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(phone chimes)
- You're on Tinder?
I thought you were dating Jessica.
- She dumped me so I'm rebound swiping.
- Oh.
- Guys, I just matched with Emma Stone!
- What?
- I just matched with Emma Stone on Tinder.
- No you didn't.
That's a fake profile or a bot or something.
- Yeah, there's no way it's the Emma Stone.
- She just tweeted "I just matched with a guy that looks like Captain America."
- Oh well it's definitely not Matt then.
- "Before he takes the serum."
- (screams) It's the Emma Stone!
(group screaming)
- I can't believe this!
- I was delivering a package and I heard screaming.
- He matched with Emma Stone.
- The guy who orders male Spanx?
- I like the way that they lift.
Have you been opening my mail?
- If this is true I'm living beneath my potential.
I should be with Chris Hemsworth.
I should be with Shaquille O'Neal.
You seen these legs? That's right.
You can keep that.
- Okay, there has to be some sort of rational explanation.
Matt, be honest.
Is this some sort of Make A Wish situation?
- Matthew...
I just heard the news.
I am so proud to call you my son.
- Dad?
I haven't seen you in like 10 years.
- I know, but...
You've never really given me a reason to visit you til now.
- Okay, get out of here.
- Can I sleep on your couch?
- I'll unpack that later.
Guys I'm beginning to think I can't do this.
- Matthew look at me!
I'm gay but if I matched with Emma Stone, I couldn't say no.
- You're gay?
- This isn't about me!
- I feel like it should be.
- Wait, is Emma Stone going blind?
Is she depressed?
Siri, has Emma Stone suffered any recent head trauma?
- She sent a message.
It says...
(group screaming)
(intense music)
- Oh man the tabloids are gonna eat this up.
Emma Stone dates average man.
- Below average.
- Careful how you respond.
She's way out of your league.
Emma Stone is the New York Yankees and you are a blind man in Peru swinging a stick at a pigeon.
- Forgive the intrusion my children but the Vatican's detected a great miracle in this vicinity.
- Father, he just matched with Emmma Stone on Tinder.
- With a face like that?
Checkmate atheists.
- Guys I think I flew too close to the sun.
I have to call it off.
(group screaming no)
- Get his phone!
- Stop him!
(group screaming)
- Not interested...
It was for the best.
(phone chimes)
It's not my phone.
- It was me.
I just matched with Emma Stone on Tinder.
I don't even have Tinder.
Thank you!
(heavenly music)
- Hey guys!
Thank so much for watching that sketch and thanks to our friends at Purple for making it possible.
Make sure you check out JK! Studios for more sketches just like this one.
- Well guys, my Purple pillow just shipped.
- You're gonna have so much neck support.
- I know.
My memory foam pillow is hot garbage.
- I know.
Memory foam seriously makes you hot.
But Purple's technology is really different.
It cools you down and cradles your pressure points.
It's pretty cool.
- I've got a package for Matt from Purple.
(group screams)


エマ・ストーンとTinderでマッチ!?(Emma Stone Tinder Match | Summer of Purple)

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nanako.kamiya 2020 年 8 月 10 日 に公開
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