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  • Am I supposed to shake it? Am I supposed to churn it? What do I do? *gasp

    これ、振るの?回すの? どうすれば良いんだろう?

  • You're supposed to ask an adult.


  • If you don't know what to do, ask an adult.

    M: 知らないんだ S&M: 大人に聞こう

  • We are in Aizuwakamatsu at a very old sake brewery and today

    今日は会津若松の 由緒ある酒蔵に来ていますが

  • we are going to teach you about sake! Now, let's go learn about Sake so that we can...uh...

    本日は日本酒の事について 少しお勉強して頂こうと思います

  • teach everyone else about sake, cause I don't know what I'm doing.

    皆にお酒の事を教えられるように すこし勉強しないとね

  • Let's go girl


  • Why do you always do this to me? Why do u always have to do this to me?

    何でいつもこんな事するの? 何でこんな事しなきゃいけないの??

  • So i think we've learned some things but


  • We're not masters by any means. The most important thing that you need to know when it comes to sake


  • is that there are two main ingredients that

    そして、会社は、 「末廣酒造株式会社」です。

  • contribute to the flavor. There's a kind of water and there's a kind of rice.


  • Water, like spring water, is very very regional so now

    今から167年前に、 始まりました。

  • that we're Aizuwakamatsu, the sake that's being made at this place


  • will the particular flavor is based on the water being used. So water is critically Important when it comes to rice as

    このお米を食べた時のイメージから お酒がどういうイメージが湧くか。

  • well. Right? I feel like a North American.

    何故、お米から、フルーティな フルーツの香りがするのか?という事で、

  • We think as rice as just rice. Like ohh...


  • We think all white rice is the same but that's kind of like---think about it like grapes: like you could have different kinds of grapes

    特に「吟醸酒」と言われている、 香高いお酒で、

  • and different kinds of wines. I could have different kinds of rice for different kinds of sake. In fact, they use

    皆さん初めての方は、 ビックリされる、

  • sake rice. Yes. I didn't even know there was sake rice. Right.


  • I thought it was just like normal rice. I know. The second critical thing that we learned was rice polishing,

    という事で、酒造りの 触り程度はお教え頂きましたが

  • I've never known about this at all.

    もちろん到底、詳しいと言える レベルでは無いですが

  • You got a kernel rice. The outside of it has proteins and fats and different kinds of flavors. And on the inside, There's a little


  • nubble of starchy goodness. Yes. So when it comes to making sake, the most basic amount of rice that you can mill away is

    風味を決める上で重要な 2つの材料、「水と米」についてです

  • 70%. 70%. If you leave more than 70% of the kernel on, then it pretty much becomes

    酒造りに使う湧き水は 限られた土地でしか採れません

  • undrinkable. It's like it's not good. So, the minimum has to be 70%. If you keep going, if you keep milling

    今居るこの会津若松で採れた水でこそ この土地特有の風味が出せるんです

  • away the outside of the rice, you're getting closer and closer to that little starchy nub on the inside, in which case you have different

    ですので、水は極めて重要なんです 米と同様に

  • kinds of sake that are like

    アメリカとかカナダの感覚だと、 お米はお米で

  • 35%.

    全部白いお米で 同じものだって思うけど

  • That's all that's left of that piece of rice. But it's really hard to do. Yes. That means you have to use more rice to


  • make the sake, which means it's gonna cost more money. Because in order to make the same bottle you have to use tons more rice

    違う種類のブドウから、 違う風味のワインができるように

  • and at the same time the more that you strip away

    違う種類のお米から、 違う風味のお酒ができるわけです

  • The rice the more

    実際、酒蔵の人達は 「酒米(さかまい)」を使うんです

  • flavors you lose from it, and some people want to have just like a pure clean taste of Sake, that's fine but some People like

    そもそも「酒米」自体知らなかったし 普通のお米を使うのかと思ってた

  • the complexities of other things on there, so having a bigger percentage of polishing

    次に学んだのは、 精米についてです

  • doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be better. It's all based on your preference.

    精米の事も、 全く知らなかったな

  • Yes I have a really good, uh

    お米ひと粒には、外側にタンパク質、 脂質、色々な風味の元があって、

  • example for that. Okay. Let's talk about ice cream. Yes. Okay if you love chocolate ice cream

    中心には、ちっちゃい 1粒のデンプンがあります

  • but I like Rocky road. It's chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts in it. Does it mean that

    良い酒を造る場合、最低でも 米を70%まで削ります

  • because I like Rocky Road, I'm wrong?

    70%より残ってしまうと雑味が出るので 最低それくらいは削るんです

  • Like pure chocolate is the best? No it comes down to preference. Yeah.

