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  • CNN 10 is back in session, and we know a lot of you are just getting back into the swing of things for the fall.

    CNN 10 が再開され、秋に向けて忙しくなってきた方も多いのではないでしょうか。

  • So thanks for doing that with CNN 10.

    そんなわけで、CNN 10を今後もよろしくお願いします。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.


  • Schools across America are charting different paths forward during this coronavirus era we're living in.


  • Some are back in session.


  • Some have delayed their start dates.


  • Some are online, part time or full time, and some have opened only to close again within a couple days because of coronavirus.


  • This reflects just how different the picture looks in different parts of the United States.


  • Since COVID-19 started spreading beyond China early this year, more than five million cases, roughly a quarter of the worldwide number, have been diagnosed in the US.

    今年の初めに中国を越えて Covid-19 が広まり始めて以来、500 万人以上、およそ全世界の感染者の 4 分の 1 がアメリカで発生しています。

  • And with back-to-school season underway, new research is coming out about the number of children infected.


  • Two prominent medical organizations say from July 9th to August 6th, about 180,000 American children were diagnosed with COVID-19.

    2 つの主要医療機関は、7 月 9 日から 8 月 6 日までの間に、約 18 万人のアメリカの子供たちが Covid-19 に感染したと診断されたと話します。

  • Since August 6, more than 380,000 kids have been infected.

    8 月 6 日以降、38 万人以上の子供が感染しています。

  • One is that we are starting to test kids more, right?

    その理由の 1 つは、子どもたちを検査の対象にし始めているということですね。

  • It was largely symptomatic adults that were getting tested up until recently.


  • Younger people are starting to get tested more, you know, thinking about school sports, going back to school, whatever it may be.


  • But I think another big part of this is that kids are getting out and about more.


  • You know, the young kids have been largely at home since the middle of March, and that's in the United States, but in many places around the world, in fact, if you go back and look at that South Korea contact tracing study, which a lot of people point to to say, hey, look, kids ten and older, they spread this virus just like adults.

    3 月中旬以降、小さな子たちはほとんど家にいます。 これはアメリカの話ですが、世界中の多くの場所で例えば韓国の接触追跡調査を見てみると、10 歳以上の子どもたちは大人と同じようにウイルスを拡散させていることが分かっているんです。

  • That's what that study showed.


  • Kids under the age of 10, they sort of had, you know, was it more inconclusive.

    10 歳未満の子どもに関しては、ハッキリしたことは言えませんが。

  • When I looked at that data closely, you found that 50,000 or so contacts were traced in the entire study, but only about 50 of those were in people aged 0 to 9.

    私がデータをよく見てみたところ、5 万人ほどが研究全体で追跡されていましたが、そのうち 0 歳から 9 歳までの人は 50 人しかいませんでした。

  • Because there weren't, you know, young kids didn't have that many contacts.


  • They were mostly at home.


  • So as the kids are starting to go out and about and we realized they carry (the) virus.


  • It's becoming increasingly clear to me, and I think we've got a lot of clues now that kids do spread this virus, and that, you know we're getting evidence of that now.


  • The silver lining to this, according to experts, is that children appear less likely to get seriously sick from COVID-19.

    専門家によると、救いと言えば子どもたちは Covid-19 により深刻な病気になる可能性が低いように見えるということです。

  • Though deaths have been reported, kids' symptoms overall look like they're milder when they're diagnosed with COVID-19 than when older adults are.

    確かに死亡例も報告されてきてはいますが、全体的に子どもがかかる Covid-19 の症状は大人のケースと比べて深刻度は低いように思われます。

  • But as we've said, many people of different ages have no symptoms at all, and many countries are finding different ways to deal with those who do.


  • I'm Matthew Chance in Moscow, and Russia has just approved what it says is the world's first coronavirus vaccine, despite concerns about its safety and effectiveness.


  • In a video conference with top officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the Russian-made vaccine had undergone all necessary tests and was now registered for use.


  • Even though those crucial third phase human trials have yet to be completed, the Russian health minister confirmed that frontline health workers and teachers will be the first to be vaccinated.


  • Vladimir Putin also revealed, incredibly, one of his own daughters, who we very rarely hear about, had taken part in the testing and had already been vaccinated.

    ウラジーミル ・ プーチンは、信じられないことに、あまり公には語られない自身の娘の 1 人をテストに参加させ、すでに予防接種を受けている事も明らかにしました。

  • He said that she'd got a slight temperature but was now feeling better.


  • It's an extraordinary revelation and a sign of just how much confidence, rightly or wrongly, Russia has in what its health minister says is a huge contribution to the victory over coronavirus.


  • [Coronavirus pandemic]


  • I'm Paula Hancocks in Taipei.


  • US Health Secretary Alex Azar has just given a speech here in Taiwan, praising the open and transparent way that this island has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

    アメリカのアザール保健長官が 台湾で演説を行いまして、この島のコロナウイルスパンデミックに対するオープンで透明性のある対応を賞賛しました。

  • He says it's in stark contrast to the country where the virus originated from, namely, China.


