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  • What's up attackers! Bethany here on Wednesday May 14th with your daily gaming news from

  • Today we have World of Warcraft changing things.... weird. Sony has let us

  • know that they've lost a shit ton of money this year and another free expansion has dropped

  • for Neverwinter Online. I also have a few other little MMO stories it wouldn't hurt

  • knowing about, so stick around. Your daily XP starts now!

  • Fellow World of Warcraft kin, breaking news for those of us alliance players, (yes i've

  • always been alliance, don't shame me.) Blizzard has introduced a new female blood elf design,

  • complete with more refined eyebrows, eyes, hands, and a touch up to her muscle definition.

  • She has also been given pointy fingernails to give her more of a feral vibe. This design

  • follows enhancements to a number of Bizzard's older character models, including the female

  • orc, the human female and the Tauren.

  • Crazy news for Sony today as they've made public their financial results for the fiscal

  • year ending March 31, 2014, revealing a billion-dollar overall loss despite rising sales. Some reasons

  • believed for this mind-bending loss include aggressive restructuring with the PC business

  • being sold off, and the TV business getting spun out. Despite Sony offices around the

  • world being sold, along with shares in companies like Square Enix, the Japanese giant has been

  • unable to ease the losses. The company is expecting another big loss of $487 million

  • over the next year, but after that, the company should be in a stronger position to hunt for

  • profit.

  • Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today told us that the third free Module expansion

  • for Neverwinter Online, Curse of Icewind Dale, is now live. The latest free update gives

  • players the chance to explore iconic Icewind Dale locations from throughout the Forgotten

  • Realms universe, accompanied by new open world PvP options and new Heroic Encounters that

  • pit player against player in quest based objectives. A brand new resource has also been introduced,

  • Black Ice. This resource will be necessary to craft some of the most powerful items in

  • the game, but there's a catch. It can only be mined in open world PvP areas, forcing

  • players to risk life and limb if they hope to impress with the new armor and weapons

  • available with Black Ice.

  • I've got a couple of quick MMO stories here for you as well. City of Steam revealed some

  • of the new features coming in patch 2.6, most notably a revamped PvP and a high level dungeon

  • called the Tower of Peril. Zombies, Monsters and Robots announced that their closed beta

  • will begin on May 27th. You can sign up for access at And a new skin for

  • SMITE's Ah Muzen Cab was released. The Dark Whisperer skin is like an ugly purple sea

  • demon with a dirty tentacle mouth thing. We've got codes on our Facebook page right now!

  • Alright, that's all i have for you today. Be sure to like this video and subscribe to

  • to get a breaking gaming news video like this every weekday! Follow us on

  • instagram @MMOAttack and send us any important stories you think we may have missed. Bye~

What's up attackers! Bethany here on Wednesday May 14th with your daily gaming news from


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