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sure, but haven't been for years to Jordan.
I am glad to see you.
Hello, Show.
Oh, Joe, is he here again?
Would you mind waiting outside a minute?
I want to talk.
Sure, sure.
I was pleased to have seen you again, Mr Jordan.
Jordan, I'm glad you came here.
How'd you like the fight?
That was a nice job, Joe.
You made Murdoch very happy.
He was told how it came out.
Now, that's well.
You fought beautiful.
Cleanly, Scientifically.
You may get an art.
Back in my old form again.
This is your nets, Joe.
This is where you belong.
Where you were meant to be world champion.
Oh, no, not me.
Murdoch is.
Oh, I don't mind helping them out, Mr Jordan.
But now get me out of this, Joe.
You remember I said you wouldn't be cheating?
Yeah, Nobody is.
Eventually all things work out.
There's design and everything.
You were meant to be champion.
You are.
You would, Murdocca one.
You belong to each other.
This is your destiny, Joe.
Back on your own road.
But wait a minute.
You're forgetting about Betty.
What good is anything if I haven't done her.
That is a chance.
You have to face Joe.
No matter who's bought you take.
Wasn't that true from the moment you left Farnsworth?
Yeah, I forgot.
Down body Joe.
You'll have everything that was ordained for you.
I don't like it, Mr Jordan.
I want to find something.
I mean, I want to be something besides just a plain fighter.
Even though Murdoch is a champion.
This well guide.
But it's like I told you, Murdoch is a champ, Not me.
No, I don't like it.
If it's all the same to you, Mr Jordan, you're not.
Keep going till we find the right guy.
Will you ever be sure he's the right guy?
Well, of course I will.
You wait, like at a shower and get some clothes on and you will not get started.
I'll be right with you.
Did you?
This is your road, Joe.
On your K o Murdock.
No more memory of Joseph.
Everything is going to be all right.


ジョーダンがやってくる (1941) - シーンになるはずだった (9/10) |Movieclips

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