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(Audience cheering)
You know, if as I've mentioned every night,
as I've mentioned every night our a week
in San Francisco would simply not be possible
without the generous help of Intel,
the world's biggest manufacturer of microchips Intel,
I will tell you has been very generous.
When this week started,
I didn't know much about that company.
I really didn't. So I wanted to see firsthand
who would be foolish enough to sink money into this show.
(audience laughing)
So I decided to visit their headquarters
in nearby Santa Clara,
[woman] Yeah
to learn more about, to lean more about Intel
(audience cheering)
I brought a camera crew along. Here's what happened.
(audience cheering)
We're here at the Intel headquarters
in Santa Clara, California.
Intel was the world's leading chip manufacturer,
or so they tell me
and the first thing you notice about Intel is it's,
they're a little bit controlling.
They heavily actually have a sign here on the floor
telling you exactly where to stand.
If you wanna take a picture of the Intel sign.
(audience laughing)
Not here,
not here,
but here.
(audience laughing)
Hi, your name is
Don Beatty, I'm a senior marketing manager
in the consumer client services group at Intel.
You're gonna take us through Intel, is that right?
That's right.
First of all, Don, I love what you guys have done
with the color here.
I think the gray, works very nicely with the gray,
which works well with the grayish blue.
(audience laughing)
Oh my God.
(dramatic sound)
(audience laughing)
We really tried to keep a very similar
working environment.
Basically everyone at Intel, is(indistinct) good.
It's good, It makes people feel that they're all
basically the same, that there is no individuality.
There's no hope,
(audience laughing)
there is no sense, that life has possibilities.
Look at H10, Is that what you'd see
in a parking garage?
(audience laughing)
Where exactly you are?
We try to mark the general areas.
So you may tell a coworker "I'm over by pole H10."
Which is better than, "You know those pretty flowers
near the window, I'm near those".
(audience laughing)
(upbeat music)
(audience laughing)
I'd like to introduce you B10, this is C10.
(audience laughing)
Hi, how are you doing?
C10, B10, I think you two should have lunch
together over at C9 today.
(audience continues laughing)
Please do not move this chair from this cube.
(upbeat music)
(audience cheering)
This is the Intel cafeteria, a giant room
filled with some of the biggest nerds in the country,
but in any society, there is a hierarchy,
and here they are, the chess club,
(audience laughing)
the super nerds.
So you guys, you come over here and you play
chess and you don't talk to the others do you?
Unless we have to.
Unless you absolutely have to.
Unless you absolutely have to.
Do you play chess?
Me? I did a long time ago.
I like to play hungry hungry hippos,
(audience laughing)
do you know that game?
I dominated that game.
I destroy at that game.
This is Kayvon, is that correct?
Yes, that's correct.
And Kayvon, what do you do?
I'm a factory manager.
Here's where you make the chips.
That's where we make the chips.
Okay. And it has to be a clean environment, is that right?
Yes, clean is actually a little understatement.
It has to be ultra clean.
Let me ask you something,
I like to carry around this tube of dryer lint.
Just for good luck. (audience laughing)
I sealed this up pretty good, that's scotch tape.
That's the best tape you can buy.
This top, sometimes just pops off,
and the it just flies out. Oh then that's a big no no.
Is it making you nervous.
Yeah, yeah. (audience laughing)
( mumbling)
(indistinct) hairnet on,
You know we look like "Laverne & Shirley"
(audience cheering)
We are probably going by,
(Kayvon laughing) There we go.
He doesn't know what I'm talking about.
So, so now we put on these are gloves
from all the way small to the large one.
I would need the, I got large hands ladies.
(audience cheering)
(mumbling) (Kayvon laughing)
good job. Nice job.
First step, you got the hood on.
Now you're gonna put your gown on.
I'm not a child. (both laughing)
(upbeat music)
(audience cheering)
Oh, look.
See that's where I am.
Is that you?
Yeah, that's me.
Hey that's Kayvon.
Can you show us what you did? Show us how you do it.
(upbeat music)
You should uh...
Yeah, let's see the other one.
(audience laughing)
Very nice
This is where you check the chip?
That's where we check the chip.
All right, do you mind if I take a look?
Yes, please.
(upbeat music)(audience cheering)
Oh Kayvon.
We have this thing called laminar airflow.
So air is always circulating because we want
to always clean up the particles.
(audience laughing)(indistinct)
and now you're heading out for the phase three.
From there on, we are gonna go to a proper manufacturing
(siren beeping)
(doors opening)
Intel actually has a museum, here it is behind me.
And I'm told that there's a group
of second graders visiting the Intel museum.
So let's go see what's going on.
Was this your first choice for a field trip?
[Children] No
(audience laughing)
This shows you, the sterile environment
where they make the chips, isn't that exciting?
[Children] Yeah.
Look at this, In 1987, the 801C186 embedded processor
in surface Mount technology was announced.
It's the SMT package, right?
[Children] Yeah.
(audience cheering)
You guys want a fun life?
[Children] Yeah.
It's called a cubicle,
(audience laughing)
can you say cubicle?
[Children] Cubicle.
Can you say confined space?
[Children] Confined space.
Can you say lifeless environment?
[Children] Lifeless environment.
Yes hold it, you say, you say
I have to stay very, very late again.
Honey, I need to stay very very late again.
Intel is making me work and work and work.
Intel is making me work and work and work again.
(children giggling)
And they won't put pretty colors on the wall.
And they won't pretty colors on the wall
(children giggling)
And I wanna come home.
And I wanna come home.
But I can't come home.
I can't come home.I feel like I need to get my boss
and throw him out the window.
(children laughing)
What the...
(children laughing)
Oh, this kid needs counseling.
(upbeat music)
(audience cheering)
I did wanna say ...
The employees at Intel are a of course. They're very nice.
They were very helpful. They were terrific.
No wonder,
Intel is the world leader in microchip innovation.
In fact, there's only one brand
in the Bay area that's closer to my heart.
I'm speaking of course about Sam Wo's Restaurant
(dramatic music)
Sam Wo's, a perennial Chinatown favorite for over
a hundred years.
Snoop dog coming up, we'll be right back.
Stick around(indistinct)


Conan Visits Intel's Headquarters - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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