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  • pretty steady.

  • Claude.

  • Oversee.

  • They owed a long and have a penny e.

  • Well, you out thanking me.

  • Oh, the way the best boss Krusty Krab ever had.

  • Abs, you can't do crap job.

  • Of course not.

  • You're gonna get someone knowing Idea in your head at all silly and ruin everything like you always do.

  • Well, I guess if I want a boss like Mr Crabs, I think like bread.

  • Wait, You see what I've done to your rescue?

  • Great.

  • Everything done value left a way.

  • We have a problem around here.

  • I ask myself what, Mr Crabb, Right?

  • Since I'm too busy being the boss now, just like you would have done.

  • Don't worry.

  • Not of everything I know.

  • Ah, you have a better view of my magic way.

  • Go watch me.

  • Watch your napkins.

  • Thank you.

  • Think table is to well Booth him.

  • What?

  • Don't go!

  • Wait!

  • What would Mr Crabb say it?

  • Because decried Mr Work were always polite.

  • Ur opinion customer.

  • Welcome to the Krusty Krab.

  • May I please take your order Remembers?

  • Were service with a smile, Mr.

  • Crabs, is vintage training devices.

  • Please do your order, huh?

  • I'll take a crabby patty.

  • Hold the freaky smile that went pretty well, don't you, pop?

  • Aggravating up?

  • Hold that constructive criticism Squid word.

  • I'll be right back, Theo, including the deli slicer.

  • Use tongs.

  • What?

  • You said don't double loading bags, not bricks.

  • Let me finish this, pal.

  • You get back on the way.

  • Wave after wave.

  • You should be flipping the Patties with a clockwise risk motion because the decorating weight difference goes fatty cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes bun Not supposed to be fun.

pretty steady.


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スポンジボブはKrusty Krabを引き継ぐ?新しいエピソード "一日のボス" (SpongeBob Takes Over the Krusty Krab ?? New Episode "Boss For a Day")

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