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hey guys we're samuel and audrey and this summer
we're going to be showing you around atlantic canada
2020 put a halt to all of our international travel plans yet
unexpectedly this has also given us the chance to explore close to home while
going in search of unusual accommodations
so far we've stayed in an off-grid cabin tiny container home and today a
suspended tree tent in this video we'll be exploring a
beautiful area just outside fredericton new brunswick where we'll be camping
along the saint john river hiking in makta quack provincial park
and enjoying some mouth-watering dishes at moco kitchen
but first up a short hike because it was still way too early to check into our
suspended tree tent
well hello hello hey guys back to quack one of our favorite areas
just outside of fredericton yeah just here so close by what is it
like 20 minutes outside the city oh super close yeah exactly just like that
sam has a lovely hat you look like you're going fishing i
love this hat i just i just got it it's my first chance to
wear it there's actually a heat wave today yeah
heat warning gonna be with the humidex in the high 30s so
i need it yeah so the plan right now is to just go
on a little hike through the woods hopefully it'll be a little bit cooler
in the shade and yeah we have a little bit of time before it's time to check
into our floating tent yeah exactly so
um hopefully we'll spot some wildlife too last time we had really good luck we
saw lots of birds we saw a river otter that was the
highlight magdaquack provincial park is a woodland
area that sits along the shores of the saint john river
it has lots of different hiking trails a golf course a campground a beach a
marina plus some fun activities like tree
trekking we decided to tackle alex creek trail since we had a little bit of time
on our hands before check-in
guys we were looking for the river otter that we saw here last time i'm so sad
it's not here today we'll call it randy the river otter randy okay where was
randy what was randy we're here with randy today i didn't see randy
really was not here i can tell you we're enjoying the temperatures out here in
the shade probably five so nice five to ten degrees cooler it's been
great and it smells so fresh like can you
smell the pine not one other person on the trail so far
not a single soul we haven't seen an animal or even a bird
yet so yeah we are walking in the woods alone
but now it's finally time to check into our tree tent
from mac to quack we drove another 12 minutes down route 105 to lower
queensbury which would be home sweet home for the night
all right guys so welcome to home sweet home for the night our unusual
accommodations adventure continues and this time we have chosen
a suspended yes a suspended tree tent i haven't been camping in like
10 years to be honest and when i did go camping in the past it
was just a normal tent on the ground but this one is really
cool because it's attached to three different trees and
it's kind of like just floating about a meter
meter and a half off the ground this particular tent is meant for two people
but apparently they have even bigger ones that are for three people
where you have to like crawl in from underneath there's like an
opening in the middle so yeah tonight we're gonna be in a cozy little tent for
two how are you feeling about this i'm feeling great i
it's it's the perfect little getaway that we've been uh we've been needing we
both had to do we had to do quarantine in new brunswick
oh yes so we each did two weeks of of just being in the condo
all the time and we've also been in the city for a while so it's so great to be
out in nature again it sure is and this place is just a 30
minute drive from downtown fredericton yeah
so a super easy nature escape and a slice of tranquility out here too yes so
we're gonna show your little tent let's show you how
you get in so we are right in front of the river
maybe like three meters away from the water
so this is super peaceful we've got like our own quiet little plot
in the woods there's no one around and yeah i'm gonna show you how we get
into the tent so we're going to unzip it
and then you just kind of lift yourself up
it's not a big distance so this isn't yeah okay and it lowers
with your body weight it's totally fine we've been having quite a few cookies
lately oh my god i'm just getting audrey a lot of desserts a lot of sweets um so
yeah they've left us like these little baggies
so that we can remove our shoes at night put them in here
and yeah why didn't you why didn't you do that look at that
you come right in should i i'll take my shoes off so we can full
thing full tour the full experience and that's fantastic
there's also if you there's a really comfortable mattress they've put here
yeah well it looks cool so nice okay so basically
i'm gonna flip around okay because this is the way we're going to be sleeping
this is kind of the direction yeah like this like this
how do you feel it's so nice no i feel like i'm floating on the water it's
probably because i'm moving right now but the tent kind of like bounces up and
down a little bit so you know what i sleep really well on
trains like whenever there's like a little bit
of motion it just kind of rocks me to sleep so
this will be wonderful and the lady was telling us at night you can see the
fireflies like flying around above you we do have
a rain cover just in case but we've got clear weather
it's scheduled for rain at the moment no rain in sight and this is new
brunswick that can change on a diamond could change
