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  • Nearly 3 million people a year visit the San Diego Zoo,

  • making it the city's most popular attraction.

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  • Hi, I'm Veronica Hill with California Travel Tips.

  • Let's take a tour through this beautiful tropical landscape

  • and learn more about its most popular residents, restaurants and attractions.

  • Get on your best walking shoes and pack plenty of water

  • before starting your safari into the zoo's 100-acre

  • jungle of steep hills, canyons and winding trails.

  • If you don't want to wait in long lines to see the Giant Panda Research Station,

  • try to arrive early.

  • Easily the zoo's most popular exhibit,

  • the endangered pandas are on temporary loan from China

  • and each baby returns back to the country's control after its third birthday.

  • During your trek through the park,

  • you'll pass by beautiful waterfalls, tropical flowers,

  • and numerous natural-styled environments.

  • Approximately 4,000 animals make their home at the San Diego Zoo,

  • but the koala exhibit from Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane

  • seems to win over the hearts of most guests.

  • Here, you'll find the largest number of koalas outside of Australia

  • Though they sleep much of the day,

  • you may get lucky and find these adorable gray marsupials

  • eating the tender Eucalyptus leaves from their trees.

  • People in wheelchairs or couples with small children

  • may want to consider purchasing the zoo's Bus Tour tickets,

  • which include a guided 35-minute ride

  • through about 75 percent of the park.

  • You can also catch the Skyfari Aerial Tram,

  • which begins outside the Reptile House

  • and ends up at Polar Bear Plunge.

  • The views of the zoo and city of San Diego are stunning.

  • When it comes time for lunch,

  • you can enjoy a picnic at any public outdoor dining area.

  • Our favorite place to eat is Albert's Restaurant,

  • a treetop-styled fine dining experience in Gorilla Tropics.

  • On a sunny day, dine outside by the waterfall

  • or cool off in the interior dining room with a cold bottle of specialty beer

  • and a fresh grilled ahi sandwich.

  • Other must-see attractions at the park include

  • the 3-acre Monkey Trails and Forest Tales Exhibit,

  • and the Children's Zoo,

  • where little folks can enjoy petting small goats and sheep in the Petting Paddock

  • Plan to spend a whole day at the zoo

  • to enjoy everything it has to offer.

  • On your way out, don't miss the foot massager

  • tucked next to the zoo gift shop.

  • After all of that walking, it's a great way to rejuvenate your feet

  • before the drive home.

  • Next time you're in San Diego,

  • make sure to check out this world-class zoo.

  • It's a day trip that's sure to be educational and rewarding.

  • I'm Veronica Hill and that's your California Travel Tip.

  • To learn about more great California destinations,

  • subscribe to California Travel Tips on Youtube

  • Thanks for watching!

Nearly 3 million people a year visit the San Diego Zoo,


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