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in this video, I'm going to show you guys how to make a Japanese bento at a die.
So 100 yen store.
All right, so we found these dope bento tools and the 100 years or the other day.
So in this video, we're gonna make some happy bentos are bento tools for today are based cutter Ouch Ham Cutter, Weiner Cutter double Ouch and rice roll Shaky shake.
Let's begin with the rifles because that's how we roll.
First we've got add some color and seasoning to the rice you cut is upon flavor putting cocky and noted Thoma is an egg and seaweed flavored footy.
Don't go crazy with it, though.
Use just enough to color the rice and mix it till it's even mixing, mixing.
I like it like that now to bust out the 1st 2 shaky shake if you're gonna add a feeling like cucumbers or, oh, just fill it halfway.
But today ain't nobody got time for Dad, so we're filling it completely with rice.
Now shake what your mama gave you.
See easy as a $2 taxi ride.
Oh, but make sure to shake it in the same direction or Russell Rice will come out wonky.
But who would be dumb enough to do that?
Right now, you're only gonna need to use half of the naughty sheep.
And if you didn't know, nobody has two sides, just like Michael in the morning.
Make sure to present the shiny smooth side on the outside and chicken just a bit more to finish it off.
You know what I'm saying?
Honestly, though, I feel like I could just roll this darn thing easier with my hand.
But any It should be fun for the kids sees now, the face cutter.
You got a punch It really strong, or it won't go through the nori.
Oh, man, it's stuck.
Oh, man, this one got really stuck.
Ah, yes.
Not too shabby.
Now we're going to make some ham flowers with this ham cutter.
Each side can make a different size of flour.
I'm gonna use a smaller side.
Meat is difficult to cut.
You need to go up and down like this to make sure it cuts all the way through.
But wow, this is a good looking piece of am.
I kind of feel like I can just use a knife.
So I guess this one, too, is still fun for the kids.
And the larger flower looks like this.
Now moving on to the highly anticipated Weiner decoration.
Try to get these red tiny sausages at store.
Let's words make an octopus.
This tool is actually useful, as I wouldn't be able to cut it as precisely with a knife you'd octopus face.
This'll a cutter is a bit hard to use.
Ah, they can get a bit messy now.
The crab.
Gosh, this one doesn't pass through easily, either.
Oh no, this dude's eyes are crossed.
You can also make a cute chicken or pig to you.
Now time to make garnish flower or start or whatever you like with this yellow cutter.
Easy peasy.
Get into the legs, spread out.
All right, now it's under parents.
Tyler Bento Box.
We're going to make some ham, chicken, chicken.
Just dick enema May beans into the hole and add some cute noti eyes.
He's so cute.
I don't know if I can eat him and the basic tomato yucky.
I add milk, Mencia.
And so people add sugar.
But I don't like mind that sweet.
If you don't have a model yucky like me.
Just use half of the town like this key to making a fluffy melting Camargo yucky is to start flipping while the egg is still running.
Bento made easy, right?
Well, in the next video you'll see the behind the scenes cut of me making the bento box.
So stay tuned and see how easy it really waas.


How to Make JAPANESE BENTO with 100 Yen DAISO Goods | Part 1/2

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