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  • deciding to move to Japan workers.


  • Linguistic five years was easily the biggest decision I've made in my entire life.


  • I've never lived abroad.


  • I never learned a foreign language, and I never taught English either.


  • And quite honestly, the thought of standing in front of 40 school kids for 20 hours a week scared the absolute tele hub.


  • Naturally, a lot of people ask me why I came here.


  • There was no one reason, but ultimately it revolved around a combination of ambition, romanticism and fear.


  • Orbit nine with 1st 2 decades of your life, you're kind of on an academic conveyor belt, going through school, doing tests and exams every year without really thinking that far ahead.


  • And then for many people when they reach the age of 18 and they come off the academic convertible when they graduate from school.


  • All of a sudden they have no plan and no sense of direction.


  • And that was me when I graduated from school back in 2008.


  • I knew I wanted to go to university, but I didn't really know what course I wanted to take, so I took film studies because it was the only thing I was good at the only courses I've done well in where media and film.


  • I go on a in a in a business.


  • I got Bay and in English I got C So it was great and I thought Golf University and become the next Martin Scorsese and it was gonna be magical.


  • But they're suddenly around September, which is when you start university in the UK I realized becoming Martin Scorsese is not that easy.


  • And all of a sudden I realized there was probably making a big mistake on After speaking to some film studies graduates on my local supermarket, I realized that studying film university probably wasn't the best thing to do.


  • So I postponed my degree on Take a Gap year to get sense of direction and get some clarity on who I waas on what I was doing.


  • So in September 2008 with all my closest friends going off to university, I went off in the other direction and start planning my gap here.


  • Now some people spend their gap here traveling the world, swimming with dolphins and building villages in Africa.


  • And to me, that's what I wanted to do.


  • I wanted a year of unbridled adventure and discovery was gonna is gonna be amazing.


  • And then I got a full time office job staring at Excel spreadsheets for 40 hours a week.


  • And it was the worst year of my life ever.

    それで映画学科に進んだ 唯一の得意科目だったからね

  • Having finished school and delayed my degree for a year, I now found myself in an office job in an energy company, just moving numbers around a spreadsheet five days a week.


  • My adventurous plans to travel around the world were destroyed by my lack of money on, even though I had two jobs, the relatively small amount money I made just about covered my monthly expenses.

    ビジネスがB 英語はCだった

  • That certainly wasn't enough for any riel overseas travel on.


  • After a few months, I just became depressed as I realized my gap here wasn't going anywhere, just nothing rubbish for someone like me.

    だから大学では映画を勉強して第2のマーティン ・スコセッシになろうと思ったんだ

  • He likes to be creative.


  • He likes to make things.


  • Being trapped in an office job with absolutely no creativity was just a horrific fate to be consigned.

    急に悟ったんだよね マーティン・スコセッシへの道は果てしなく遠いし

  • Teoh.


  • But it was while I was working this mind numbing office job that my imagination started to take over, sitting at that desk for hours on end, doing nothing of any real value.


  • I became obsessed with the idea off entrepreneurship, and I got addicted to reading autobiographies and biographies of self made millionaires.


  • People who had come from nothing on got on to do great things on while started sitting at this desk doing nothing, I became consumed by this idea.


  • I started my own business one day in the future, and it became a bit of a running joke with my colleagues.


  • I side sitting there on my lunch break reading books, as opposed to sitting with the usual crowd.


  • I didn't mind at first.


  • I found it quite funny.


  • But when I started talking about my dreams and my ambitions about starting a business, I kind of was met with lots of pessimism on laughter.


  • Everyone was kind of very dismissive.


  • In the UK, you'll find people who are ambitious to kind of shot down and ridiculed.


  • More often than not, he tells someone about your plans, your plans to do something great, you usually just be dismissed on.


  • Uh, yeah, you just kind of put you down.


  • It's quite the opposite to America in that regard, where everyone believes they can do something great and there's a real sense of entrepreneurship embedded in the culture.


  • But after six months of reading all these stories of entrepreneurs and becoming completely consumed by the idea of starting a business, I came to the worrying realization.


  • I lack the self confidence in the sort of self belief to ever become an entrepreneur.


  • Andi, I knew I would never succeed.


