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  • "Don't you like to watch videos?" "Yes." "Aren't you Ronnie?" "No. Yes. I don't know." Today,

  • I'm going to teach you about something -- it's really been bothering me for the last -- I

  • don't know, six years? It is negative questions in English. The reason why this bothers me

  • is because it's taken me so long to figure out how to teach it to you properly, and how

  • we as native speakers actually handle these questions. First of all, let's go through

  • some examples of negative questions.

  • First one, "Don't you like pizza?" So you can ask someone, "Don't you like pizza?" "Yes."

  • "Yes, you don't like pizza, or yes you like pizza?" "Yes, I like pizza." "So why didn't

  • you say, 'No. No, I don't like pizza'?" But you don't like pizza. Do you see my confusion?

  • You must be confused.

  • Let's look at this question, "Aren't you hungry?" "No. No I'm not hungry." "Oh, okay. Good."

  • "Yes." "Aren't you hungry?" "Yes." "Aren't you hungry?" "Yes." "Aren't you hungry?" "Yes."

  • I don't know if you're hungry or not.

  • "Can't you play football?" "No." "No, you can't play football, or yes, you can play

  • football?" I am still baffled -- which means confused -- about if someone asks me a negative

  • question, if I give them a yes or no answer, the answer is still unclear. So why would

  • someone ask you a negative question? Why would you ask someone a negative question? This

  • answer I can do for you.

  • Most people like pizza. "Do you like pizza?" "Yes, I like pizza." "Do you like pizza?"

  • "No." "[Gasps] You don't like pizza?" I am surprised by your "no" answer. So the easiest

  • way and the best way -- maybe the only way -- that I can help you with this is we would

  • only ask a negative question if at first you asked a positive question and were surprised

  • by the answer. Let's write this down. Positive question. "Do you like pizza?" "No." You've

  • got to do the face, too. "You don't like pizza?" Surprise. "No. I don't like pizza because

  • I don't like red things." "Okay, whatever."

  • To help you with this negative answer, what you have to do is you have to give the person

  • more than a yes or a no.

  • Example 2. If I asked you like this, "Are you hungry?" And you said, "No." "You have

  • not eaten breakfast or lunch. Aren't you hungry?" "No, I'm not hungry." Again, you're going

  • to say the rest of the sentence. "No, I'm not hungry." We would only use this negative

  • question if our first question is a "no" and if the answer is a surprise to you.

  • If you're from Brazil -- hi. "Can't you play football? You're from Brazil. Every person

  • in Brazil can play football." "No, they can't. That's not true." But someone can ask you,

  • "You're from Brazil? You can't play football?" And you say, "Yes. No." You can say, "Yes,

  • I can play football", or you can say, "No, I can't play football." There is a way to

  • answer this. And unfortunately, you are going to have to use more than a "yes" or "no" answer.

  • So maybe the best advice I can give you when you're beginning or when you're practicing

  • English is don't ask negative questions. Only ask a negative question if you are surprised

  • by the person's answer. Okay? If someone asks you a negative question, and you definitely

  • know your opinion, to get the answer out clearly, what you have to do is justify. If you want

  • to say "no", you have to repeat, "No, I do like it. No, I don't like it. Yes, I like

  • it. Yes, I don't like it, which doesn't make sense." So what you have to do is either say

  • "yes" or "no", and then give the positive or the negative answer. Don't you want to

  • take a quiz? "Of course, I want to take a quiz, Ronnie." Perfect answer. "Don't you

  • want to get 100 percent on the quiz?" "No." "What?" "No, I do want to get 100 percent."

  • Go to Take the quiz. Bye.

"Don't you like to watch videos?" "Yes." "Aren't you Ronnie?" "No. Yes. I don't know." Today,


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英語での否定的な質問 (Negative Questions in English)

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