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Thank you for coming.
Yes, My pleasure.
I saw you in the 25th anniversary, all by admires and in San Francisco.
How actually do you feel about having such a event after 25 years off?
You know, just start.
Well, it was really the only magazine that understood that technology was a lifestyle idea rather than just take hardware today, of course, everybody gets this idea.
It's a cliche.
And so it has become mainstream.
It was, at one time, a very marginal idea.
Sub culture on.
Now it's right in the middle.
It's mainstream, one of the from the very first issue.
When Lewis wrote his manifesto, we believed that technology would become the center.
I see because we felt that that was inevitable.
But it is much more difficult to do something innovative when you're at the center.
Yeah, so that we are at the centre, but at the same time, and just and at the same time, there's always is new frontiers that are coming.
Block change, Bitcoin biotechnology.
They're all they're all happening.
Eso there still isn't need to also still be on the edge.
I think it is really important for wired to not change one of its most essential character, that is, it's in belief or its embrace of optimism.
Okay, And so I think if you're optimistic, you can still be at the center and report on the edge.
I think it gets difficult if you become a pessimist.
If you only see the dystopia, if you only see the things that are not working all right, especially in Japon.
Seems like people are really pessimistic, not believing the future is better than today.
Otherwise, you you said, the innovation will come from the concrete, optimistic perception.
Otherwise, you know, people just freeing from to reality.
Actually, people really getting not something people going in more on its zest.
Ed, the baby's this great is really going down for last three decays sealed.
The walls were actually becoming really write better.
That is, until people really so we want to do that.
I don't look at the news, don't we newspapers or TVs for that?
But if you look at the scientific evidence, yes, it is very clear that the world's getting better on average, and that's because of technology.
That's why we often neglect about those fact and the people more like feeling.
It's a good question and it's because we read news.
Yes, and it's not just the fake news.
That news, by definition is only reporting on things that are unusual.
Things that are outliers.
Yes, and the real progress is totally boring.
Yes, the real news is about what did not happen.
I say yes, okay with people who did not die today, robberies that did not happen.
There's nothing you ever hear about you.
All we hear about are the negative things.
By definition, yeah, even the good newspapers.
And so you have to kind of ignore the news.
If you want to be my wife something no, where they saying Let's stop watching the news because it's two minutes.
Here's the worst news on TV.
Never ever watch news on TV Way Don't have TV.
A warehouse?
Oh, yes.


私はテレビのニュースは絶対に見ない | ケヴィン・ケリーが語る、いまこそ楽観主義が必要な理由 | get WIRED | Ep1 | WIRED.jp

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