  • Now, earlier this Tuesday, Secretary Azar met with Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.


  • And during that meeting, Wu said that Taiwan's used to dealing with threats, whether it's military, diplomatic or the epidemic, also saying that he's concerned that China is trying to turn Taiwan into Hong Kong.


  • I'm Angus Watson in Australia, where coronavirus border closures are likely to keep the country divided past Christmas, the prime minister has warned.


  • Scott Morrison says things aren't getting back to normal anytime soon, as Victoria battles a bitter second wave of COVID-19.

    スコット・モリソン首相は、ビクトリア州が Covid-19 の第二波に苦しむ中で、普通の生活が戻るにはまだ時間がかかると話します。

  • 19 deaths recorded Tuesday with 321 cases, the lowest number in almost two weeks.

    火曜日には 321 件の新規感染と 19 人の死亡が報告されましたが、これはここ 2 週間で最低の数字となります。

  • The government says that's down to compulsory mask wearing and hopes to see a further bending of the curve as its stage four restrictions start to be reflected in the numbers.

    政府はこれをマスク着用の義務化の成果だとしており、数値が下がり続けることでステージ 4 の制限が効果を示し出すことを期待しています。

  • [10 second trivia]


  • was an application that became part of what brand?

    アプリの はどのブランドに吸収されたでしょうか?

  • Spotify, TikTok, Pandora or GarageBand?

    Spotify, TikTok, Pandora それとも GarageBand?

  • A Chinese company named ByteDance acquired in 2017 and rebranded it as TikTok.

    ByteDance という名前の中国企業は、2017 年に を統合合併して、TikTok として生まれ変わりました。

  • The clock is ticking for TikTok in the U.S.

    しかし、アメリカでの TikTok の立場は厳しいものとなってきています。

  • Earlier this month, President Donald Trump issued an executive order that could eventually shut down TikTok in America.

    今月初め、ドナルド・トランプ大統領は最終的にはアメリカ国内での TikTok の運営を停止させる可能性のある大統領命令を執行しました。

  • How?


  • Possibly by keeping TikTok from updating with new software, by keeping US companies from advertising on TikTok and by forcing Apple and Google to take it off their app stores.

    おそらく、TikTok の新しいソフトウェアのアップデートを禁止したり、アメリカの企業が広告を出さないようにさせ、また Apple と Google にアプリストアから TikTok を強制排除させるようにするのではないでしょうか。

  • This is all according to National Public Radio.


  • Why?


  • TikTok collects tremendous amounts of information from the people who download it.

    TikTok はダウンロードした人々から非常に多くの情報を収集していて

  • It's not just the videos they record and view and share, it's whatever they search for on the Internet, it's wherever they go with their phones.


  • Because the video-sharing app is owned by a company in China, the Trump administration says that the info TikTok collects could be shared with China's Communist Party, putting Americans' personal and possibly federal information at risk.

    このビデオ共有アプリは中国の会社によって運営されているため、トランプ政権は TikTok が収集した情報が中国共産党と共有される可能性があり、アメリカ国民の個人情報や連邦政府の情報が危険にさらされる可能性があるとしているのです。

  • TikTok is reportedly planning to sue the Trump administration over the ban.

    TikTok は禁止命令を巡ってトランプ政権を告訴する予定だと報じられています。

  • A source that NPR spoke to who's involved in the lawsuit says the president's executive order isn't based on facts but on speculation.

    NPR が訴訟に関与した関係者に話を聞いた情報によると、大統領の執行命令は事実ではなく憶測に基づいているものだということです。

  • However that plays out, it is possible that an American company, like Microsoft or Twitter, could buy and operate TikTok services in the U.S.

    しかし、もしこの命令が実践されるとなると、マイクロソフトやツイッターのようなアメリカの企業が TikTok のサービスを買収してアメリカで運営する可能性もあります。

  • If that happens, and if the data that TikTok collects from American users stays in the US, then the Trump administration may allow TikTok to continue operating.

    もしそうなった場合、つまり TikTok がアメリカのユーザーから収集するデータがアメリカ国内に留まることが保証されれば、トランプ政権が同アプリの運営継続を許可することもあり得るのです。

  • Amazon isn't the only reason why companies like Macy's, Sears and JC Penney have shut hundreds of stores across America, but the increase in online shopping is a factor.

    Macy's や Sears、JC Penney といった企業がアメリカ全土で何百もの店舗を閉鎖した理由は Amazon だけではなく、ネット通販の増加も一因となっています。

  • And now, Amazon may be planning to turn dozens of mall stores into Amazon warehouses.

    そして現在、Amazon はモール内の店舗を Amazon の倉庫に移行させるべく事業展開を続けているのです。

  • Experts say this won't necessarily bring more shoppers into malls, but it could give the building some of the money they need to stay open and bring Amazon products closer to where its customers live.