but she also told us you can see the stars out here like we're far away from
the city and there's hardly any light pollution
so apparently the night sky is quite magical
so this is gonna be a fun experience also
there's a houseboat kind of just traveling
right in front of us so sam has run off to get the zoom lens
and show you what that looks like but there you have it there's our little
tent gonna zip this up because we wouldn't
want any mosquitoes or black flies or
anything like that getting in that would not be fun but yeah i'm just
gonna put on my shoes and then we'll show you our private
little beach that we have going on here it's pretty cool
this isn't a tent review by any means but for anyone interested in more
information on this particular one it's a tensile connect two-person tree
tent it has an insect mesh to keep mosquitoes
at bay a rain fly so you can camp through unpredictable weather
and it also has an anti-roll strap so that if you have two people you're not
rolling into the middle of the tent at night
so this right here is our lovely private beach that we have
all to ourselves um our airbnb host was telling us that the couple who stayed
here last actually made a little fire there's
some logs we can see some boats going by there was
like a houseboat there's some speed boats
there's people out canoeing paddling it's just a really nice summer day to be
out on the water but for now we've got this lovely private beach
we're also going to be heading back to magdaquag to do a little bit more hiking
and later on we're going to take you to one
of our favorite restaurants it's called moco i've been to this location once
before and they just have amazing food like
right now i am fantasizing about their seafood pasta i hope that is
still on the menu because that's what i want to have
i'm i'm fantasizing about us doing a lot of hiking so we built up a
good application later yeah we then drove back to mac to
quack where we opted to do the beaver pawn hike before
dinner this is a super easy trail that's a 0.9 kilometer loop where you can see
an old beaver's lodge and walk along a section of boardwalk
hi hi so we are now on the beaver pond trail
yeah we've been here once before and we learned that there are no beavers left
because they chopped down all the trees they could chop down they've been
relocated the tree bark yeah so no beavers have to be from pond
but you can spot um a lot of frogs you can spot ducks you
can spot birds and so far we've spotted no other humans
no we're the only ones here yeah which is
again really nice i think it's because it's a little too
hot to be out hiking right now during the heat wave yeah you don't see
as many people out hiking yeah but we have found this nice little shady
reprieve and we are working up a nice appetite
for supper oh yes that is definitely on our minds at this point um
actually we're probably less than an hour away from eating so i'm ready i'm
ready too let's do it
then we drove to moko kitchen at magda quack the restaurant is located in the
golf course clubhouse and they have some mouth-watering dishes featuring fresh
and local ingredients sam and i both knew what we were
ordering before we even got there so i'm eating exactly the same dish i
ordered last time i was here because it was
so good i couldn't stop thinking about it yeah
i got the seafood petuchini scallops shrimp and haddock i believe it
has fish lots of parmesan cheese on top
and it just smells so good toasted bread as well
and that is precisely what i've been fantasizing about oh
that looks so good so good yes every bite huh maritime classic
you get the best fish and chips in all of canada out here
bar none atlantic canada you can never go wrong
with this type of food guys when you're out here and again
we've had this here before amazing oh yeah
you gotta have it in the tartar sauce sauce yeah tartar sauce for the win
every time it's bao fundy tartar sausage i saw it
on the menu there's jalapeno in it i've got some cook that fish
again crispy on the outside and just juicy delicious
what a meal
sam couldn't resist dessert when the menu came around so he got us a slice of
carrot cake with cream cheese icing and a turtle cheesecake with chocolate
caramel and pecans it was just too hard choosing between
his two favorites
all right guys so we have made it back to camp the wind has actually picked up
quite a bit we were thinking of having our beer and chippy
down by the by the beach but it's a little bit windy so we found a bit of a
quieter spot here in the woods now we're sitting on a log yeah we've
got maritime specifically new brunswick products oh
for a little snack yeah you've got a crafty rattler
i have the maritime pale ale this one's brood and fredericton yours is from st
john and then this is really cool atlantic
lobster chips it is a it's a new brunswick company
and they make delicious chips and i've never tried their atlantic lobster one
wow we just finished having dinner at moco
over in quack but we thought ooh this is fizzy
we thought it'd be nice to sit down have a little drink here at
camp cheers to you hmm can i try yours too that's good sure
what do you think of this one i know i like mine i'm not sure i'm
gonna like yours oh yours is really fruity and sweet i think i prefer
mine and yours is more bitter yep well we made the right choices to
each his own we wanted to try um some local chips and
we found a very unusual flavor lobster chips atlantic lobster chips i
like it so far it's got tons of flavor it smells smoky it does
it's got a smoky taste it reminds me a bit of barbecue chips
to be honest yeah so this is the first of several trips we're going to be doing
