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- You guys, it finally happened after all
these years somebody finally asked it!
I'm sorry I'm all giddy I just can't
believe I finally get to do this episode.
Okay Okay get it together Orange.
Ladies and germs may I present to
you the prompt for today's video.
- [Orange] How to cut the cheese!
(farting) (laughing)
(glass breaking)
- Orange that's not what it says.
- What the who huh?
- The prompt it says " How to make cheese"
That's why I'm here.
- Well who the heck are you
and where's Pear?
I definitely wanna cut the cheese near him.
- I'm telling you dude there's not going to
be any cutting of any cheese today.
- We'll see about that.
- Now then I am Milk nice to meet you.
I'm used to make cheese I've never done
this before so it's going to be a
learning experience for both of us.
- Learning?
Oh I could've cut the cheese like 30 times by now.
- Now then according to the instructions step one
is to acidify the milk and mix in a coagulant.
Okay I guess we're doing this whoa hey now.
- Even though I'm disappointed we're not
cutting the cheese,
I'll give it a spin.
(mixer mixing) (laughing)
- Okay Okay move on to step two.
- Level two you got it.
(mixer mixing fast) (yelling)
- No No step two step two!
- Okay? - Okay.
- Geez I just thought I'd mix things
up a little that's all.
- I'll do It,
step two cut the curd.
- Way ahead of you.
(farting) (laughing)
- No it's cut the curd.
- Wait aren't you the curd?
- Yeah so, oh (yelling) (knife slicing)
step three step three! (knife slicing)
- Oh, oh okay.
- It says to wash the curds in hot water.
- Step four step four!
- Okay, now it says to got back
to the beginning of the episode
and do how to cut the cheese instead.
- If that's (yelling)
- You're right hey you're pretty sharp.
(laughing) (grunting)
Says here all we need to do now is drain,
salt and age you.
- Now that's more like it.
- So how you feeling pretty
gouda or are you feeling great.
(grunting) (laughing)
Well I guess all that's left to
do now is cut the cheese.
(object crashing)
- Orange for the last time
this episode is how to make cheese.
There will be no farting today,
no matter how badly your juvenile
little mind wants it to happen.
But. - But what!
Is this another childish fart joke of yours?
Get it through your skull.
No cheese will be cut today.
- But. - No!
- But - No!
But it's step five,
(melodic music)
cut the cheese.
- Huh? (knife slicing) (yelling)
- Whoa well if you wasn't sharp before,
(knife slicing)
he definitely is now. (laughing) (knife slicing)
(playful bouncy music)
(playful bouncy music)
(playful bouncy music)
(playful bouncy music)
(playful bouncy music)
(playful bouncy music)


HOW2:チーズの切り方をご紹介! (HOW2: How to Cut the Cheese!)

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