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this'd behind my house.
I come here quite a lot to photograph my dears.
I have because I love all the textures and the colors here.
They think they're really beautiful bitch lordships in this corner here, bitch.
What does really big boobs That really pretty, actually.
I'm Salvia and I'm in my bedroom in Wales and I'm going to be showing you how I get ready.
I'm gonna start with tubes.
I'm obsessed with tubes that one of my favorite things to use I'm going to be super gluing them from my nose to my forehead.
It's going to separate my eyes apart and create a more cut like alien face.
Essentially, I'm going to start by cutting them so they fit.
Nicely talk.
I like the uncle like this because it needs to be quite flat and sharp so that it lays nicely on my skin.
I love how futuristic they look and I love how medical on alien they look.
That looks good now that the troops that kind of superglue because it's quick on it holds for ASL Aung, as I want them to be there e feel pretty happy.
With what position?
I think the origin of my makeup started with paintings that I was doing when I was around.
I guess 13.
I started doing drawings and oil paintings.
They weren't aliens, necessarily.
They were kind of humans that had been modified heavily, and they looked kind of half alien, half animal.
I was kind of lost interest in drawing and painting when I started doing my own makeup, because it was way more fulfilling for me to be creating the looks in three D and bringing them to life.
Oh, my God, Super close, not meant to be on your face.
I created this method myself, so I don't actually know how you're supposed to do it.
If you like a prosthetic makeup artist, if you're willing to just push yourself and not have any kind of judgment towards your like instincts, you can kind of just make what you want to make and create something beautiful.
Oh my God, it's was it for the fantasy.
Some of the things that I think influenced me when I was younger kind of inspired me was just watching like videos on YouTube of fashion shows.
I was obsessed with Alexander McQueen shows Andi videos of people likely Bari.
I would rewatch like Lady Gaga's music videos like Hundreds and Hundreds of times.
I'd love to music videos and fashion shows.
They were just, like, made me feel comfortable and safe and took me away from Wales.
So now that my super glue has dried, I'm going to be playing foundation all over my face.
Foundations important part of my makeup just because I shaved my head and even though I shave it unto the skin, their store shadow, that stuff and I really want to, like, hide that shadow as much as possible and make it look like my headline is naturally up here rather than as if my head is half shaved.
I just wanted to look like I have a giant forehead.
Essentially, I've never understood Ah, lot of people's obsessions with having a small boy.
I think bigger, so beautiful.
Moving to London for me was a very important experience because I kind of found a huge amount of confidence, Andi freedom living there because I was just I wasn't being dragged down by a le sadness and anxiety that I kind of developed Waas being in Wales.
I had quite a about experience growing up and with being bullied.
I've never really been interested in doing looks purely for and the Internet purely for a project or a creation.
My voice loved just looking like this just for my days.
They live if I'm dressed and I've got my makeup on it.
Sometimes just living and going out and interacting with the world can be its own performance and its own art piece because it can be so theatric, a NBA beautiful.
I think everybody is doing that.
I don't think that's something that's exclusive to me.
I think everybody just that in their own way, part of the influence of my eye shape is a trend that I still happening in career, where people it highlight that I bad and creates more shadow underneath on I.
Just when I saw, I thought it looked so cute, and it also kind of resembles the way with your eyes when I did paintings.
I have a very strong vision of what I want white consider to be beautiful for myself and for my own world.
I remember the first time I tried using white eyeliner and white mask.
Are I was quite blown away by how beautiful I felt.
I guess it was amazing.
I definitely get frustrated sometimes with how limiting physics can be and biology can be.
I don't think there should be really any limits.
Nello is a project I created with my partner partner Ham, and it's essentially a mixture between fetish, our fashion on performance.
I think in order to live life in a way that's that's fulfilling, it's possible.
It's important.
Thio address your fears and kind of push yourself a Sfar as possible and never really stop.
I think there's always more boundaries and more limits and more fears that need to be addressed.
The next step is going to be putting red on the inner corner of my eye to kind of pull my eyes down, make them look slightly more cat like later on.
This red is also going to blend in with Red Square Island is that I'm going to be wearing.
I think my drive to kind of address fears comes from my personal need toe get over fears that I have developed due to my own experiences and the way that I've been affected, I guess, by society and by the way, I grew up in Wales.
Hopefully it can also help people see away toe express themselves and help them with their own personal growth and recovery from constant trauma that is living.
So to start my lips, I'm going thio, put white eyeliner all over my lips.
I think at night time is what I'm most creative usually so quite often stay up all night.
I've created a lot of like projects and images that are based in my garden.
I feel very safe and I feel at home the most like, ambitious thing.
I guess I've done in my garden was building a big wooden frame and then kind of hugging myself.
I often was.
There have multiples of myself cause I want to do too many things are going to start with putting a shadow down the center of my life.
I've struggled a lot with being censored online because of the way I expressed myself is so e guess extreme.
I can make a lot of people very violent and angry and shocked, and I'll have posts removed, the ant sexual post, the on violent or aggressive, really in any way next, something to be adding a darker eye shadow onto the kind of details toe, enhance her shapes.
I want I'm gonna put highlights in our on my cheeks under a little bit on my prob own to make myself look a bit more alien and a bit more wax.
I want to look kind of new bomb final stuff of my makeup is going to be putting in my square contact lenses.
This is going to kind of complete the look for me, and it's gonna make the makeup of overall look far more intense.
A lot of the things I do for my look is quite painful, but it's worth it for me.
I'm really obsessed with the color of this work because it's kind of it's not really blonde or ginger.
It's kind of almost like Basia.
It's almost like skin colored hair, and I've asked that kind of created this like, really like frizzy like a fluffy texture.
I'm going to remove a week that I'm wearing right now.
Put this one.
Um, I don't normally have to modify my works much.
I'll just while them as they are, I'll just wear them further back on my head to kind of create a new style rather than just wearing it as it's supposed to be.
One with This week, though, I did style a bit so that I could give it this like big, fluffy texture at the bottom.
Now that I'm happy with my hair and makeup and I feel complete, I'm going to be putting on dress that I made a couple of years ago.
I think it's a perfect look for going on a bike ride around the village.
I'm feeling very happy about this.
Look, I feel very good in myself.
I'm wearing my white please a bit today.
I think they're really pretty.
I like how powerful I feel when I wear heels.
I think I feel sad when I wear flat shoes.
I do wish that they were tall of folk.
I think it would be even better.
One of my favorite things to do island worlds.
It's hard my boss e find it really common and it's a good space to be in to come up with some ideas.
I'm hoping to like adventure into like new things.
I'm excited for new developments and learning adventures because I'm kind of bored with just make up inherent clothes and pictures.


サルヴィアが目指す、究極の美と脱人間メイク。| Extreme Beauty | VOGUE JAPAN (サルヴィアが目指す、究極の美と脱人間メイク。| Extreme Beauty | VOGUE JAPAN)

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