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- What's your vibe?
- I play Magic, I play Cribbage.
- I feel like you are a magician.
This jacket is full of secrets.
Maybe, high school drop out vibe?
- Fuck me!
(mischievous music)
- Hi. - Hi.
- [Interviewer] What's your name?
- I'm Allen.
- I'm Curtis.
- I'm Blimes. - And I'm Gab.
- Together we're Blimes and Gab.
- We're in a hip hop duo.
- [Interviewer] What's your level of education?
- I have a Bachelor's Degree.
- I dropped out of college.
- I was a mechanical engineer as an undergraduate
then I got a Masters degree in Architecture.
- I've done like a two year program.
School's just like not my vibe.
- [Interviewer] You are going to be guessing
everyone's level of education.
(mischievous music)
- I'm a good person, I swear.
- Hey.
- [Interviewer] Who looks the least educated
out of this group?
- Hmm.
- I'm go wit' you my man.
I think he's trying to throw us off with the suit.
- Lil' try hard?
- Yeah. - Lil' try hard.
- Damn.
Don't worry
I'll be up there in a minute (mumbling)
don't worry (laughing)
I got something for ya. (laughing)
- I'm Sorry man. (mumbling)
- Hello.
Turquoise. - Hi
Nice to meet you. - Andrea, fabulous.
- First impressions.
Rockstar. - Thank you!
- What kind of work do you do?
- I am self-employed.
- And, what kind of work do you do?
- Customer Service.
- (laughs) Self-employed, customer service.
- I work with people.
- (laugh) All right.
- I make them feel good about themselves.
- That's interesting
in the sex trade?
- (laughs) No.
- Okay.
- Let me see
looking at the ends of your hairs.
Let's see.
Okay, maybe you just got a trim.
- I think she went to beauty school.
- Are you an artist?
Like - Yeah.
- I think you do tattoos
and I don't think you need to go to school for that.
(laughs) a high school drop out.
- You were like, "Fuck school (laughing)
"I'm gonna pursue my dreams of
"singing in my screamo emo band."
(laughing) Right?
- So, I dropped out of high school.
- Okay. - You were totally right.
Fuck education.
- Fuck education! - Like
the typical public school route
fuck that!
- Yes!
- And, so I went to cosmetology school.
- Nice!
- I am a hair stylist. - Okay.
- Yeah! (cheering)
Thank you!
- Only because we work with people like you
all the time. - All the time.
- That's what made
made it easy. - We should've worked
with you today.
- Yeah, what the hell?
- You're like giving me like a fratty-bro kind of vibe.
Like the ones that used to pick me up
and throw me out of the parties.
- What kind of work do you do?
- I work in a hospital.
- You work in a hospital.
- I sometimes clean up messes.
- (laughs) Do you contribute to making the messes?
- Yeah.
- You are starting to sound more and more like a doctor.
- How much money do you make?
- 35 thousand cool dollars a year.
- Oh okay. - Okay.
Dammit. (laughing)
- I would hope that you
that you didn't go to college and have that
I mean shit (laughing)
you're paying that much a year to go to school.
- Right, no way you're gonna get out of debt on that.
- I want to say high school diploma
just for your sake, but
- Let's say GED.
I don't think he went to school man.
- Okay, GED.
- You went to a four year university
so you just like party it up a little bit
and you were like, "Fuck it
"I'll like get a communications degree, or something."
And you were just like butt-chugging Coors Light all day.
So was I right?
- No.
- Okay, shoot, not at all.
- Not at all.
- Okay. - I am a PhD student.
- What are you studying?
Why are you
- I'm studying the molecular biology of aging.
(laughs) - How old do you think I am?
- 25.
- Oh my God!
- Are people surprised?
- Sometimes, yeah.
I think I am the second African-American
in the program's history.
- Why are you studying this?
- Oh, it's actually a really selfish reason.
- Nice.
- To see if I could live a long time.
- The PhD is to solidify that higher pay grade, yeah?
- Hopefully.
- I want you to make more money.
- Hello, what's your name?
- Eddy.
- I am so sorry.
- Eddy.
- Eduh.
- Eddy, E-D-D-Y.
- Eduh.
- Eddy. - [Interviewer] Eddy!