around new brunswick this summer we are here visiting sam's parents i
just finished my quarantine you had been done for a little while
right and we thought a little getaway would be a fun way to celebrate
after being locked up for 14 days so yeah right now we are in lower
queensbury and it's so nice out here it's so peaceful
that's the amazing thing about this province is like you can be based in a
city and you know you're 20 or 30 minutes
away from lakes rivers wilderness it's awesome it's so
easy to escape the urban uh environment i mean uh new brunswick has
so much to offer guys it's a very underrated province in
canada and uh it's not to be missed well we have crawled into our little
tent feeling pretty cozy in here hi i got my
beer but he said don't get me on camera i'm
feeling double chinned well you know what we had we had two
desserts and i ate most of them so i'm feeling
feeling pretty full but it is really really
nice inside the tent i can't wait to to go to sleep for it to be bedtime it's
only like 8 p.m right now so still a bit too early yeah i think
we're gonna have the best sleep just the sounds of nature
and this is a very very comfortable setup
yeah like you said the swaying back and forth the comfortable mattress
and we also have a rain cover that we're going to be putting on top just in case
we get a shower yeah unexpectedly our airbnb host actually came down here and
put the rain cover for us because there was some pretty dark
clouds uh rolling our way but they seemed to
have passed they skipped us they skipped us but who knows what's
gonna happen when you're sleeping right yeah it does look a bit cloudy in the
horizon so we'll see hopefully no rain yeah but either way i think we're gonna
get a good night's sleep out in nature it's so windy
like you can just hear the leaves rustling
all around you yep so yeah we're feeling pretty relaxed
but we are loving it here um just couldn't be more relaxing
yeah about nature yeah i think i may want to get a tent like this
this is pretty cool it is
hello hello welcome to the tent humble mode here
in the forest it's a pretty comfortable abode
it is extremely comfortable it's more comfortable than the bed we're staying
better than i i could stay here are you are you insulting yourself no
i'm not insulting it but i am saying this is more comfortable
okay yes it is pretty cozy it feels good no bugs today apparently there's rain
coming later tonight or so we've been told we have a rain
cover that we're gonna put down just before we sleep
yeah and our host kindly offered uh to give us one of the rooms in her bnb
yeah so if it starts raining she's like oh you can come in
saunter up saunter up the hill yeah i don't we won't we won't as long as
it's not crazy windy crazy rainy yeah we're gonna do this in fact i'd
love a bit of rain so let's turn the camera around and show
people how much space we have let's show them our feet
check out the feet sophie
good morning over there good morning world what time is it seven
yeah seven sam's been up for a while since four hours
and he's been very hyper like every five or ten minutes
shall we get up yet are we there yet do you want to get up yet wanna get up are
you awake are you doing it enjoying the land of
the living oh my gosh i had a hard time falling asleep to be
honest i was up for a few hours just because it was super windy
and i kept thinking like oh my gosh it's a branch gonna fall in the tent
really i just i was just like naive i just went to sleep right away
yeah no i i was up for a bit i don't know if it rained
i don't think i heard rain if it did rain it was very it's like it rains
there's no signs of it that's really yeah outside there was plenty of wind
though yeah very windy so you could hear like
the wrestling of the branches and the leaves
yeah um but it was really nice having the fresh breeze blowing through
we kept the fly off for a bit until it got really dark and then we thought okay
let's put it back on because if it does start to rain like we don't want to be
fumbling at like one in the morning with flashlights how does this work yeah um
overall i thought it was comfortable a nice place to sleep though
yeah yeah it's it's pretty cozy um once we put the fly on
i was also worried it would get like really hot and stuffy but it didn't
no it cooled down immensely yeah i actually ended up putting on a little
sweater you had your vest so yeah i'd say we had a fairly decent
night's sleep um this morning it's quite overcast it's
just very gray completely different weather yeah yeah
completely different from yesterday we were so lucky to get sunshine yesterday
but i'm kind of enjoying the the more atmospheric
yeah it'll be good for hiking i feel like we'll be able to go for a longer
hike and oh yeah oh my gosh or hot
yeah that's for sure so yeah that was our experience
sleeping in a tree tent a suspended tree tent for the very first time would you
do it again oh for sure yeah yeah and now i think we're gonna go
up the hill over to the bed and breakfast because
our host told us she's gonna have some muffins ready for us
apparently with locally sourced raspberries local raspberries that she
picked herself so yeah this is the tent this morning
voila this is what it looks like it's kind of messy huh um a little
bit no but oh i noticed um last night
that we actually have these little pouches here where you can put you know
your your glasses your water bottle i had the
microphone there and just like little things that you don't want to lose in
the middle of the night your phone cool like these almost like hidden
accessories yeah areas and i also like these little
