it apart piece by piece every night. I wonder if every country is this meticulous about cleaning?


  • So Teru tells me that refrigerated meat usually expires within three to five days. But his shop almost never has any dead stock

    みんなの安全のため、入店は 一度に3名までに限定してて

  • Are you done for today?


  • So before going home he needs to make a couple deliveries

    それと、入店時のマスク着用の呼びかけと 店内の定期的な清掃・消毒をしてるんだ

  • He drops off pork at a Tonkatsu restaurant and the pork bones. He cut out earlier at a ramen shop.


  • I guess little goes to waste at his shop


  • Yay, finally home, it looks like they're having ski yucky for dinner. And of course using it


  • Ah that looks incredible


  • So this is how Teru ends his night


  • He spends time with his family having dinner


  • And then after that, he'll probably have a bath spend some more time with his family and then go to sleep by 12 o'clock


  • That's pretty much a day in the life of a Japanese. Butcher

    東京の道で、肩に豚肉をかつぐ男なんて そうそう見られねぇぞ!

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This is a day in the life of a Japanese, butcher



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Day in the Life of a Japanese Butcher Shop Owner

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