- Eddy!
- Yeah! (laughing)
- Where you from Eddy?
- My mom and dad are from Guatemala
but I was born here in Bellevue, Washington.
- Bellevue.
- So, your parents, what are their expectations like?
- Well, they were worried about me like
getting someone pregnant
but that's not gonna happen.
- I think Eddy's in college right now.
- He looks like he is sixteen, I'm very confused.
I would assume he is like still in high school.
Am I right?
- No, I have a bachelor's. (gasps)
- Are your parent's proud of you?
- I think so, like, my mom and dad
neither one of them went to school.
Like my dad does not know how to read or write.
- Is anybody in your family looking up to you?
- My little sisters are about to graduate from high school.
So, they're like applying to college.
So, it's like nice being able to like help them
cause, when I was applying to like college and stuff
like I didn't have any guidance.
- Nice. - Yeah!
- Well tell me about the work you do.
- I do a little graphic design.
I'm a sketch illustrator.
I help with adult entertainment.
- In order to do what you do
you kind of have to have a handle on art history.
I'm just guessing
that you have a bachelor's degree in fine arts?
- Will you take the glasses off for us?
(laughing) - Are those prescr--
Oh yeah, those are - They're very
- super prescription. - It's super
real big.
- Damn, that is a - Yeah.
- very thick lens.
- Yeah it is. - Okay.
- Mm-hmm, we're talking education.
- I can see you being a doctor.
- You give me gamer vibes. - Yes.
- And I feel like gamers
wouldn't go to college.
Am I right?
- I actually have a master's degree.
- Dammit. - It's okay.
- In what?
- College student personnel administration.
- I, to this day, am not really using my degree.
- How much debt are you in.
- I've still got
tens of thousands to go.
It's not great. - That is anxiety.
- Yeah, it's not good.
(mumbles) or life-wise. - And, for something that
you're like not using.
- Yeah, it sucks.
- Come on down Mr. Suit.
- I am Dante.
- What's good Dante?
- {Interviewer] Can you tell me again why he is
- The dumbest looking mother fucker here?
- Why I got to be the dumb mother fucker.
- It is the hair, man.
- The suit with the Jerry Curl.
- Oh you mother (laughing)
- You wanna buy a timeshare from him?
- You're so mean.
- What's your vibe?
- I play Magic, I play Cribbage.
- I feel like you are a magician.
This jacket is full of secrets.
- Maybe, high school drop out vibe.
You were like, "Fuck it.
"I wanna be a magician."
- (laughs) What the fuck?
- Looks like your hair is nice and moisturized.
- Yes ma'am.
- Okay, cool, cool, cool.
- Oh, there's a ring.
(gasps) Okay, okay, I am going with
and a watch.
You're a car salesman.
- Fuck! (laughing)
- You have a high school diploma and that's
you've stopped.
Maybe you started working there in high school.
You're like the detailer, I don't know.
- Fuck. - Oh!
This is getting so much worse!
- Yes, it is! - Why am I?
- What the fuck is wrong wit' you?
- Am I right?
- Fuck no.
- Oh.
- Jesus Christ. - Okay.
- About like all of it?
- All of it!
No, no! - Aah!
- Have you ever seen a black magician?
I've never even seen one. - That is the magic of it.
(laughing) - Oh my fuck!
- I went to Morehouse College on an academic scholarship.
- I've got a AA, a BA and a Master's degree.
- You're amazing.
- What did you get your Master's in?
- Athletic administration.
My bachelors and my AA are in IT.
I used to teach SQL.
I used to teach HTML, CSS and all that.
I make all my white students call me Master.
- Oh my God (laughs nervously)
- You're like a PhD bitch.
- Why do you say that?
- You're so intimidating
I feel like you can like read into my soul
and you were like taught in school how to do that for like
- You have small hands.
- I, yes. (laughing)
- That means you type.
- [Interviewer] So you think?
- She is a type typer.
The people who do the coding thing.
Do you have to go to college for that?
- Yes.
- Yeah, that's right. (laughing)
You're the guy. (laughing)
Bachelor's in
- No.
- I do have a PhD. (applause)
- Wow, oh my God. - Yay.
- I could see it. - Good on you.
- I could see it.
