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hi Peanuts fans on page sporadic.
I work at Charles Schulz, a studio in Northern California.
And today I'm gonna show you guys how to draw Franklin.
We're gonna drop Franklin, and I'm thinking what we should do.
It would be nice is a side view of Franklin walking, So I'm gonna figure out where his head's gonna go.
Nice light circle to go back over dark in this later.
Put his neck kind of in the middle of his head right here.
It's cool where he is, so he's got on a jacket.
So that's a caller.
He's kind of a triangle shape.
Yes, characters have really short legs.
So I'm just gonna lightly sketch where his legs go, and not not very well defined these.
So if you draw, like, really specific knees on these characters, then they look off model.
Okay, then we're gonna just roughing worse.
Its characters have these little low fred feet.
It's funny, cause the toes, the heels almost come out as faras The toes on Schultz is characters feet, Not much shoulder or elbow either.
Although I'm gonna do this where his hand is in his pocket.
So we're going to see a little bit of a little bit occur in his arm.
That looks like an elbow.
All right, Now I've drawn a circle, but I'm gonna do Franklin.
We're gonna drop Franklin profile, so I'm gonna put a lot.
Here is a point of reference.
Gonna tell me where this year is going to go with a nice big here and where his nose is gonna end up.
So this is about the bottom where his nose is gonna be.
But have his forehead come in here.
I was slightly figuring out where his nose is gonna go.
I'll come back and dark in later.
Shake a little bit wrong.
You bring that up just a little bit.
That's why you drove like this.
You can go back and fix it if you get slightly off.
All right?
I'm sort of like in the shape of this don't quite have another jury.
The funny thing about shows his characters is there so deceptively simple that if you get the least little line off, they start to not look right.
See how I'm doing this collar a little bit started dark in this just to make sure I have things in the right position.
He usually wore straight hands.
Sometimes she's had little souls on releases, all right.
And then he had curly hair right at the top of his head right here.
Schultz didn't feel it all the way and it didn't come all the way down is back.
Back of his head.
It kind of stopped right there, but hiss.


How to Draw Franklin

42 タグ追加 保存
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