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  • climate change is probably going to require a 1,000,000 people to figure out that we could not possibly have done before.

  • Ah, way Told about the corroboration by one million people's, it will be happening in the near future.

  • It seems like you're always looking at the possibilities off when a lot of people networked on the crop, right?

  • I would say, You know, things like from the Internet to the Web, Slack to Facebook.

  • These are all primarily tools of collaborative, and that's what you're doing.

  • You're sharing gossip.

  • You're showing pictures of your cat, so that's a trivial use.

  • But there are so many other things we could do if we could collaborate in time.

  • And they require a lot more sophisticated tools if you make.

  • If you have a 1,000,000 people working on it together, if your idea is passed on and someone else modifies it, how do we track that credit on?

  • And so we're going to invent these new tools for collaboration and cooperation, its scale of the planet with millions of people, maybe billions of people working on something together that we could not possibly have done before because before you needed to be in one room together and how many people we can fit in one room its own.

  • That's 10 people.

  • So there will be some problems for them because some of the things that people will want to do will be not a good way.

  • Maybe we don't agree with it.

  • Maybe they're criminals gathering together so we could have scored that.

  • But we have a new resource, which is the collaboration of humans in a guy at M I.

  • T.

  • Tom alone caused the super minds.

  • My mind's yes, our minds are just not AI.

  • They're just human minds, that air collaborating in a way that we could never collaborate before.

  • So would you think that if we need or some some other technologies to mid walk will help actually do that super mind?

  • Think one of the new technologies hamming is the brain mind computer interface?

  • Yes, so the way one way to do super minds, besides collaborating, actually have mawr of our minds connected to connect our minds directly.

  • Is that me just remind actually marching with someone else or you could do that?

  • So that's where the possibility is telephony.

  • So where you actually have people's minds coming together, cooperating in a way direct.

  • The other one is psychedelics.

  • Mm.

  • Okay, so there's a whole new It's a resurgence psychedelics in the US We haven't really had the research to do that because the research was illegal.

  • Might go full on the world about Alex.

  • So that eight of the new way people kind of now looking at the new possibilities.

  • We still can't even imagine what will happen.

  • That margin.

  • How about both change?

  • Or, you know, you said just that you need to track the small kind of contribution about four project and is going to be useful.

  • But it's going to be useful, for it's not clear the black chain first is used for Bitcoin.

  • Yes, it's.

  • We'll see what happens with crypto currencies.

  • Think technologies.

  • The inventor has one idea, but usually the technologies are not used.

  • The video doesn't know it's going to be used for, actually hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe tens of thousands of different start ups people trying to invite.

  • But so far we haven't really found something that we can not do in any other way, and what type or millions people project you join.

  • If you had a chance.

  • One climate change.

  • Probably gonna require a 1,000,000 people to figure out.

  • I think there's infrastructural things that would require people working together.

  • I think some of the more difficult scientific problems quantum gravity, dark energy.

  • Maybe they require a 1,000,000 scientists working together to solve that, for instance.

  • Okay, The kind of technology I'm talking about.

  • Artificial reality, virtual reality world.

  • Maybe there are certain things to skin all the buildings in the world ever everything uploaded.

  • Maybe that requires a 1,000,000 people.

  • When I say we're going together, I'm around the world doing anything at a planetary scale you want to have could require a planetary scale cooperation.

climate change is probably going to require a 1,000,000 people to figure out that we could not possibly have done before.


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