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  • Hi everyone, we are Like It Formosa.

    皆さんこんにちは、Like It Formosa の時間です。

  • Every day we walk through Taipei with travelers from all over the world.


  • They either don't know much about Taiwan or often see Taiwan as a mysterious island.


  • Today we invite seven of our tour guides to play a game - introducing Taiwanese history within three minutes.

    今日は、7 人のツアーガイドさんと一緒に「3分で台湾の歴史を紹介するコーナー」を進めていきたいと思います。

  • Let's get started.


  • [Taiwanese history in a rush]


  • Taiwan has been colonized by many different countries.


  • To begin with, it all started from the wordFormosa.


  • In 16th century, a bunch of Portuguese sailors passed Taiwan and said "Ilha Formosa."

    16 世紀に、ポルトガルからの船乗りたちが台湾を通っていきましが、その際に「Ilha Formosa(美しい島だ)」と言ったのです。

  • They came, they saw, but they didn't conquer.


  • Before that, we already had aboriginal people live in Taiwan for thousands of years.


  • But thanks to those Portuguese sailors, Taiwan was put on the map.


  • The first foreign country to come to Taiwan, there were the Dutch in the 17th century.

    台湾にやってきた最初の外国人は、17 世紀のオランダ人でした。

  • But sadly for them, here came the Spanish two years later.

    でも、困ったことにスペイン人が 2 年後にやってきたんです。

  • Two European countries on one tiny small island.

    小さな島国にヨーロッパから 2 つの国が共存するとなると、

  • Obviously, they fought.


  • After 20 years, Spanish was kicked out by Dutch.

    20 年後に、スペイン人はオランダ人によって締め出されます。

  • And after 20 years, the Dutch was kicked out by Ming dynasty of China.

    そしてその後 20 経った時には、今度はオランダ人が中国の明王朝によって締め出しを食らうんです。

  • And after 20 years, the Ming dynasty of China was kicked out by Qing dynasty of China.

    それからさらに 20 年後に、明王朝は中国の清王朝によって締め出されます。

  • It was the longest period in Taiwanese history.


  • Since that time, so many Chinese immigrants started to move to Taiwan, including my grandfather's grandfather.


  • So as you all know, Qing dynasty was going downhill, and it was also when Taiwan was invaded by Japanese several times.


  • So finally in 1895, Japan was the winner between the war of Qing dynasty and Japan.

    そしてついに 1895 年、日本は清王朝との戦いに勝利して

  • So Qing dynasty gave Japan Taiwan.


  • After WWII, Taiwan was handed back to China, which was under the Republic of China.


  • However, at that time China was going through the civil war between the Communists and the Nationalists.


  • The nationalists who were the Republic of China knew that they were going to lose the war so they relocated to Taiwan.


  • On the other hand, the Communists established the People's Republic of China and stayed in mainland China.


  • Therefore, since then, there has been two China in the world and it is still an unresolved and controversial issue nowadays.

    というわけで、それ以降は世界に 2 つの中国が存在して、いまだに未解決かつ問題の多い事態となっています。

  • [Very easy, right?]


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Hi everyone, we are Like It Formosa.

皆さんこんにちは、Like It Formosa の時間です。

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