- Okay. - Okay, in what?
- Anthropology.
- Okay, I took in that my freshman year
at WSU. - Oh, okay.
- Fuckin' hated it.
- What do you do with your degree?
- I am a post-doc.
- What is a post-doc?
- Basically, it is a continuation of your training.
If you wanna stay in academia
and go on to the professoriate.
- That sounds boring. (laughing)
- Are you a doctor?
- I am a doctor?
- What is your last name?
- Cruz.
- Dr. Cruz!
- Yes!
- Hi, I am Curtis, sorry, what was your name?
- Serene, nice to meet you. - Serene, nice to meet you.
You're very polite and put together.
I think do some school.
- Oh, you definitely went to college.
- (laughs) Yeah.
So, we got that out the way.
- Uh-huh.
- What level?
- (laughs) Right.
- Hmm. - Hmm.
Maybe a Master's.
- I don't know.
- Do you know what a cohort is?
- Mm-mm.
- No Master's.
- I definitely think you're a doctor.
- Okay.
- Yeah, like a gyno.
I trust you with my vagina. - Why?
- Tell me about your work.
- I am a project engineer for an electrical company.
- So I've worked with a lot of project engineers.
- Okay.
I'll say you have a bachelor's degree in some sort.
Am I right?
- Nope.
- I graduated high school, so I just have a diploma.
- I've worked with some really good project engineers
that never went to college.
Do you feel you're treated differently
because you don't have a degree?
- To a certain extent, yes.
- Do you regret not getting a degree?
- No.
- I did a little - Okay.
- like, less than a year of college
and I decided that I was doing it
for my family, not for myself.
- Good for you.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
- Hi, I am Angie.
- Hi, Angie.
- What kind of work do you do?
- I work with kids that have a troubled past.
- Did you come from a troubled past?
- I did. - Uh-huh.
- I'm saying your education is
maybe high school.
- Do you have siblings?
- I do.
- Are you the oldest, youngest?
- Yes, I am the oldest of seven.
- You wanted to be a leader.
- Mm-hmm.
- She went to school.
I think like a four year.
- [Interviewer] In what?
- Something that like I might find like kind of boring.
You know what I mean? - (laughs) I like
that you just called me boring.
- No, no, no. - It's great.
- I think that you, like
Oh my God I am sweating.
- Education is important if you work with kids.
- Working with kids doesn't mean that you went to school.
I know too many people that
maybe shouldn't be working with kids
that probably should have went to school.
I don't think she went to school.
- Not to college? - Mm-mm.
High school?
- Yeah.
- So, you're right, but you're also wrong.
- Okay, like that.
- My mom kicked me out when I was 17.
- Okay.
- I help raise my siblings
but, with that I had to miss a lot of school.
I wasn't able to finish that last year of high school
but, I did end up going back to school.
Completed my Bachelor's in law and justice
with a Minor in Psychology
and I'm now continuing on to my Master's in Criminology.
- Wow (laughs)
- Nice, okay. - Damn.
- Nice, the underdog. - Totally not expecting that.
- How much of your upbringing
led to what you decided to pursue and study?
- Working with juvenile offenders.
It's funny, you can pull up my name and you can say
"Oh hey, I got in trouble."
But this is part of my past
and I wanna help kids work on their past.
I had certain teachers and individuals
I could go talk to.
I just want to help people
the way that other people helped me.
- So nice meeting you.
- It's so nice meeting you too.
- [Interviewer] How was this?
- I think we - Shut the fuck.
- We might have made a lot of enemies today.
- [Interviewer] Who's now the enemy of Blimes and Gab?
- I know he's probably like - They said I was dumb.
- "God damn." - They said I was dumb, yeah.
- We didn't say dumb.
We just said the least educated.
- [Interviewer] Now say something smart about education.
- Ah!
That's the rudest thing anyone's ever asked me to do.
- [Interviewer] Say something poignant about
- Boignant?
- [Interviewer] Poignant.
- [Interviewer] Yeah.
- Do you guys know what the fuck poignant means?
- Yes. - Yeah.
- Yes we do, we have degrees.
- I don't know. - It's okay, I don't know.
- [Interviewer] All right, thank you.
- Yeah.
Okay, nice to meet you.


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