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The stock market is hitting a record high.
People who have invested at the bottom of this crash doubled or, in some cases, tripled
their money.
Think about it, it took you ten years to save 100 thousand dollars, and you had the opportunity
to save yourself 20 years and triple your money in just 5 months.
I am not even exaggerating! the exact same Tesla stock that used to cost 500 dollars
6 months ago now worth over 1500 dollars.
However, a lot of people missed this opportunity, which comes once in a decade, simply because
they don't know enough about the stock market.
So if you are an investor, please skip this video because we will cover the basics of
the stock market.
What exactly is a stock?
How does the stock market work?
How to buy a stock?
How to find good stocks that will earn you money?
But before we start, make sure to give this video a thumbs up, and if you want to learn
more about the stock market, you can join our community of investors on Patreon.
Stock Market For Absolute Beginners
Here is a simple way to understand the stock market.
Suppose you come up with an idea of selling stuff online.
You hire a bunch of developers to build the website for you.
For the sake of simplification, let's say you decide to name your website amazon.com.
Its a simple and creative name that accidentally crossed your mind.
To make things easier, let's say you start selling books.
Lucky for you, business is going awesome, but you have a problem.
You are making money but not enough to expand faster.
Theoretically, you can start selling everything on your website, from electronics to kitchen
equipment but you need the capital to rent a place and build your infrastructure.
If you are not going to do that your competitor might take advantage of that and will crash
But don't worry.
Here is a brilliant idea.
You can sell a portion of your company and use that money to expand your business.
Lets your company is valued at 100 million dollars.
Divide your company into 1 million stocks, with each stock priced at 100 dollars.
Let's say you could convince an investor to buy hundred thousand stocks for 10 million
Now you have the money to expand your business and that investor gets a 10 percent stake
in your valuable business.
You are doing great, your business is growing fast, but you want to expand even further.
Since you have made a name for yourself there are tons of people in the country or even
worldwide who want to buy a small piece of your company.
But you can't simply sell pieces of your company from your office.
You need to list your company in a place called - the stock market.
Its a market for companies where people come to buy and sell small portions of the companies
called stocks such as the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq.
Since you own 90 percent of your company, let's say you list 200 thousand stocks on
sale in the market and raise millions to expand.
Of course, we have oversimplified everything here, but that is a general idea.
But most of the stocks in the stock market are not sold by the companies directly, but
rather by people who have purchased them when the company listed their stocks for the first
time, that's known as IPO - initial public offering.
If you hit the stock market to buy some apple stock, you probably won't be buying them from
Apple directly, but from someone else who owns a bunch of them and wants to sell them,
Maybe he purchased them last year, and the price has doubled since then, and now he wants
to sell them to make a profit.
Broker - The middleman you need
Unfortunately, you can't get into your car, drive to the stock market, find an apple store,
and buy some Apple shares.
That's not how it works.You need the middle man who has a relationship with the stock
exchange market - they are known as Brokers - it can either be an individual, or a firm
or even your local bank.
It's pretty much like real estate.
You can't purchase a house directly from the previous owner.
You need someone who is licensed to buy or sell real estate, such as a real estate agent.
So if you want to buy Apple, Amazon, or whatever shares from the stock market, you need to
find a broker.
Usually, they have to get paid for their hard work for helping you to buy or sell stocks
by charging you a small commission fee.
it could be a fixed amount per trade or a fixed percentage of the total trade.
Most banks today also provide such a service, but recently there has been a lot of innovation
in this industry.
In 2013, two guys from California launched an app called Robinhood, a broker agency that
made buying and selling stocks possible from the comfort of your smartphone.
The best part of it is that it's completely free.
How do you make money in the stock market
Now, since you know what exactly is a stock, and how to buy one.
You are probably wondering why you should buy stocks at all?
I mean, why would you give the money you have earned with blood and sweat to these multi-billion
dollar corporations that make so much money that they can buy entire countries.
Well, let's say hypothetically company A produces and sells cars and has a total number of 1000
shares, where each share costs 100 dollars.
So the total value of the entire company is 100,000 dollars.
If let's say next year company A builds another factory, hires more people, and eventually
sells more cars, the company's total value will rise, let's say to 130K dollars.
But since the company consists of 1000 stocks where each cost 100 dollars, individually
each stock will increase by 30 dollars since the company as a whole rose by 30 percent.
So if you have purchased one stock from company A last year for 100 dollars, today it would
worth 130 dollars, you can sell it make a profit of 30 dollars.
In other words, when you are investing in the stock market, you are buying portions
of businesses, which are called stocks, and as these businesses grow, so the value of
your stock.
But you may wonder if by buying a stock I become the owner of a certain portion of the
company, shouldn't they share with me the profits the company makes.
Yes, they have to!
They are known as dividends.
Apple, for example, paid a dividend of over 3 dollars for each stock last year.
why stock prices changes.
By now, you probably think that, instead of saving money, I can buy stocks, and my wealth
will grow.
Theoretically yeah!
One of the companies that grew really fast in the recent decade was apple since iPhone
sales were increasing year after year.
In 2014 a single apple stock use to cost around 100 dollars.
Six years later as the company kept expanding and intruding on more products and increasing
their sales, the stock price rose to 379 at the time of my writing this script.
In other words, your 100 dollars invested in Apple would worth 379 dollars.
When you buy a single share, it doesn't make a big difference.
But let's say you have invested 100 thousand dollars, your investment would worth 379K
dollars, you have more than tripled your investment in just six years.
But before you throw your money into the stock market because it looks so easy, hear me out
because there is a catch.
Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.
Because these stocks are listed on the public exchange, the numbers of factors that influence
the price of the stock are too many and often, the price of the stock doesn't represent the
real value of the company.
Let's say hypothetically.
There is an electric car company that gets a lot of hype around it.
For the sake of simplicity, let's call it Tesla.
The company might generate a lot of hype around because its CEO is a marketing genius.
A lot of people might get excited and start purchasing Tesla stocks, and according to
the laws of economics, when the demand outweighs the supply, the price increases.
The price might double or triple in a matter of a few months, but its real value didn't
double or triple.
The demand artificially increased it.
In the last six months, Tesla stock increased from around 500 dollars to 1500 dollars.
Tesla is a great company and doing great things, and it will probably be super-profitable sometime
in the future but from an investment point of view, the stock price today doesn't represent
the value of the company which means its overvalued which means sooner or later, the price will
fall to its true value.
As an investor, you either want to buy stocks of companies that represent their true value
or stocks that are undervalued because both will rise in the future.
Of course, that's not an easy job.
You have analysis companies, read their financial statements, assess their business models and
make rational decisions based on facts and numbers, which is what we teach here on this
However, if you want to know where I invest my money, you can follow me on Patreon, you
will be the first to know.
I will also explain why I have invested in that company.
You can ask me questions, and I will gladly answer all of them all.
Other than that, thanks for watching, and I will see you in the next video.


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