    さらに米を削り続けると よりデンプンの粒の部分に近付き、

  • Some people want a clean delicious


  • taste of chocolate and other people want to put sprinkles and whipped cream on top and taste different flavors.

    ほんの少ししか残りませんが、 まったく違った風味の酒となります

  • Some people like super kid, which is just a disgusting ice cream, (Super kid is amazing, how can you say that?) who even eats that stuff?

    また、そこまで削るのは 非常に手間がかかります

  • So we are starting with the Junmai sake first


  • Okay so this is the base sake.

    必要なお米の量も増え、 コストも上がります

  • So that's the base sake right here so this right here is a thousand Yen, which is roughly ten Dollars.

    また、米を削れば削るほど 味は薄くなります

  • this here is one thousand five hundred Yen, which is roughly fifteen Dollars.

    すっきりしたお酒を 飲みたい人には良いですが

  • And this, if they were to go down to the same size is roughly

    濃い複雑な味わいのお酒が好きな人も居るので、 削れば削るほど良い酒であるとは言えません

  • fifty-five hundred Yen. Which is like fifty-five Dollars, so very expensive to the cheap.


  • so he Recommended We try This one First yeah and then


  • We compare it to this one To see the Difference all right let's do it?

    もしあなたがチョコアイスが好きだけど、 私はロッキーロードが好き、と

  • You Call this A cup, what is this A cup per ounce, oh it's Tasting it's not

    ロッキーロードっていうのは マシュマロやナッツが入ったアイスです

  • Equal to one Sake, oh

    それが好きだからって間違ってて チョコの比率が高いから上って事でもないし

  • No me Hajime - Don't know Cheeky no Naka de Areco road total Tenkasu what Saga talks no our Core you are tim Maestas


  • Again Jeremy

    純粋にチョコだけを 楽しみたい人も居るけど、

  • Don't we need jim my son

    トッピングとか生クリームとか掛けて 色んな味を楽しむ人も居るって事です

  • Psycho They Are Courting I staggered a minute - you Talk or Anejo in The material die ginjo Taka Taka

    僕みたくスーパーキッドが嫌いな人も居るし 誰があんなの...

  • Korea's Only Monster Osaka Photon Dawa Are

    何で? スーパーキッドは美味しいよ!

  • Correlated Garage Are Correlated Cotton of Armada - He saw drop GDansk in Nevada at the smog to join


  • Us dr. Nachmann Brenda Lucas


  • Now what We learned Today you're supposed to just spin it one Minute one you

    違った、different タイプが いっぱいありますから、

  • Don't go Crazy Cuz you'll ruin this the smell so you, just do it like okay that's Enough huh Those Two spins


  • So that one Has Like a creamier taste then There the sock Is that I know


  • He Had Yesterday right at the very end you taste a little bit of Alcohol Flavor right it does have A

    内容からいけば、ワインが シャンパンからブランデーがあるように、

  • Taste To it so now

    日本酒もスパークリングから、 エイジングされた古酒まであります

  • We're Gonna go for the big Boy and we're Gonna See if There's a Difference here so this right here is the dye

    それは料理にそれぞれ、 タイプ別にマッチングしやすい

  • Ginjo if There's Anything you Can Learn from Today's Video Is if you're going on a date order the diag

    日本酒だけが、 全ての国の料理に、

  • Enjoy it is the Best Quality you will Sound very Impressive and like you know what you're Talking about

    合わせられるという、 自信があります。

  • My ginjo Does not Mean The Name of the socket it Means the level of A socket knocking


  • Is right over Here on the Corner right that Kanji, Actually means Big and so this Can be on Many Different brands of Sake, oh?


  • God Grow This Expensive Stuff I'm going right to the brim

    この酒が、1000円で、 大体10ドルくらいです

  • Wow

    こっちが1500円で、 大体15ドル、

  • It's Creamy you feel like going over your tongue it's like the Difference between Having

    そして、こちらが、もし同じくらいの量で考えると、 5500円、55ドルくらいになります

  • Skim Milk and Cream There is no Alcohol the Aftertaste of this no alcoholic Aftertaste at all

    という事で、高いお酒から、 安いお酒まで揃えました

  • So this is I think what they meant when they, were Saying that as you Take?

    蔵の方は、まず この安いお酒から飲んで、

  • Away the Outside of the Kernel and You're getting More and more Into the Star Chip and Everyone Describes A more expensive Sake it's Clean

    高いのと比べると良い って言っていたので

  • I would Definitely Say that this is clean Let's go back to this One Now you Can, Feel like when, you're drinking This


  • One it's Heavier on your tongue it

    このちっちゃいの見て これコップ?1オンス用?