  • For Sears and JC Penney, it's another sign of the changing times.

    Sears や JC Penney にとっては、これもまた時代の移り変わりの表れでもあるのです。

  • In a sea of retail bankruptcy, JC Penney is the latest victim.

    小売業界で倒産が相次ぐ中で、ついに JC Penney にも被害の波が及びました。

  • The iconic American retailer known for its low prices and deep discounts is now billions of dollars in debt and hasn't been profitable since 2010.

    低価格と大幅な割引で知られている同社ですが、今では数十億ドルの負債を抱えており、2010 年以来利益を上げていません。

  • But long before sales started sinking and debt started rising, JC Penney helped transform the retail industry.

    しかし、売上が落ち込んで借金が増えるはるか前に、JC Penney は小売業界に変革を巻き起こしました。

  • In 1902, James Cash Penney opened a branch of a dry goods chain called The Golden Rule in Wyoming.

    1902 年にジェームズ-キャッシュ-ペニーは、ワイオミング州に The Golden Rule と呼ばれる乾物チェーン店を開きます。

  • At the time, Penney's business practices were revolutionary.


  • To keep prices low, he banned haggling which was a common practice at the time.


  • That meant every customer paid the same ticketed price.


  • Penney also encouraged employees to serve customers well.


  • His motto was, "Serve the public to its ultimate satisfaction.", and he was dedicated to being ethical, applying the store's name, the Golden Rule to both customers and employees.

    「国民が究極の満足を得るために奉仕する」をモットーに掲げ、店名の「Golden Rule」のコンセプトを従業員と買い物客両方に徹底すべく倫理的な運営に力を注ぎました。

  • A decade and many stores later, Penney incorporated the company and changed the name to the brand we know today.

    10 年後には多くの店舗を展開するようになり、ペニーは会社を法人化して私たちが知っている現在のブランドに名前を変えたのです。

  • The company went public in 1929 right before the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.

    同社は、株式市場が暴落して世界恐慌が始まる直前の 1929 年に株式を公開しました。

  • Still, JC Penney found continued success, as customers looking for low cost goods filed in, and in 1951, the company hit 1 billion USD in sales for the first time.

    それでも、JC Penney は低価格の商品を求める消費者のニーズに当てはまって成功を収め、1951 年には初めて売上高 10 億ドルを達成しました。

  • But in recent years, JC Penney has struggled.

    しかし近年は、JC Penney にとって苦戦が続いていました。

  • Sales flagged during the recession, and the retailer couldn't bring customers back.


  • The department store was one of the first to adopt e-commerce in 1994 but overall, it has struggled to keep up in the digital era.

    同社は 1994 年に e コマースを採用した最初の企業の一つですが、全体的にはデジタル時代の流れについていくのも難しい状態でした。

  • A parade of CEOs has tried to turn the company around.

    これまでに、たくさんの CEO が会社を立て直そうとしてきました。

  • Ron Johnson came from Apple, who tried to give the brand a fresh look in 2012, including ending the store's famous coupons.

    Apple からやってきたロン・ジョンソンは、有名なクーポンの終了を含め 2012 年に新しいブランド展開をしようとしましたが、

  • The costly revamp flopped, and consumers lost trust in the business.


  • Three other CEOs have followed, but they all have yet to restore the company to its once and former glory.

    この他にも 3 人の CEO が相次いで着任しましたが、いずれもかつての栄光を取り戻すには至っていません。

  • [10 out of 10]

    [10 out of 10]

  • Life has come full circle for two beluga whales in Iceland.

    アイスランドの 2 頭のベルーガについに平安が訪れました。

  • The names are Little Gray and Little White, and they were captured off the coast of Russia in 2011.

    名前はリトル・グレートとリトル・ホワイトで、2011 年にロシア沖で捕獲されました。

  • They spent some time at a Russian research facility before being moved to an aquarium in China, and a company that bought that aquarium decided to release the belugas.


  • So they're now being reintroduced to the sea in Iceland, where they'll spend their future in an eight acre sanctuary.

    したがって、今はアイスランドの海に戻されて、これからは 8 エーカーの楽園で過ごすことになります。

  • We bet there whaley excited about it.


  • They might have thought their re-echolocation was a fluke until the first one in said, belu got to see this.

    本当に 8 エーカーももらってえーかー?と思ったでしょうけど、飼育員に「お腹一杯たベルーガいいよ」と言われてこれは夢じゃないと確信したでしょう。

  • Woo!


  • All right, the students of Desert Hot Springs High School are watching today.


  • Shout out to everyone in Desert Hot Springs, California.


  • I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.

    CNN のカール・アズスでした。

CNN 10 is back in session, and we know a lot of you are just getting back into the swing of things for the fall.

CNN 10 が再開され、秋に向けて忙しくなってきた方も多いのではないでしょうか。


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