things um to tie up the the net
so that you can enjoy the view you can just keep it open
breakfast time breakfast time you ready oh yeah he's ready
okay so we are up in the cabin right now um the bed and breakfast is just over on
the side it's called the roaring 20s bnb and then whoever stays in the treetop
tent has this private space so basically we have
access to a kitchen a living area there's wi-fi we have a
bathroom shower toilet sink so very comfortable
because even you're sleeping outdoors you kind of have all the comforts of a
little bit of a glamping here but the reason we picked up the camera
is because today we are learning how to make pour
over coffee i feel like i've been developing a taste
for coffee lately it took me a while with
wine we eventually got there taking me a while with coffee maturing
taste buds in your shirting taste buds but i've never made pour over
coffee before and they've left us instructions so what
better time to learn right and we've got some farmers market blend
coffee from sussex new brunswick yes we do so
another local product to try medium roast slightly nutty and sweet
piccadilly coffee roasters that's good to me so it says boil the
kettle we did that yep fold the filter at the bottom and side
crimps so we're gonna fold place the filter in
the holder okay so now we have to wet the filter
with boiling water and we discard that discarded i will i'm
in charge of the discarding duty
wait wait wait so first experience over coffee
served i'll tell you the aroma is wonderful
yeah yeah it tastes really good we've been having a lot of instant coffee
lately so this is a massive upgrade
oh that is delectable such a nice moist muffin these are delicious this is
exactly what i want just a couple little bites to go with my
coffee i'm definitely in my happy place here
well guys we are back in macta quack and we're going to be doing
the little mat to quack trail once again we are the only ones here
we have been pretty lucky every time we've gone hiking we've been the only
people on the trail this time we're the only vehicle in the
parking lot so i don't think we're gonna run into
anyone else uh it's just a bit of a great day so i think
maybe people decided yeah we're not hiking today sometimes
i just enjoy hiking a bit more when it's kind of overcast
like this because you can go for longer without getting
drained by the heat and humidity yeah it's a really nice morning
we had a good breakfast some muffins some
coffee samuel is looking for birds have you found any birds oh no yeah i
hear them but i haven't i haven't spotted them
he's got the zoom yeah uh so yeah we're gonna hit
the trail let's go
uh guys we found raspberries we sure did
after having those delicious raspberry muffins this morning couldn't
help but grab one from the wild yeah it's raspberry season
beautifully tart yeah oh yeah i love these
these are so good in muffins i'd also i love a jam
raspberry jam too there's so many of them like all along this trail
it's just raspberry bushes on either side
so if you get hungry while you're hiking pick some berries indeed you know this
reminds me of when we were hiking in patagonia and we were picking
blackberries along the side of the trail that's right the salsa right
now it wasn't quite lunchtime but we'd had a small breakfast and that hike
through the woods really opened up our appetite so we
decided to enjoy a little picnic right there and then
it is now time for our picnic time to make use of this trusty cooler we boiled
from my dad we've got um we're gonna be making
picnic sandwiches we've got assorted meat salami
prosciutto we've got buns it's a nice ice cold
water couldn't be doing this without an
argentine goat so nice this is totally awesome it comes in
perfect for this still got some leftover lobster chips
we have oh my mom's famous oatmeal molasses cookies
we've already gobbled up two of them those are very good it's dessert
we've got cheese we got granola bars which i don't think we're gonna have
right now and the other bun oh yeah
that's everything we need excellent let's get started meat and cheese lover
sandwich guys it's just overflowing with me cheese
that's what i need after a nice long drink and the best part
mom's cookies oatmeal molasses cookies she made these just before we left
it was as a surprise very nice of her
best dessert well guys unfortunately all good things come to an
end the trip is over yeah we hope you guys enjoyed joining us
for our first tree tent camping experience and a bit
of hiking here in makta kwak yeah we loved it i mean i would i would
easily go and do another night yeah and well we have
a few more trips planned here around new brunswick
with unique accommodations and also a fun visit to grand manan
yeah so yeah stay tuned for those videos right now we're gonna
drive back to fredericton freddie beach yes
freddie beach is only 20 or 30 minutes away so back into the city but uh yeah
just goes to show you that you can easily escape out into nature here
and yet brunswick has so many great options yeah matt quack's amazing i love
the hiking trails here yeah me too so that is all for today thank
you once again for joining us on this adventure and
we'll see you in the next video if you enjoyed this video and would like
to see more tiny houses and unusual accommodations as we explore canada
hit that subscribe button and click that notification bell so you don't miss any
of our upcoming videos see you soon


Our First TREE TENT CAMPING Experience in New Brunswick, CANADA⛺ | Sleeping in the TENTSILE CONNECT?

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