  • Also has like A lot of Flavors in it but none of them have that

    これ利き酒なんだから 注ぎ過ぎ...

  • Alcoholic Bite in The Back okay go back to the june Month so this is the Expensive One Still, okay?

    まぁまぁ飲んで飲んで 帰りの飛行機も長いんだから

  • Whoa, oh?

    良くある事はですね、お酒を 飲み始めた人の知識の中で、

  • My God it's so Different

    アルコールを ちょっと添加するお酒と、

  • I know so what we were Told the last way to find the Sake that's good for you is you Should go with expensive Bottles

    ノンアルコールという、 いわゆる、

  • First and then Work your way Down so you know what you, don't like because if You start With like an okay Sofia

    純米酒と言うお酒に、 分かれます

  • You're like yes all right but when You get to the really good sock Ends Is very difficult to go back but if you're Trying


  • to be A Fancy-Pants ask for the Dieting Job okay Joe and if They

    アルコールを添加したのでは 駄目だという所に、

  • Don't have Digan joe Flip the table and leave Because that is a sham establishment


  • Jean was Spot on Opi Parchment ice okay I know you know she they come by calloused artists

    大吟醸とか、高い、 香を売り物にしているお酒は、

  • You go out to meet I'm not a, oh?

    ほとんどが、アルコールを ちょっと入れるから、

  • Osi Channel Aldo Bruno you know Like a type Look, sorry

    アルコールを入れる事が 悪者だと言う印象を、

  • Goodbye Us who you calling out

    どこかで知識の中で、 与えてしまうと、

  • so this one Right here Is

    非常に、これが、日本酒独特の ブレンドの技術ですから。

  • Somewhere in Between it to them it's ginjo it's not Dying in Joe's or june

    今日習ったのは、飲む前に 一度だけ杯を回すっていう事

  • But This is june My ginjo you Can try this one and See how

    グルグルやったら 香りが飛んじゃうので

  • We like it Compared to?

    M: こんな感じで一回だけ... S: そこまで!今2回まわしたよ!

  • The Daigon Job The color is Actually A bit Different than the rest of Them a little bit on the Yellow Where right does Yeah

    円やかな感じだ 昨日飲んだのよりも

  • It Smells Alcohol, ewwww

    飲んだ後、少しだけ アルコールの味がする

  • oh

    そうだね、確かに アルコールの後味がある

  • It's much Sweeter and Sweeter Than that one doesn't Have an Alcohol Ii after taste that's A slight one As my this one Has

    では次に、この大きい瓶との 差を比べてみましょう

  • None Whatsoever


  • Wow this is almost Just like Delicious water, well this tastes like Alcohol you know


  • You're Drinking This for a Purpose you're Trying to forget Whatever

    デートに行くなら、このお酒を頼め、 という事になるでしょう

  • Happening Part But This Right Here you Can, Enjoy a lot but This one The ginjo it


  • Yeah it does Yeah I think one of the things that

    「この人はお酒の事を分かってるな」 と一目置かれる事請け合いです

  • We're Struggling with Is that We don't want know how to describe Flavors yeah like When I taste a lot

    大吟醸はお酒の名前ではなく、 精米の区分の名前です

  • of them We you're not Sure if it's like Citrusy or Melon that you're Tasting but I do know that This one Is very Alcoholic

    このラベルの「大」という漢字は 大きいという意味で、

  • Hmm and These Two tastes Totally Different Than them this is Definitely Fruit Here

    色々なブランドのお酒のラベルに この漢字を見る事ができます

  • Here's The other Cool Thing, We learned About Sake There's Basically a scale of sweet Vs.

    これは高いお酒だから ぎりぎりまで注ごう

  • Dry you Can even go one Notch above dry and you Can have super dry


  • Some Labels on the Back of Socket Butters will Tell you left Side

    喉越しに、スキムミルクと クリームみたいな差がある

  • Is sweet right

    アルコールの味が 全く後に残らない

  • Side is super dry so this right here The Daigon Joel one We have is super dry the one Right here that, we had Is?

    さっき言ってたのは、 この事だったんだろうね

  • Kind of dry and The One That

    米粒の外側を削れば削るほど、 デンプンが占める割合が多くなって、

  • We had Right here IS in Between Sweet and dry so none of These are Really?

