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  • There are over two billion school-aged individuals

  • living in the world today.

  • That's more young people

  • than any other time in human history.

  • That's billions of minds

  • teaming with uninhibited creativity.

  • That's billions of curious souls.

  • The world's youth is the embodiment

  • of the world's future,

  • and that future has no limits

  • because each and every young person

  • brings a completely new

  • and a completely unique perspective

  • to the world around them.

  • Ayana is passionately pursuing

  • the meaning of life, among other things.

  • What will life come to mean to her

  • and to her closest friends?

  • Will future smartphone owners download

  • a student-built mood app,

  • and will they prefer iteration number one

  • or number two?

  • Will Sophia become an Olympian,

  • a teacher,

  • an advocate for world peace,

  • or will she become all three?

  • And will Tyler's obsession with space

  • and his pursuit of infinity

  • lead him to travel beyond the world his ideas

  • and the ideas of his peers

  • will most certainly define?

  • Picture the collective potential and the ideas

  • of over two billion passionate young people.

  • TED-Ed is thrilled to announce

  • a new program that aims to give them

  • the space and time

  • to pursue those passions

  • and to support them

  • in presenting those ideas

  • in the form of short, TED-like talks.

  • The program is called TED-Ed Clubs.

  • The mission:

  • to celebrate the best ideas

  • of young people around the world.

  • Here's how it works.

  • Visit

  • and fill out the club facilitator application.

  • Once approved, you'll receive access

  • to a set of free tools

  • designed to help you start a TED-Ed Club

  • at your school.

  • There are 13 suggested meetings.

  • Each meeting helps club members

  • gain a discrete presentation skill.

  • In the final meetings,

  • club members present their ideas

  • in the form of short, TED-like talks.

  • Teachers, you can nominate presentations

  • to be featured on TED-Ed

  • or at the annual TED Youth conference.

  • And students, the world is waiting

  • to be redefined

  • by your biggest,

  • smallest,

  • boldest,

  • quirkiest,

  • bravest,

  • most inspiring,

  • and most brilliant ideas!

There are over two billion school-aged individuals


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TED-Ed】TED-Edクラブのお知らせ! (【TED-Ed】Announcing TED-Ed Clubs!)

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