  • So I came to the conclusion.


  • The only way I was gonna ever level up was to do something really bold and out of character for me at the time.


  • I just I did.


  • I would give myself the ultimate challenge of living and working abroad on learning any language in a completely different country on throw myself into the thick of it University.


  • Quite honestly, this idea of living and working abroad really scared me, really was outside my compensation on the area of the world.


  • I knew I wanted to try living in Asia because I wanted to see the world from a completely different perspective.

    エクセルの数字をひたすら動かしていくだけの仕事を 週5でやってた

  • I figured if I could live in the country in Asia on try and acquire a new language and adapt to a different culture than I could probably feel like I could do anything, and I knew as it was outside my comfort zone, there was a chance that it might work.


  • After doing some research online, I discovered the easiest job to get overseas was in English teaching job.


  • So in early 2009 I switched my degree from film to business on English linguistics.


  • The final piece of the puzzle fell into place in April 2009 when I went to visit my then girlfriend.


  • He was on a ski season in the French Alps, having the time of her life, which I definitely wasn't envious about.


  • It was on the trip to France that fake kind of jumped in and steered the direction my life would take.


  • On the flight over, I found myself sitting next to a friendly middle aged couple, Onda.


  • We chatted for the duration of the two hour flight.


  • We go on to the inevitable subject of what I wanted to do after university.

    僕みたいにクリエイティブなことが好きで ものを作るのが好きな人からすると

  • Andi.


  • I told them that I wanted to go and travel the world on, become an English teacher on live from work overseas, as luck or fate or destiny or coincidence would have it.


  • Their daughter was working as an English teacher in Japan on the Japan Exchange teaching program.


  • The jet program on do.


  • They told me of their daughters amazing experiences in Japan on Apparently, she was having the time of her life and further out the duration of the flight.


  • They sold this idea to me, this idea of living and working in Japan.


  • After I got off the plane, there was a four hour coach journey from the airport to the ski resort on for the entire four hour journey.


  • I just kept thinking of this crazy and exciting idea of living working in Japan whilst listening to Phil Collins because for some reason it was the only artist I had on my phone at the time.


  • But I didn't know a great deal about Japanese culture.


  • I've never really been into animal mango.


  • I watched quite few Japanese films and lots of films set in Japan on I had lots of images and misconceptions about the country, but it was I was excited by what I didn't know about the country and what I could learn rather than what I already knew.


  • I just pictured myself walking through these beautiful rice fields and temples, singing karaoke E and drinking beer with strangers and salary men having romantic encounters like Lost in Translation.


  • I always wanted to visit the country that two weeks just didn't seem like enough.


  • It was so far away that I never thought I'd ever be able to go on.


  • I realized by living and working there, I'd really be able to absorb the culture and truly appreciate the country and the language in the people.


  • And so by the time the coach pulled up with ski resort, remember getting off with this idea that I was going to live work in Japan.


  • In fact, I remember saying to my girlfriend when I got off the bus, I've decided to move to Japan on Duh.


  • I don't think she took me too seriously on to be honest, No, even I to myself that seriously.


  • But my mind was made up there.


  • And then it was from then on that I started to read and learn about the culture on the next few years through my awful boring job through a degree that I didn't really enjoy in university studies, that board May Japan was my guiding star.


  • This idea of living and working.


  • Japan gave me a sense of direction and purpose, and it made me realize the importance of having a dream and a sense of direction and a because after that, I became really motivated for the first time ever, actually put some serious effort into more academic studies in 3.5 years later, off that decision on that fast, lo and behold, I found myself sitting in a chair in my tiny apartment, swinging about noisy hall, having stood in front of hundreds of people and spoken in Japanese manage classrooms with 4 18 ages in just learned how to read and communicate in a completely alien language.


  • All my confidence issues and lack of self belief completely disappeared, faded away, and I feel what can truly do anything I want.


  • Now if there's one thing I wanted to take away from this video is I have a dream.


  • Be bold, make it scary, make it challenging and then go on, do it.


  • Push yourself out of comfort zone on.


  • You will feel amazing when you go off in triumph.

    でも同時に不安もあった 僕は元々自分に自信がなかったし

deciding to move to Japan workers.



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