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Some say we need to think globally about the future of network technology.
Could we see other societal movements with ideologies against ISIS pop-up?
I think we will.
#MeToo has gained a lot of traction in America.
It could spark change as great as the French Revolution.
People who are participating can feel something is off.
Let's think about environmental issues today up until about 2040.
All of the fish sliced for sushi could be extinct.
Climate change may drag us into more wars.
The world's people may face vast food shortages.
People in their twenties and thirties will look ahead.
These youths will blame the wastefulness of their fathers.
"You knew about it but didn't stop it."
It will not be Murakami's Exodus, but these youths will push us aside.
Their generation worldwide will understand science technology.
It's environmental issues,
all caused by the high growth and ceaseless appetite of their parents.
These emotions could very well spark that type of movement.
- Millennials give you hope. - Yes.
This comes from teaching I bet.
Their generation is strong.
The communication is excellent and we see many types of movements recently.
The Parkland students went on television to start a movement.
They had power to incite 3800 students to walk out of school on the same day.
Adults cannot imagine this power.
Things are changing.
This score is a platform for trust even without a personal relationship.
The credit earns trust.
America has trust in Facebook but not their own government.
This is not good for society.


ミレニアル世代が起こすムーヴメントの特徴とは? | MILLENNIALS and MOVEMENT | GET WIRED | Ep4

Summer 2020 年 8 月 1 日 に公開
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