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All right babe, I think I'm ready.
Oh no, babe.
It's fine, it's fine, let's go,
let's just go, it's fine.
What the f**k does fine mean?
[7 insecure boyfriend moments]
[Even the most confident man can occasionally wrestle with insecurity...]
- You have gray hair. - For real?
Yeah, no.
That is a gray hair, damn.
That's crazy.
Just a little gray hair?
Don't just say that like it's nothing.
I mean, what kind of gray hair?
Is it an ugly gray hair or is it a sexy gray?
Can you break this down for me?
Oh my god, I do got a gray.
I still got waves though.
- Cara! - James!
Hey, how are you?
Good, how are you doing?
You look so good.
Oh, thank you, you too.
James, why are you so interested?
We don't need you.
We don't need any new friends.
We're actually good just as we are.
Put on a bigger shirt!
Okay, so it went well.
And he's tall.
Okay, he sounds promising.
Ladies, I don't even get it.
We all come in different sizes.
It's so dumb that you all even all want a tall guy.
Some of you are like five feet two and you want a tall guy?
Why, so he can throw you in the air?
Can you at least address the fact that I am the perfect height for you before you continue on the tall guys?
Hey babe, some of the guys called me.
We're gonna have a guys' night out, hit the club, be back around like two or three.
- Oh yeah, have fun! - All right, cool, thanks!
Hold up, you're little too okay with me going out tonight.
What are you doing tonight?
Oh my god, babe.
Becky met Gael Garcia Bernal.
He looks so good.
He is so cute. - Oh yeah.
This guy isn't even that attractive.
His style is terrible.
I'm not even hating, but the dude's only five seven.
I thought you didn't like short guys.
I thought we had to be six feet tall.
He's in debt as well.
[No, he's not]
Oh, where you going?
I told you, I'm gonna go dancing.
I invited you.
Oh yeah.
I don't think I want her going out alone looking like that tonight.
Um, you should go with her.
You should definitely go with her.
I'm going with her.
[But we're not alone...]
Who's Samantha Class?
Just one of the girls in my class.
Who is this woman that's texting you after 10 pm?



男を不安にさせる7つの瞬間(7 Things That Make Guys Secretly Insecure)

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