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  • Open MySQL installer and wait for Configurations to take place

  • Select "Install MySQL Products"

  • Accept "the license terms" and press next

  • Check "Skip the check for updates" and press "Execute"

  • Select "Server Only" option and press "Next"

  • Next, Next and Execute

  • press "Next" 8

  • check "Show Advance Options" and press "Next"

  • Here you have to set "root" password, username will be "root" Click "Next" 10

  • Keep the things unchanged, and hit "Next" 11

  • "Next" , "Next" 12

  • "Next" and "Finish" 13

  • "Next" and "Finish" 14

  • Now install SQLyog 15

  • Meanwhile you can see the MySQL servise running on your PC Just go to "start menu", type "services" in search and Hit Enter 16

  • As the "services" window opens Press "M" and just see the installed MySQL service 17

  • Ok, now come back to SQLyog Open the installer, accept the agreement and click Next, Next 18

  • Just wait for the installer to get complete. 19

  • As the installation completes, just copy the Registration Name and Key from provided text file and get your SQLyog registered. 20

  • Click on "New..." to create a new connection with MySQL 21

  • Provide MySQL password that you previously configured while installing the MySQL press connect 22

  • Now you are green to go. With this GUI you can do anything with database. 23

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Open MySQL installer and wait for Configurations to take place


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SQLyog GUIでMySQLサーバをインストールする (Installing MySQL server with SQLyog GUI)

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