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  • (coin clinking)

  • All the machines in this arcade are homemade.

  • There's something magical about all this.

  • As a child, I found that making things that made people laugh was satisfying and seemed more point in doing that than making useful machines.

  • (whimsical music)

  • I'm Tim Hunkin, and I'm a cartoonist and engineer.

  • I have two arcades, one on the coast on the pier, and this one in central London called Novelty Automation.

  • In total, I suppose I've made about 50 machines.

  • Not many people have that as their ambition in life, but yeah, it suits me.

  • This is Pet or Meat.

  • You spin the wheel, and you find if the lamb ends up sitting with you on the sofa, or being carved for dinner.

  • It was a hobby that got out of control.

  • This is Autofrisk.

  • You stand in front here, the gloves inflate, and then they pat you down.

  • Britain's got a great history of satire, and I suppose I'm not really particularly political myself, but I think it's healthy for little people to poke fun at the rich and powerful.

  • You fly this little drone round this Beverly Hills mansion, and see all the stars inside, and you're a paparazzi.

  • You have to try and take the photos to fill up the cover of the magazine.

  • [Game] You're all under arrest.

  • (camera shutter clicks)

  • I get my ideas from lots of places.

  • It's partly things happening in my life, partly things happening in the news, and partly from old arcade machines and mechanisms.

  • This is Test Your Nerve.

  • You have to put your hand inside the cage with the mad dog for as long as you dare.

  • (game growling)

  • To do something like this, you have to enjoy the process of making things.

  • I spent most of my life solving conventional engineering problems, rather than thinking up the jokes.

  • (laughing)

  • This is the Chiropodist.

  • You have to take off your shoe for this one.

  • You put your foot in the treatment bay down the bottom, and it feels really weird.

  • Seeing people enjoying, using the machines, keeps me at it.

  • And also, because they take money, it provides me income to let me keep at it.

  • So to me, it's a pretty perfect system.

  • It sure beats working.

  • [Game] Good morning, sir.

  • I never planned my career or anything about my life.

  • It's just occasionally a sort of opportunity comes up, and then I go for it.

  • (munching sounds)

(coin clinking)


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