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Who are you?
I'm Julie from 4 months in the future.
Are you here to tell me what's going to happen?
Yeah, I mean... Because of the butterfly effect, I can only really give you some loose details, but we'll go through the basics, yeah.
Okay, cool!
So do you want the good news? Or the bad news?
Oh, um, good, good news...?
Oh, great choice. Yeah. Cool cool cool.
Um... so.
Things have never been better for climate change.
Well, that's great!
Dolphins in the Venice canals.
I know. Well, its see, I saw it on Facebook, I don't know if it's a real thing.
My aunt posted it, but it seems pretty legit.
You know especially given the Australian Wildfires.
The wha... Oh yeah.
'Cause I mean, I think those are gonna be the defining feature of 2020.
Yeah, you'd think...
Oh no?
Not even a little bit.
Wait, because they're...they're a pretty big deal.
Yeah, your definition of a pretty big deal is gonna change.
For sure.
Wow, okay so what is the bad news then?
You are gonna want to pull all your investments.
Yeah. Just get everything out of the stock market.
Ohhh, it's a recession.
You know what? Put a little money in Zoom.
Is that a conferencing app?
Yes. Trust me.
While we're being proactive here, actually, you could just do a Costco run real quick.
It's gonna save you a lot of hassle.
Do you have any hobbies?
You know just something to keep you busy?
Um.... I... No, not really.
You should get a dog!
I want a dog! You know I want a dog!
I just... They're a lot of work.
You gotta walk and go outside with them every day.
Right, the walks are gonna be clutch.
Right, but, I mean, I have to leave them because I have so much travel coming up.
Oh, no, you don't.
Well, yeah. I travel for work.
Oh you won't be working!
But how do I afford stuff?
Do you take vitamins or juice?
Ok! It might be a good time to just, you know, get that body in tiptop shape.
Get strong, get those lungs a-pumping.
You know, Cardio, a little aerobics.
What the hell is gonna happen?
Look, I know, It all sounds scary, but... it's really not that bad.
You know, for you! Right.
I mean for some people it's…
It's not.
But for YOU it's really not bad.
Um, I would, you know.
Would you rather be a busy shopping mall or at home on the couch watching Netflix?
Uh... couch?
You're gonna be just fine.
What do you know about the world of big cats?



タイムスリップ!過去の自分にコロナ感染爆発を説明してみた! (Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self)

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