    すっきりとした味になって、値段も高くなる そう皆が言うんだけど

  • Sweet stockings so if you're ordering something you don't know what to get you at

    これは明らかに、 すっきりした味だと思う

  • Least Can Say, well I don't want something sweet and then the Person Can bring you something that isn't too sweet and Now


  • We're Gonna do this super Vintage one Yeah the super Old one I mean don't pour a lot

    大吟醸を飲むと、より重く感じる 風味も豊かで

  • Of that Because I'm Sure They, don't want something that

    けど、アルコールの後味は 全く残らない

  • Tell Me not to pour the Expensive I think I'm doing here do you know Many Beeps I have to be

    S: 純米に戻ろう M: まだ高い方を、少し残したままだよ

  • Simon Come on you're Making my life Hell I didn't ask for this Ball They brought it I'm not Gonna be Rude and Say


  • No, okay?

    僕らが聞いた所、あなたに向いた 日本酒を探す方法は、

  • This Is

    まず高いお酒から試して、 その後に安い方を試す、という事

  • 1989.

    手頃なものから試したら、 これで良いじゃない、と思うけど、

  • This is such an Old Bottle that they just have to tape on their own Label.

    質の高い良い酒を飲むと、 もう他のは飲めなくなりますので

  • I'm scared, you pour it. No, you're clumsy.

    通な飲み方したいのであれば、 大吟醸を飲む事をお勧めします

  • No I'm clumsy.

    もし大吟醸を置いてなかったら ちゃぶ台をひっくり返して帰りましょう

  • Take it. Girl stop wasting my time. Time for their special bottle that they brought out.

    なぜならそこは、 まがいものだから!

  • Oh? Wow, that's brown. It's aged


  • Ok, I want the big one that I poured. This is crazy, look at the color on that. This right here is

    スタートの時が、やっぱり 冷たいお酒、

  • 28 year old Sake

    日本酒で乾杯から スタートして欲しい、

  • Ah

    なんて時には、 冷たい方が良い。

  • Oh it smells, complete... almost like a Brandy. Yeah that smell, I'd say like a Brandy. Is very honey, almost like a

    何故かって、それは、 最初のオードブルのような、

  • burnt sugar smell to it.

    ライトタイプの軽い 食べ物の場合は、

  • It almost has like a brown rice taste to it. It does you're right.

    そういう香りのある 吟醸酒のような、冷たいのを飲んで。

  • It's almost savory. I know it kind of reminds me of when you have a really

    これは、今飲んだ2つの酒の 中間の特徴を持つ酒で、

  • nutty whole-wheat bread. Mmm, and when you eat it it has that

    吟醸ですが、 大吟醸では無いんです

  • creamy bread, but like the nuttiness of actual pieces of multigrain in it it kind


  • of has that feeling to it. That's a totally different taste for Sake but it doesn't have an alcohol-ly taste to it.

    これは「純米」 米だけのやつです

  • No, no there's no like

    では、大吟醸と比べてどうか 見て行きましょう

  • The first one that

    実際見ると、色が他のと ちょっと違うね

  • We had, had a strong alcohol bite. This does not have an alcohol bite to it at all.


  • It's not like when you drink a Brandy and when you Drink it down you're like, wow, like it's nothing that's that kind of strong.


  • Can we get like a, sippy cup to go bottle for the ride back home? it's gonna be a long ride.

    M: あ、全然甘い、純米酒より S: 甘いね

  • Mmm wow that is Significantly more Complex Tasting Linnaeus

    M: 後にアルコールの味が残らない S: 若干は、あるよね

  • 103 Kakou it's Regulation an Occasional Disgust as my money - Money - Name Megara

    大吟醸は全く無いから 美味い水を飲んでるみたいだし

  • American Italian Okuni Tails again With Rhythm, oh hey


  • You know you don't know Thomas again on the Team I cannot tell you not to go to

    酒を目的を持って 飲んでるなって感じが

  • Jesus Anymore I know Mother Mother Wine - chuckles you know I'll tell you what no Sure

    嫌な事を忘れようとしてる っていう感じがする

  • No no, Capsule need More They knew Only Known are Jalapeño, wow I'm Attacked

    でも、この大吟醸は 味を楽しんでる感じ

  • I don't know what a sumac you are I know why in order to give an you want some Title you must Say This

    S: この吟醸は、かなり良いと思う M: 実際、かなり美味しいよね、これ

  • If You Guys want to learn more about Sake Make sure you click the link, over to our blog Post Where

    味や風味の事を中々まだ 上手く表現できなくて

  • We will do a little bit of a Breakdown for you to understand the Differences between These Different Kinds of Simon Keeps Going


  • Also if You want to come on A tour of this Sake Brewery you absolutely Can, over on our Website

    飲んでみた時に、それが柑橘系か メロンのようかは分からないんだけど

  • We're Going to give you instructions and Directions on how to get here it's Just A